team mindless

Confession #10 Me and my cousins used to drive my grandma crazy until she brought us a Word Up Magazine. She would only buy one and we all had to share it💀

We would flip through the pages and who ever snatched the poster first could have it. We had the exact one in the picture and I remember me and my cousin was fighting over a Ray Ray from MB poster and we ripped it 😂 But ya girl had that clear tape💁🏾

Y'all already know I snatched that Diggy Simmons poster real quick too😂

These confession are lowkey making me said because they remind me of a simpler time in life where I was “ME” and not searching for “ME” or wanting to be anyone else. I know it just got deep but that just how I feel 😭🥀

Dear Little Girls Who Try To Write Fanfics, please know the actual time a woman feels her baby kick is about six or five months. Maybe more than that. Please know that the baby doesn’t come out the womb looking exactly the father. Please know that you can’t experience the symptoms of pregnancy the next day after they have sex. Please know that if the woman has sex with one man and then has sex with another man the next day, then she comes out having twins…. Stop please stop. Twins aren’t made like that. Identical twins have the same DNA. Fraternal twins share the same DNA as their mother and their father. They aren’t twins anymore if they have two different fathers!
—  Myself