After all the horrible shit today I just needed to concentrate on other things and distract myself. So I finally finished this drawing of these two dorks that I’ve had unfinished for a loooong time

These two just always seem to cheer me up <3

And I hope this can somehow cheer you guys up too who were disappointed after today’s news

Let's Play: Minecraft-Episode 234 - The World Is Lava Part 2
  • Gavin: Yeah, you'll find a lot of wood bridges.
  • Michael: Yeah.
  • Gavin: Go to Woodbridge.
  • Michael: I'm from Woodbridge!
  • Gavin: I said that in the last episode. I was like man, I wish Michael was here. I wish he wasn't so far away from me-
  • Michael: Yeah,I'm here now.
  • Gavin: -My heart is cold and empty.