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What is ‘second lead’?

someone that is too perfect to your first lead, yet the writers often make them in delusional fantasy, that most of the time make audiences fall hard until audiences realize that those second leads would not get the girl.

Notable ones: Chilbong (Reply 1994), Junghwan (Reply 1988), Gong Taekwang (School 2015), Choi Youngdo (The Heirs), Yoon Jihoo (Boys Over Flowers), Oh Jaewon (Flower Boy Next Door), Kim Shin Hyuk (She Was Pretty), Kim Yoon Sung (Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds), …

Recently added: Sam Maek Jong (Hwarang)

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The moonlight team should have never had to pick up their award like this. The la la land team should never have been humiliated like this.

I agree! I posted something very similar on twitter. It was a horrible situation for both parties, and one that seemed almost manufactured to me. How is this event not perfectly organized? How is it possible he got the wrong envelope? What else would get people talking about what ultimately was an extremely bland awards show? What a great diversion from how often men stood on that stage last night to praise a sexual abuser and an antisemite/racist!! Look what everyone’s talking about now instead!!!

I think the La La Land people handled the moment with grace, and I loved that Moonlight ultimately won. But it was fucked up that they had to share that time at all (potentially for some kind of ratings grab). Moonlight deserved ALL of the time and for the focus to be on their incredible work, not on some gaff at an awards show. That should have been the perfect moment, and instead it was muddled. Whatever led to this mistake happening, it’s shameful. It was a painful, unnecessary flub and in now, a lot of people online are dedicating their energy to being petty instead of really celebrating this great moment for the cast and crew of Moonlight. What a waste. 

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so ryan said on his stream that he played football in high school, which somehow lead me back to that treremy au (which can be raywood now too?). trevor and ryan are both on the football team and are buds, while jeremy and ray are friends who pine from a distance. eventually jeremy dates trevor and ray dates ryan and they bond while they wear their bf's varsity jackets.

omg… ryan and trevor are both That Guy who manage to actually have their life together in high school and juggle a 4.0 (unweighted, because weighted is obviously 4.5 because all their classes are honors/ap) with being on the varsity football team and also moonlighting in theater and showing up to all the rehearsals because, sure, why not. 

and then there’s ray and jeremy who only show up to be bodies in seats so they have enough attendance to graduate

ray and jeremy: the shittiest students in the world, either sleep through everything or spend the entire time disrupting every minute of class

ryan and trevor: i can’t NOT fuck him

“Worth the Wait” – An Enchanted in the Moonlight Fanfiction featuring Kyoga

Warning  - Smexy Times Ahead with Kyoga!

Rated M for Mature

The slurps and smacks of the ravenous ayakashi echoed through the dining room, spurring on Samon as he ran to and from the nearby kitchen, platters in tow.  Carrying trayfuls of steaming rice, salted fish, and pungent natto, the dutiful house spirit quickly removed his hands from the dishes once placed on the table lest they too be consumed by the insatiable demons that attacked their repast with relish. Chopsticks flew through the air and fought for dominance in a battle for breakfast that left little doubt in Samon’s mind as to why his housemates were the highest warriors of their clans – none more so than Kyoga.

Swallowing his food nearly whole, the shaggy haired okami shoved his chopsticks between his full lips at a rapid pace, leaving little time for taste. Any other morning Samon would have taken pride in the number of plates the wolf had emptied were it not for the faraway look in his eyes as he consumed his food with hardly a chew. Normally, the laid-back okami would take his time while eating to enjoy the flavors and good conversation, but the volume and speed at which Kyoga wolfed down his breakfast made Samon wonder which one of his voracious appetites the ayakashi was really trying to fill.

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Imagine Steve relating to Bucky the words Peggy told him after the train, about allowing Bucky the dignity of his choice.

“She told me it had always been your choice, following me,” Steve said softly, stroking Bucky’s face as they both lay sleepless in the moonlight.  "That I should honor that choice by not losing myself to grief.  Had I known that you would be robbed of even the choice to die, I…"  Steve trailed off as Bucky squeezed his hand.

“Been robbed of a lot of things,” Bucky said softly, face turned away so the moonlight doesn’t reveal his emotions as they cross his face.  "My life, my freedom, my choices…but following you?  I can never regret that, not even when that choice hurt me.  You’ve just gotta get used to the idea that people are willing to die for you.  And not just me, Sam, Nat, even Tony and the rest of your team.“

The moonlight shifted just so, catching Bucky’s whole left side.  His arm glimmers softly, and Steve aches to draw it.  Bucky doesn’t let Steve draw him much anymore, and it’s one of the things Steve misses most about the old Bucky.

"You’re a good man,” Bucky murmurs.  "Let us have the dignity of choosing to follow you.“

I feel like I need to apologize to the Laurel Lance fans tonight.

I can really get into my feelings about Laurel, both positive and negative, when watching Arrow, but the negative seems to show itself more often than it should. I actually like Laurel Lance, but there are about five other characters that top her on my list, including her father, so I tend to be terrible at multitasking and giving Laurel props when she deserves it. 

With that being said, I did enjoy her investigative verve about Sebastian Blood, because I said it months ago and I’ll said it again, LAUREL WAS RIGHT. It made me feel so terrible for her when her own father wouldn’t believe her, but I’m happy to see that she realized why Quentin had every right to leave her at the SCPD to sober up. I’m happy to see that Laurel can sniff out bullshit on Sebastian, because if it wasn’t for her insistence that he was up to no good, she would have never gotten Quentin to help her finally bust him with his involvement with Slade Wilson. 

I know that a lot of you will disagree and burn me at the stake for this, but I feel like her inclusion with the Team Arrow stuff is a way to put her into the thick of the real action, because she was just waddling before this. I’m sorry, but that’s just how I feel. I don’t want to be seen as “The Laurel-Shade-Ringleader” on this site, by anyone, but yeah, Laurel  hasn’t been utilized and this stinks of a ploy to give her a bit at the real, juicy stuff on the show. It allows her more visibility, and if you don’t agree with that, look at what joining Team Arrow did for Sara. We barely saw her, and then she got back together with Oliver again while moonlighting with Team Arrow and then, she was everywhere. 

With Moira, the HBIC, the Matriarch, the Supreme, dead and gone, Arrow needs to continue to promote and fortify strong and capable women on this show, and that goes for female characters BIG (Felicity, Thea, Laurel, Sara, etc.) and SMALL (Amanda Waller, Lyla, etc.), because it’s important to have equal representation on a show this popular. I need to start being more supportive of that endeavor, and that should go for EVERYONE. 

Trashing Felicity Smoak and Olicity doesn’t endear anyone to me, just as reading crap about Laurel and Lauriver doesn’t make you a fan of those engaging in that. Despite any shipping preferences, Laurel and Felicity could be awesome together. I always hated how they would never have any screen time. It was pretty nonsensical to me that they didn’t have even a smidge more interaction, only moments that seemed barbed with tension (i.e. Felicity stealing Oliver away from Laurel in 2x04, Laurel drunk in Verdant and taking a bit of her frustration out on Felicity, etc.). It just never worked for me, because Felicity would get along with Hitler, so why not at least let her and Laurel interact more. I was surprised Felicity and Sara got as much interaction as they did, so I can hope for the same with Felicity and Laurel. 

With that being said, I will never apologize for not preferring or being an advocate of Oliver and Laurel as a couple. I just don’t think they fit. It’s not a personal attack towards any of you, it’s just my truth. Laurel’s speech to Oliver tonight was okay, but lost its potency in the backdrop of Felicity basically saying the same thing to him earlier. I feel like the only thing that really got through to Oliver in terms of Laurel’s speech was the information about Sebastian Blood. That, to me, was what really got his motor running. Sebastian was playing him from the jump, and I think that really motivated him to keep going, to get his own revenge. Not to say that Laurel didn’t help matters, she did but her intel about Sebastian was what really moved the plot. 

Oliver and Felicity, no matter how unexpected Ms. Smoak’s popularity, along with EBR’s’ rise from a guest star to series regular, fit a thousand times better, and seem so much more organic to me. We can draw boundaries when it comes to that. We NEED to. I can’t say anything about my fellow Oliciters, but that’s what I would like to do and I will strive for it as best I can. It won’t be an overnight thing, but I’ll try. 

So, finally, I’m gonna be the bigger person and apologize for any hurt feelings and hope that we can get back to enjoying Arrow for what it is on the larger scale, OLIVER AND HIS FUCKING MAN-PAIN. I MEAN MY GOD. LOL. 

Okay, that’s it. I’m done. Goodnight.