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Namjoon: yoongi what the fuck why’d u throw a cake at me now it’s all over my face


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Hi I'm new to 17... can u describe each members personalities and the "lines" in the groups (like chinaline I think is one) thxxx

Okay damn well this gonna b long….. let’s go oldest to youngest on the members shall we?

So S.Coups or Scoops or Soups or Coops or Seungcheol or whatever u wanna call him is a dad. that’s it he’s a total dad he’s such a dad ur dad is shook
Jeonghan is actually an angel???? Like he’s so sweet nd kind nd beautiful like god has given his blessing to my angelic mom
Speaking of God Joshua is his devote disciple, a good lil Christian boy who is definitely not an attention whore
Junhui is a work of art like u have seen him there’s no denying it also he’s always looked sort of intimidating to me but like he’s kind of quiet nd also a complete dork
Hoshi aka Kwon Soonyoung aka a Complete Life Ruiner…… he’s a goofball nd a meme but his dancing I’m. never trust him he will destroy u
Okay Wonwoo may have the deepest voice in Seventeen but he has the personality of a puppy literally the softest
Woozi/Jihoon is the member u look at nd go wow so smol so soft but that’s a lie he is an evil genius who will beat u to death w a guitar
Mingyu may b tol but that does not mean he is not a smol on the inside he is a soft nd dorky goof
Minghao…… whenever I see him I always think of like a golden retriever or smthing he’s so cute nd precious literally that’s his personality cute nd precious is who he is
Seungkwan aka DIVA BOO biccch Boo Seungkwan is the fuxking sassiest lil shit to ever walk this planet like he is savage af
Fukcking Vernon okay honestly Vernon is a meme that is literally who he is he’s such a meme
And lil bb Dino…. so precious so smol….. he’s growing into a rude af monster under Hoshi’s tutelage save us

Okay so the lines…..
Chinaline is basically the Chinese members so Jun nd Minghao
Then there’s Americaline (is that what it’s called I’m not sure) but it’s the members from America like there’s Vernon who lived in NY for a while and then Joshua who’s from LA
As for other lines r u thinking of the different teams? Bc there’s
Hip Hop Team (aka rappers):
S.Coups (leader of Hip Hop Team nd the entirety of SVT; writes most of the raps)
Vocal Team (aka singers):
Woozi (leader of Vocal team; writes nd composes p much all of SVT’s music)
Performance Team (aka dancers):
Hoshi (leader; choreographs SVT’s dances)

Yeah so there u go long ass post but I hope it helps! ((love them they’re DORKS))


underappreciated duos | nancy and deirdre

I do hate you. but I don’t hate you. it’s complicated. I just truly enjoy hating you and I’d hate for something to happen that would throw off our equilibrium.

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Since the Splatfest theme was announced, I want to know: Which of your squid kids are the early birds?

It’s funny… Canonly it seems that most inklings are night owls due to their hedonistic lifestyle. (They lost one battle against octarians for god’s sake because they couldn’t wake up early enough)

So yeah, most of my squids are night owls who sleep late. There are exceptions of course. Arnick and Tetrox (who is octoling so…) are the the earliest to wake up. Even as early as 6am. Next, I suppose are Marian and Angelo… 7-8am. Vadelma too since the Cafe opens at 8am.

The rest wake up between 9am - 11am. And then there is Logan… who will sleep till 1pm if he’s allowed to.