team name joke

sannaxsonvevo replied to your photo: “¦ is that my shirt, Deacon?” “Yep.”:

“BUNNIES” is a great shirt

Deacon has a matching shirt that says DEATH. It’s their in-joke, kinda, relating to the time Deacon tried suggesting team names as a joke and Jay just found some shirts and markers or fabric paint and made team shirts. x’D The Death Bunnies (’That’ll confuse them.’). Also apparenlty they both have a death shirt and a bunny shirt because I used to draw them the other way before. xD


And here we can appreciate how the saturn graciously fucks up with one of those frozen flavored water things

The Trail To Oregon! NYC Character names, May 30, 2pm Showing:

Dad: Mitt Romney
Mom: Zefron
Daughter: Bucket
Son: Pizza Pizza
Grandpa:  Patti LuPone
Last Name: Gluten-Free

When Corey got his name, he says “Well, I can dance like Patti.” Then he starts moving his hips around.

Corey calls Jeff “Barack” at one point and Jeff goes “That one really hurt”. And at another time the Dad is all upset and Jeff whispers “I just wanted to be a politician.”

When the mom is angry at the Daughter Rachael said “Oh, Bucket. Sometimes I could just kick you!”

And when McDoon is trying to get Daughter to caulk the wagon he says “Now take that bucket, Bucket!”

They made so many name jokes, it was amazing.