team nelly

Next up is: Milena!

Name: Milena Battaglia

Age: 1635 cups of tea old (and counting)

Hometown: The concrete jungle where dreams are made of.

What’s your role in Violeta? Story Development

Never have I ever: Gone on a cross country road trip, been taught how to dougie, or watched The L Word.

Who would play you in a movie?  Anna Kendrick because if I can’t be as funny as that in real life, might as well lie to the world in my biopic.

Favorite SHIP: Maria and Captain Von Trapp. A couple that fights fascism through music together, is a couple that wins together.

If you could grab drinks with any person (living/dead) who would it be and what would you drink? Describe the night. Nellie Bly. We would drink dark and stormy’s and break into a haunted house to drink them. She would bring her pet monkey.

Hogwarts House: the most Hufflepuff to ever live.


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