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Gosh darn you, Ciro! You’re at it again!

You can’t put my childhood in here without me noticing!

For those of you who don’t know, Ciro Nieli was the creator of srmthfg and of tmnt 2012. He likes to add little tid-bits from his old cartoon series, aka my childhood.

Reckless Serenade

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by GubraithianFire

John is seventeen. He’s handsome, he plays the guitar and he’s captain of the rugby team. He adores the Arctic Monkeys, and girls fawn over him when he wears his Ray-Ban Caravan and sings slow ballads in the local pub with his band. John is also (perhaps) bisexual. He’s not sure. He should experiment, he thinks, just to be sure. Sherlock, his gay best friend and bassist in his band, feels like the right choice.

Or the one where John pretends not to have feelings, Sherlock has way too many, and Alex Turner’s lyrics fix everything. More or less.

Words: 2243, Chapters: 1/3, Language: English

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Please link me to the full video of Disney Pixar’s Sanjay’s Super Team?

Fuck Bollywood Superstar Monkey. @dreamworksanimation​ is soooooooo progressive that it would rather make a movie about monkeys than brown people.

SRMTHFG S5 headcanon

Sprx, after the s4 finale, being possessed by the fire of hate, in s5, he still has a bit of it in him. Because of how upset and awful he feels after nearly destroying the one he cares for the most, whenever he feels strong negative emotions, gets mad, too intense for example, he needs Nova to tell and or show him it’s okay, that he’s okay let him know that he’s loved and wanted. (or the other members of the team whichever you prefer)

So I watched some SRMTHFG today, and found that I really liked Jinmay’s design. And besides, there’s not really that much fanart of her original design(or of Jinmay in general), so I had to fix that.

And also, you’ll notice that this looks different than my other stuff. That’s because I’m working towards not using the models on Manga Studio. Or at least not tracing over them like I’ve been doing. And it… really didn’t end up as bad as I thought it would. Woo!
Super Robot Monkey Team Mini-force GO!
The Hyperforce has been shrunk! They are now tiny adorable balls that you can have either as they are shown in the picture, as ornaments or as

Hey guys! Look who is ready to go! Well for the most part, It will still take3-5 days for me to complete and ship them to you but they are up and ready to be bought! For anyone who wants them in their home, they can’t wait to go to new homes! 

I am also open for other ideas! I am wanting to test out some Pokemon and Vocaloid designs on my free time (gotta have stuff ready for Kumori con!) SO maybe once U finish Sakura Con cosplays I will start on those ideas! Custom orders are always welcome! Simply click on the link then select ‘request custom order’ or ‘ask a question’ and we can talk out the details!