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Imagine Being Lucifer’s Daughter and Helping Team Free Will

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“You might not want to test me, sweetheart,” your dad said as you stood before the archangel, protecting Sam, Dean, and Cas like you had sworn to.

“That’s exactly what I told all of my high school teachers, actually,” you noted, still clutching the angel blade tight in your hand; your dad was known for his unpredictability. “They all ignored me. I’m more powerful than all of them combined, so I guess that qualifies me to live by the same idea.”

“You’re my daughter, you know you’re smarter than this,” Lucifer said as the brothers gawked at you. “You know, I don’t care that your my kid. I’ll still grind you into dust for getting in my way.”

“Honestly, Dad,” you said, archangel wings spread broadly behind you and eyes gleaming a bright white, “I would love to see you try.”

(For Anon)

This is interesting, Pacquiao was the Red corner, May weather was the Blue corner, official judges appeared to given the points to Pacquiao yet the result was reverse, look what is hand written in the bottom of the score card on the right?