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#5 for any of the Raising Harrys you feel like?

Ok! This one is kind of tricky, as ‘ten years on’ is a different point in time depending on which bit of which timeline you’re referring to. So, for consistency sake, I’m going to put this at ten years after the end of the canon series, when Harry is 27.

Harry Murdock is just finishing up his training as a Healer at St Mungo’s, engaged to Ginny Weasley and a regular contact of most superheroes living and working in Britain, including the Excalibur team of X-Men. He misses New York sometimes, but probably won’t move back, if only because the American wizarding community is a lot more divorced from its Muggle counterpart than is the British one, and he’s never felt quite at ease there.

Harry Potter as raised by Remus Lupin is teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts, married to Ginny and is expecting his third child as per canon. His second son is named Albus Remus, rather than Albus Severus, in honour of his foster-father and because, due to a variety of circumstances preventing them from becoming as close to one another as in canon, Remus and Tonks never got together to have Teddy Lupin. They may, in fact, still both be alive because they spent that year fighting on the front lines rather than quietly having and raising their son.

Harry Holmes is working for the Auror office, and has already made head due to widespread corruption from the Fudge era, and also because he’s a truly brilliant investigator with a very good success rate. He is living with Ginny, and they do have at least one child, but have not yet formalised their relationship for a number of reasons, not least that the thought of having all Harry’s Holmes relatives and the Weasleys in one room seems like a recipe for disaster.

Harry, Prince of the Goblins, is still crown prince of the Goblin Kingdom, and likely to remain so. He has his own court in the Labyrinth, and occupies his time with the usual scheming, jockeying for position, and dealing with runners of the Labyrinth. He’s much more fey than human, at heart, and it shows. The war with Voldemort was almost a petty amusement to him, and even if he’s not actively malicious, he often has trouble understanding that human lives really matter.

Harry Potter, formerly Robin, is London’s resident caped crusader the Raven. Officially, Harry Potter is a PTSD-riddled wreck of a man who hasn’t left his home in years. Unofficially, Harry lives his life just fine by changing his appearance with a beard, a different haircut and a different style of glasses and denying his identity to anyone who asks during the day. By night, though, the Raven protects London, both Muggle and magical, with the help of a small team of helpers, including Ron, Hermione and Ginny, with whom Harry has a slightly uneasy relationship, as he’s not quite comfortable with the thought of carrying on a relationship while putting himself at this sort of risk every night.

Harry Pines is working for the Auror office still, although he’s too much of a troublemaker to ever make head of the office, and also in touch with his dad, his Uncle Ford and his two young cousins. He’s got into no small amount of trouble over the years about how much he’s let slip to his cousins, but has a way of weaselling out of the trouble using technicalities and just sheer refuge in audacity.

Harry Potter as raised by Minerva McGonagall is pursuing higher education. Not quite in the standard way, but he’s very interested in pursuing the magical equivalent of a PhD in Defence Against the Dark Arts and is pursuing teaching posts, although not at Hogwarts, because he wants to avoid accusations of nepotism. He put in his few years at the Ministry, but soon found it wasn’t where his heart is, and thinking back to how much he loved teaching the DA.

Harry Stark is pioneering magic-resistant technology and trying to introduce it to the wizarding world with…eh, somewhat mixed…success. He does not quite understand why people aren’t just leaping at the chance to introduce StarkTech to the wizarding world, but he’s doing his best by it. Also petitioning Hogwarts to update its Muggle Studies curriculum, which has remained much the same since the early 1960s and is now woefully behind. He and Ginny have been dancing around each other for years, and are now in about the right sort of place to make a relationship work, should they feel like it.

Harry Gold is also pursuing the magical equivalent of a PhD. It’s not a formal education so much as an effort to find out as much as he possibly can. He is, perhaps, a bit too interested in the Dark Arts, but that’s only natural for a scholar of how to defend against them. Prone to getting into magical trouble from other worlds, and once got put under a Sleeping Curse as revenge against his parents.

Harry Strange never felt properly at home in the dimension in which he was born, and so is taking advantage of his extensive magical education in order to travel as many as possible, partly for entertainment’s sake, partly looking for one he might be prepared to settle down in. He has kept in touch with both his home dimensions, however, and regularly stops in on both.

Harry Potter as raised by Fleamont and Euphemia inherited the Potters’ house at Plumley Cross after they died when he was nineteen, within a few days of one another. He teaches Defence Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts, and is married to Ginny with two children and a third on the way as per canon. He’s also slightly better-adjusted than his canon counterpart, due to having more support for his PTSD during and after the war.

Harry Potter as raised by Rupert Giles is helping his Uncle Rupert set up the reformed Watchers’ Council in London, after its destruction at the hands of the First Evil, thus making him unable to talk about what he does for a living in either the magical or Muggle worlds. He’s not quite a Watcher himself, but he’s one of the resident experts on esoteric forms of magic.

Harry Potter as raised by Merlin is in much the same situation as the version raised by Fleamont and Euphemia, with the added pleasure that his role in Voldemort’s defeat was almost entirely overshadowed by the fact that Merlin proved himself to be alive and well during the same battle, thus attracting far more attention and letting Harry go about his life in peace for at least a few years afterwards.

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