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Legends of Tomorrow | 2.16

Sara regains her memories.

on the list of fictional things I’m grateful for is that andrew and neil have team stability. what a concept, what a well deserved aspect of their lives 

So last night I was playing Overwatch No Limits with my brother and our friend and the following happened:
  • Other Team: *Chooses nothing but D.Va*
  • Me: Oh my god they are everywhere *spraying and praying*
  • Brother: Awh man we are fucked
  • Our Friend: Damn, didn't know we were playing TitanFall 2
  • All of us: *die of laugher*

Pokémon AU!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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anonymous asked:

Who do you think is throwing up the restriction then? I thought in the beginning that perhaps Steve's team put the limitations in so as to drive traffic through their client's channels. But that seems like a stretch now. Louis's team could have found a way around any restrictions about JHO to directly promote a festival appearance leading up to it. So I wonder if it is Syco enacting these restrictions? Certainly don't impose these on their other artist's collaborations.

Oh, yeah, I most certainly think it’s Syco. They’re the only ones that make any sense at all.

Modest isn’t his management, so they wouldn’t have any lingering control. Ultra would only benefit from more social media promo. Sony wants to make money and wouldn’t likely try and stop cheap marketing from happening, especially since Ultra is theirs. Simon Jones has ZERO control over this sort of thing.

Then there’s Syco. They are not a full Sony label, Syco is a partnership led by Simon Cowell. So while Sony owns 75% of it, it’s unknown how much control they retain if Simon is still the head of it.  That said, you’d THINK they’d step in and stop this nonsense (and a lot of other nonsense), but maybe that’s not how their contracts with Simon are written. Maybe he has ultimate control as long as the company is making money. IDK.

Who knows what the details are, but there’s really not anyone other than Syco that could impose those kinds of restrictions.

Shiratorizawa Week: Team Bonding

You don’t need to hang out with your team every day. But, on campus, it’s bound to happen anyways.

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- The only people that Ushijima really hangs out with are his teammates and classmates. While he does want to branch out his connections, his social ineptitude limits him to only talking to people when he’s with someone like Reon or Soekawa to help him. However, with the team, his limited conversation skills somehow extend to pretty much anything.

- Shirabu’s not the most social of people but if you’re talking about volleyball (or foreign music artists) you’ve totally caught his attention. It’s the only way he connects with other people; people have pretty much figured out that Shirabu came to Shiratorizawa just the sport anyways and they think it’s cute to see how passionate he is for it.

- Yamagata and Soekawa don’t really hang out with the other third years that much. It’s because they’re too busy helping out the younger students study, just so they can keep in the matches. Sagae and Goshiki are pretty much struggling in their classes so it’s nice to have some great seniors helping out.

- They have a team group chat that regularly changes names because of Kawanishi and Semi; of course it reflects the topic. “First years are fucking gay. The rite of passage. Kenjirou’s eyebrows.” It’s a literal train wreck in there and everyone usually just stops talking once someone threatens to slap up someone the next day.

- When they actually just chill to hang out, they can just stay together in silence and they’d consider it bonding. Well, they at least have to be something. Sitting down with coffee or hot chocolate is something they usually do when it’s cold out.

- They don’t exactly party since none of them are actually party goers (save Yamagata and Tendou) but when someone has a party they need to go to, they’ll always ask someone on the team to come with them. It’s so much more comfortable to just sit in the corner and do nothing with them rather than sitting alone in the corner like they usually would.

- Everyone pretty much bonds over telling each other to take a break. They all work pretty hard so hanging out together isn’t something that’s explicitly asked for but being together in class and all that is a given. They all enjoy each other’s company, despite how annoying they can be with one another.

A Guide to Art and Affection

Summary: A certain barista catches the attention of a certain photography student’s camera and it’s a story made for picture frames.

Beta: wonderful @phandaya
Doodler: lovely @sleeping-at-night (link to cool art!!!!!!)
Warnings: none
Word count: 0.8k
A/N: tiny, little drabble written for phandomlittlepop! (ao3 link


i. The point of interest.

The camera’s lens rests gently on Phil’s left palm and a finger on his right hand ghosts above the shutter button. He squints his eyes, peering into the viewfinder. The snap, snap, snap of the shutter captures beauty with each rhythmic click. It finds itself captivated by the image of a barista fumbling and twiddling with the handles of an espresso machine.

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It has been announced that Roc Nation have teamed up with New Era and Lids for a year-long collaboration. The first collection, which covers MLB teams, will be dropping in limited quantities on March 31 exclusively at selected Lids stores nationwide and online.

On Monday evening there will be a launch party held at the Lids store in Hollywood & Highland. Head designer Emory “Vegas” Jones will be at the event; and the Los Angeles Dodgers cap will be available for early purchase.