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reasons why chidi is an unproblematic fave
  • thinks he’s in hell because he put almond milk in his coffee
  • once had a panic attack at a make your own sundae bar
  • “exploring makes me nervous”
  • has what doctors call ‘directional insanity”
  • once got lost on an escalator
  • “I am VEXED, eleanor!!!”
  • (after eleanor and tahani confess their love to him within 30 seconds of each other) “I need to step outside for some air…and I will not be back…for many days” [runs tf away]
  • (about a clown mural) “well, that’s terrifying”
  • “i love you too, egg!”
  • spent an entire recess as an ~8 year old debating the sexist ramifications of whether or not he picked a girl for his team and acknowledged his “limited male perspective”
  • when he thought he wouldn’t have a soulmate in the afterlife: “my soulmate will be books”
  • “i have a stomach ache” (and variations thereof)
  • “just mulling the ethical ramifications of various soups”
  • (after being asked if he likes france) “well, they enslaved my country for 300 years, so no.”
  • “i’m not going to have sex with someone to get them to stop talking to me!!!”
  • ”we’re gonna have assignments and quizzes and papers. it’s gonna be so much fun!!!”
  • was haunted for years by the fact that he lied to his friend about liking his ugly boots
  • clearly has a clinical disorder which makes it nearly impossible for him to make simple decisions like which soup to eat at dinner, and yet he never once hesitates to help eleanor even when his immortal soul is at stake (thatslovebitch.gif)

the list could go on


Never let me get invested in a voting gauntlet again.


“I’ve always heard every ending is also a new beginning, we just don’t know it at the time, I’d like to believe that’s true.”


Outlander Fanfic Relay #6

Hi everyone! This is @marlosbooknook coming to you live with the next part of the Relay! I’m so sorry it took so long! Enjoy!

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That evening, the iron grip of sleep wasted no time in pulling Claire into the abyss with its iron fist. The minute she lay her head on the pillow, the world around her seemed to morph; the pale fabric of her quilt melted away into dew covered grass, and the ceiling above her turned into the inkwell of night, dotted with more stars than she’d even seen in her life. She was so enraptured with the beauty of the moment, she thought she could stay motionless forever, lost in this sea of tranquility. It felt so real, nothing like any dream she had had before.

And then came the smell. It was a scent Claire knew well, of blood, and death and decay. But this was nothing like she had experienced in the sanitary bay of the hospital. This smell was all consuming; powerful enough to send bile rising in the back of her throat. She sat up, clasped her hand to her mouth and tried her best not to vomit. It was then that she noticed the last reason behind the horrific scent.

The grass beneath her, rather than moist with rain or dew, was slick with blood. A red smear was spread across Claire’s back, and she raised her hand to her face, inadvertently marking herself in crimson. She was surrounded by bodies. They stretched out as far and the eye could see. Retching, Claire looked at their faces, eyes open and lifeless.

They were men. All of them. Some were grizzled with age, marked with the battle scars of years past. And some, far too many, were young. Barely old enough to be considered men, no more than a faint stubble spreading across their cheeks.

What happened here?

Claire felt the tears rise in her eyes as she rose and walked through the field of mass destruction. Determined to save lives, seeing so many past the need for aid twisted the pit of her stomach and made her blood ooze slowly through her veins.

She was sleepwalking, eyes transfixed on the bloody carnage. This was a battle, she noted. There were two clear ranks of men, some battered and rugged, clad in leather and…kilts? Others were ones in military regalia, a bright red that sent Claire’s kind spinning back to a myriad of history lessons. It appeared she had walked straight back in time. The air around her was utterly still, not even a bird chimed in the inky sky above her. She thought she saw something dash across the field, jumping in fear. But it was just a rabbit- a single sign of life amidst all the decay.

So transfixed was Claire on the scene, that she failed so see the figure standing across the field.  When Claire finally saw him, she shielded her eyes, an aura of bright white light radiates off of him. Claire looked down at her own hand, and saw that she let off the same ethereal glow.

“Hello?” Claire’s voiced croaked, subdued by tears and horror. She stumbled over countless bodies, desperately trying to reach this mystery figure.

“Are you injured? Can I help you?”

Hearing her voice, the figure turned, and the mottled moonlike caught the russet curls of his hair.

Claire stopped dead in her tracks.


Your turn @suhailauniverse!


Legends of Tomorrow | 2.16

Sara regains her memories.

For the Dancing and the Dreaming

Summary: Dean can sing after all. He’s just never let himself before. (Or: The one in which Sam and Cas catch Dean singing and dancing in the kitchen.)

Pairing: destiel

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“Are you kidding me? I am not coming with you guys on that case!”

“Why not, Sam? It looks like a Wendigo and those are always a challenge. I’m not as good a hunter as you are. I’m certain Dean would need you more as a backup than he’d need me.”

“First of all, you are a good hunter; you just lack confidence. And second, I do NOT need to share a motel room with you two, three days after you finally figured your shit out. You have a decade worth of UST to resolve and I don’t want to be anywhere near you when that happens.”

Sam slammed the Impala’s trunk a little more forcefully than necessary and shot the newly-turned-ex-angel an annoyed look. They were both carrying bags of groceries in their arms as they made their way out of the garage and towards the kitchen.

“I don’t know what your problem is.” Cas replied a little indignantly, while holding the door open for Sam, who had two bags in his arms instead of one like Cas. “We have only ever had sex outside of Dean’s or my room when you weren’t in the bunker.”

Sam’s eyes went comically wide and he almost tripped over his own feet.

“Ugh, I don’t want to know that, man! Oh please, don’t tell me you’ve done it on the kitchen table. I eat there!”

The thought made him physically cringe, but when he turned to look at his friend, he noticed that the corners of the other man’s mouth were quivering.

“Wait …”, Sam sounded genuinely surprised. “You played me! You never had sex on the kitchen table!”

At that Castiel finally broke. His mouth split into a wide grin and he started to laugh a deep rumbling chuckle. Sam gaped at him for three solid seconds until he couldn’t hold it in anymore and began to laugh, too.

They turned the corner into the corridor that lead to the kitchen.

“Seriously Cas, if I ever catch you two in any spaces in the bunker that I have to share with you, you’re both disowned! Bad enough I had to buy noise canceling headphones.” He shrugged towards a pair of headphones that were lying on top of the groceries in his arms. It was only then that he noticed that Cas was no longer walking next to him.


The ex-angel had stopped in the doorway and was now standing on the threshold to the corridor, his head cocked to the side in that familiar way that made Sam sure that he would have recognised his friend in any vessel the angel could have possibly taken when he had still been an angel.

“Can you hear that, Sam?”

The hunter didn’t even need to strain his ears, now that he had stopped talking. There was singing coming from the kitchen. The voice echoed through the hallway, rough and deep, but upbeat and carrying the melody effortlessly.

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