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Too bad he doesn’t and a Twitter so we could show him how much we LOVE HIM! Here’s to hoping he makes one soon so we can shower him with BDAY Love next year!!! Until then we’ll continue to express it this way!

Let’s all celebrate the wonderful day this AMAZINGLY TALENTED AND HOT individual came to be ;) haha


Ps- Thank You Stacia and Chad for creating such a gorgeous man ;)


Team Mell Mell Mcqueen (green team) (by Chuckydance89)

I wanna talk about vulnerability.

It is reality TV 101, people like to ride the emotional rollercoasters, people like to see conflicts and ups & downs. But people also want to see something that comes from the heart, something that’s genuine. 

When Laila first appeared on Meet The Queens, I fell in love. I’m ok with her not being the super model, I’m ok with her not being the Hollywood glam goddess, I’m ok with her not being the funniest comedian. I love her for her vulnerability that she did not try to cover up or oversell with sob stories. It’s there, it’s a part of who she is, and she just let it be there, so true so real.

People need to know that sometimes we don’t NEED TO fight our vulnerabilities, it is OK to feel shy about yourself. Reality TV likes to paint a storyline of how a vulnerable person would burst out of her shell and become this indestructible shiny piece of diamond. But that does not accentuate one’s worth. You can be humble, even a little lack of confidence, and still be an amazing person.   

There is no magic formula to a good TV show. You don’t sass all over the place and then tell a sad story about your life, that doesn’t build character, that paints a role, a role that you have given yourself to present, you’re only lucky if the audience liked it. And I did not say this to disrespect any queen who is still on the show, talent wise they are all of top quality.

This post is something I should have written way back in season 7 when Trixie was eliminated(and of course after that Katya too), and it’s unfortunate to see it happen again in a new season. I am extremely sad so I had to write this down.

And on a more serious note. Upon viewing this episode, I asked myself a few yes/no questions, strictly yes or no answers:

- Is Laila confident about herself AT ALL TIME? –>  No

- Must a person be confident about himself/herself AT ALL TIME? –> No

- Should a person be allowed his/her own insecurity? –> Yes

- Is Laila a TALENTED queen(lip sync, sewing, makeup etc.)? –> Yes

- Is Laila’s shy personality stopping her from doing what she loves? –>No

- Would I line up for 2 hours just to meet Laila –> YES

- Did Laila deserve to go? –> NO

Justice doesn’t necessarily mean bring her back on the show (cuz now that we know how the show works bringing her back would probably just get her to pull a Trixie Mattel), to me justice means to make sure this elimination does not affect her image/career in any means because the show is slanted and Laila was just being real and it made her look like this coward with no sense of self worth what so ever, and if you’ve seen any of her performances or videos, you know that IT IS NOT TRUE. 

So yeah, if the judges want to rip apart those with vulnerabilities and try to tear a storyline outta there, I have nothing to say, because it is media business and storylines do sell. But this is just my humble thoughts and this is gonna be my twitter profile pic till the end of the season. 


Season 3 Steven/Jeremy Set Pics:

So by now almost everyone has seen these pics of Jeremy(Steven)! I think it’s safe to say that JEREMY NOW WORKS AT THE GRILL, and he’s looking MIGHTY fine in that “Mystic Grill” tee ♥

All of these pictures have been going around Twitter and Tumblr although I didn’t get these directly from the person who took them CREDIT goes to her @JackieTVD (picture tag) THANK YOU FOR SHARING THESE!



I love this picture for so many reasons. Mainly, because in an hour I’m going to be changing my life and will finally be putting in my transfer papers to become part of Team McQueen. Anyone who knows me, knows I will do anything for this position. There have been many reasons for not submitting my transfer but since 2015 is around the corner, I’m ready for new beginnings. I’m not going to let YOU ( yes, mark i’m talking about you) stop me from doing what I want. I’m just as qualified as you are and if you can’t handle us working together, then you can find a different position. I need to start working towards my goals and start getting my shit together. Instead of always saying “one day i’ll have the job”, make that “one day” today. You won’t go anywhere unless you try, and i’m ready to put myself out there again. To my friends, I’m very grateful for all the support and thank you for pushing me to do this. Sean, thank you for being one of my best friends and taking this leap with me. God knows I couldn’t do this without you. Well Disney, the ball is in your court, Sean and I are ready to take on this challenge. Kachow!

Photo credit: theowlcaves


Steven is so Adorable in this segment from “Sweety High” on the Black Carpet Premiere of “Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides”

His smile is infectious!