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Misha Collins awed by a Costa Rican jungle; Gishwhes 2015 Winner’s Trip

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“I’m not a hero. But sometimes doing the right thing requires sacrifices”

sex with castiel would consist of:

warnings: this is extremely nsfw, and it includes many mature gifs that contain sexual content!

-cas being nervous at first because he’s only ever had sex once before

-cas teasing you shamelessly, even in front of the boys

-his hands getting super shaky and clammy and you laugh a little 

-“does this feel okay? i saw this in a video that dean was watching once.”

-asking you if you want to be spanked, which you gladly agree to (he saw it with the baby sitter and the pizza man. the baby sitter seemed to really like it.)

-grabbing him by his tie and pulling him in for a kiss

-tying up cas’ hands because he’s using his grace way too well (if he can heal people and hurt people with his grace, who says he can’t pleasure people with it?)

-not being able to wait so he pulls off his button down shirt, the buttons popping off and flying in all different directions as he exposes his chest

-fucking everywhere. kitchen, bathroom, garage, bedroom, living room; it’s all new to cas, and he wants to do it everywhere all the time. 

- “fuck, that’s so good. please do it again.”

-calling him angel 

-trying all sorts of positions because cas is curious as to what makes you feel best

-cas quickly taking charge of you because at first you assumed that he was a sub but you soon find out that he was holding back because he thought you enjoyed being dom 

-cas using his belt to tie up your hands

-cuddling with cas post-sex and he starts to think that he might like cuddling more than sex

dean version here

sam version here


“His true weakness is revealed. He’s in love with humanity”.

In SPN we have:
A real angel, CAS with glowing eyes and wings

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Sam Winchester: was possessd by an Angel (Gadreel), we’ve seen him with glowing eyes and wings

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 I want to see Dean with glowing eyes and wings , NOW.