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Wake up, kick ass, repeat. A Fake AH Crew playlist.

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Centuries - Fall Out Boy // I’m So Sorry - Imagine Dragons // Animal Keeper - George Barnett // Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes // How Bad Can I Be - The Lorax // Kryptonite - 3 Doors Down // The Reckless and the Brave - All Time Low // Before It’s Too Late - Goo Goo Dolls // Holiday - Green Day (Broadway Cast) // American Beauty/American Psycho - Fall Out Boy // Burn It to the Ground - Nickelback // The Fame - Lady Gaga // Ghost - Mystery Skulls // Shut Up and Drive - Rihanna // Somebody Told Me - The Killers // I Lived - OneRepublic // Cray Button - Family Force 5 // Flesh - Simon Curtis // Iris - Goo Goo Dolls // Team - Lorde // Black Cat - Mayday Parade // On Top of the World - Imagine Dragons // Let It Rock - Kevin Rudolf // See You Again - Wiz Khalifa (ft. Charlie Puth)

Last Month In Review_1217

  1. Francis and the Lights - Just for Us
  2. NEIL FRANCES - Dumb Love
  3. SZA, Calvin Harris - The Weekend (Funk Wav Remix)
  4. Lily Allen Feat. Giggs - Trigger Bang
  5. CHVRCHES - Leave A Trace (Goldroom Remix) *12/13 Justin Long and Chvrches: A Holiday Variety Show @ The Fonda
  6. HAIM - Walking Away (Mura Masa Remix)
  8. The Go! Team - Mayday
  9. BØRNS - I Don’t Want U Back
  10. Bekon - Cold as Ice
  11. Mura Masa, Bonzai - What If I Go? (Nighttime Version)
  12. Flight Facilities, Broods, Reggie Watts, Saro - Stranded
  13. Superorganism - Something For Your M.I.N.D.
  14. Monster Rally - Sunny Sloth
  15. Shannon and The Clams - The Boy
  16. BC Unidos, Shungudzo - Ouagadougou
  17. Duncan Fellows - Fresh Squeezed *12/31 @ Spider House Austin
  18. Chastity Belt - Dull
  19. Camarano - Somebody Else
  20. Bessie Turner - Words You Say
  21. Alex Lahey - Lotto In Reverse
  22. Shame - One Rizla
  23. Young Dreams - My Brain on Love
  24. MMODE - Waiting in the Desert
  25. The Shelters - So Get Out *12/05 @ The Echo
  26. Scent - LIFE COACH (supermarket_edit)
  27. The Dandy Warhols - Styggo *12/01 @ Teragram Ballroom
  28. Kelly Lee Owens - More Than a Woman
  29. Billie Eilish Feat. Vince Staples - &burn
  30. Kimbra - Everybody Knows
  31. The Psychedelic Furs - Love My Way *12/10 Call Me By Your Name @ Hollywood ArcLight
  32. Big Scary - Come As You Are (triple j Like A Version)
  33. Rhye - Count To Five
  34. SOHN - Red Lines
  36. The Cry - Told Me So
  37. Jim James - I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times
  38. Sufjan Stevens - Mystery of Love *12/10 Call Me By Your Name @ Hollywood ArcLight
  39. Alexandre Desplat - The Shape Of Water *12/22 The Shape of Water @ The Los Feliz 3 Theater 
  40. Belle & Sebastian - Sweet Dew Lee
  41. Dan Auerbach - Cellophane Angel
  42. Sylvan Esso - There Are Many Ways To Say I Love You
“Six” part 11: Who’s Gonna Run This Town Tonight?

Your plan in action, half of the Avengers, along with Deadpool, meet you at the DGSE safe house to await the arrival of the One-Thousand. But will the night bring about consequences no one is ready to face?

Spin-off of Mayday

Captain America x Reader

Warnings: Violence, language, and I’m SORRY don’t kill me!

Steve moved stealthily through the small safe house.

“Guys, they’re here. And they brought the One-Thousand.” He heard Six whisper into her comm. He approached from behind her, where she stood to the side of the window in the back of the house. She was dressed all in black, weapons strapped to her lithe frame, head to toe. She had taken off her mask- Hydra knew who they were attacking; nevertheless all he could focus on were red lips with a  thin scar above them. He wondered what the scar was from. He wondered if she even knew. She didn’t have it in her pre-Hydra photographs. He stepped up close.

“Mayday can take care of the One-Thousand, no problem.” Bucky’s voice filled their ear.

“Just point me in his direction. I’ll drain the fucker.” Mayday stated.

“He’s hard to miss. He’s the big metal guy.” Bucky replied.

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ok but I can’t believe no one’s talking about how well done the action sequence was in the new episode. We’ve seen pretty amazing sound work from the Wolf 359 team before (Hi Mayday) but the flying scene at the end Overture was so amazingly executed, so vivid and exhilarating, like, I swear there was a point when the 1812 Overture came back in that I forgot I was listening to an audio-only work. You can practically see what’s going on. It’s astonishing to me that this radio play with seven characters doing action things and no narrator to talk us through what’s going on is so easy to follow. Everyone involved with this show deserves so many props.