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“How do you do it?” Maki asks out of nowhere, dropping a textbook on the table beside Hanayo with a loud bang. Hanayo jumps at the noise and nearly drops her mp3 player, and the librarian shoots a wordless glare at the two.


“How do you do it?” She repeats in a low whisper. “Dealing with that. Her. Rin. You’ve been friends with her pretty much your whole life, right? How are you not an exhausted mess all the time.”

Ah, so that’s what it is. Hanayo pushes her glasses up on her nose and stifles a bit of laughter, even though Maki looks one hundred percent serious and one hundred percent defeated.

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Fandom: New Dangan Ronpa V3: Everyone’s New Semester of Killing

Ships: Oumami (Kokichi Ouma x Rantarou Amami), Kaebo (Kaede Akamatsu x Kiibo) (heavily implied/mentioned)

Characters: Ouma Kokichi, Amami Rantarou, Akamatsu Kaede, Kiibo, Chabashira Tenko, Iruma Miu, Yumeno Himiko, Momota Kaito, Toujou Kirumi, Shinguji Korekiyo

Chapter: 1/1

Words: 3225

Setting: Talentless AU High School for the Gifted

Summary: It was always Amami that was by Ouma’s side. It was Ouma that Amami was constantly gazing at, was Ouma that he always reassured. It was Ouma that Amami kissed that lone night, but it was Amami that was wondering if it was really the right thing to do.

Rating: PG (for kisses and a lil angst (?) and minor language)

Notes: I know next to nothing about these two this will be almost purely based on headcanons/general information. So if you’re reading this in the future just be wary of that !! (tbh tho I’ll probably rewrite this once the game comes out.)

Extra: AUs -  everyone is alive and Kiibo is human, everyone attends the same high school. The two main cliques (taken from the “original” scrum debate teams) are: iruma, shinguji, maki, yumeno, tenko, amami, and hoshi all led by kokichi– vs saihara, kaito, tsumigi, angie, gonta, kiibo, and toujou all led by kaede.


Amami was such an ass. The way he just, openly stared at Ouma while their designated “group” conversed– especially while he, himself, spoke– was puzzling, to say the least, and not to mention rather flustering. But Ouma soon found that it was little things like that– a glance in his direction for his final reassurance, a sly comment escaping from Amami’s mouth almost unwillingly, Amami’s hands on his shoulders– that was what frustrated him the most about that green-haired boy. No– really, what frustrated him was the undeniable crush forming for seemingly no reason at all. But Ouma promptly declared this as merely nothing and conclusively said that Amami was, indeed, simply an ass that loved to fluster him.

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This is How u’s Rolls-- I Mean, These are their Roles.

This is a quick and fun activity that @athyrabunlord and I did a week ago. We talking about each of the members of u’s and tried to figure out what they jobs are in the group. We are all very familiar with the Production Team (Maki, Umi and Kotori) but what about the others? Here is our take:

• Honoka – This is u’s sunberry. The showy and outgoing leader, who… procrastinates on many things. The clueless yet adorable dunce. The boss pimp. The harem owner. She serves best as the group’s spokesperson and icon. She really doesn’t do much in terms of song production but she is indeed the inspiration for many of them. The unlimited supply of sunshine and manjuus.
• Umi – The Oni Instructor. She is the backbone of u’s, as well as its muscles and abs. She keeps things moving, though she sometimes fails at keeping it moving smoothly. The dense block of wood. The underboss pimp. Her greatest contribution to u’s is her lyrics (though sometimes it does beg the question where she gets ideas from, c’mon, Cutie Panther? Love Novels? Trouble Busters? BiBi? –wait that’s a subunit). She claims not to know anything about romance yet she managed to write Garasu no Hanazono, Storm in Lover, and Wild Stars (read the lyrics, seriously. So lewd). An invaluable member of the Production Team, she makes u’s performances possible. She works extensively with her (pairings) partners in the Production Team; making songs with Maki, cross-checking Eli’s choreography with the track and lyrics, and serving as a personal (dummy) model to Kotori’s costume making. A true busybody. Also oversees practice sessions and the members’ physical training.
Maki – The useless tsundere. Well, she’s not entirely useless. U’s wouldn’t be possible without her music after all. As the group’s resident composer and member of the Production Team, Maki creates all the tracks for their songs (including Afterschool Navigators; and she said she only listens to classical… and how the hell do her scores get played?). Everyone’s tomato baby. Tsuns her way into being spoiled by the older members. The Santa believer. The haughty yet zannen heiress. The bueeh?!  And imi wakannai. The SFX princess who has melancholy issues (and is very gay). Oh, and her family’s summer homes and winter cottages are very handy too.
• Kotori – The birb from heaven. The most unappreciated and underrated member of the Production Team (because Soldier Game Trio are spotlight whores). She conceptualizes and produces all the costumes u’s has ever used, which is easier said than done. The time allotted to drawing, tweaking, and then looking for materials must be tremendous, then she has to cut, sew and fit the dress to nine bodies, while making each and everyone just slightly different to fit personalities. Oh and she does this while having a part-time job. Take that SG! Oh, and, she is also responsible for sending people into the hospital due to her suspicious taste in hotpot ingredients.
• Eli – The harasho kaichou. An honorary member of the Production Team, Eli plans and oversees the group’s choreography, practice sessions, and chocolate rations. She is the one who puts everything together and makes sure the final product is as smooth and flawless as possible. The preppy manager. Nico’s nemesis in the human gene pool. The eyecatcher. The seemingly indomitable manager who, more often than not, fails at keeping the group focused (just listen to all the live intermissions dramas). The glacial queen who often gets a meltdown.
• Nico – Everyone’s Lil Imp. The mascot. The shithead with many secrets. The red-eyed devil of randomness. The rapper. The unmeasurable nico nico nii~. The smol shrill Chihuahua. She is also the idol encyclopedia. She uses the knowledge of the idol community to promote u’s, perhaps post on forums, advertise on websites, and maintaining the group’s webpage. Her online social media followers help in u’s rankings. Teams up with Hanayo a lot to learn what is trendy and what is not. Updates the group with the online activities of their fans. The crouching devil and hidden buchou of u’s. Gets zero respect from kouhais but is very well loved.
• Hanayo – The cinnamon roll. The squeaky baby that gives her all. The goddess of rice. The idol wiki. She serves as the group’s newsgirl, always on top of what’s latest and greatest in the school idol world. The resident teddy bear and cat babysitter. She is the warm support, full of positive encouragements. The spark that allowed u’s to continue after that empty auditorium. Wild feline handler. Cat whisperer. She works closely with Nico on PR and website maintenance. The girl who probably has thousands of followers on social media because of all the idol information she had dug from the deep web.
Nozomi – The perverse yet encouraging Yan. The card reader. The resident consultant and tsundere therapist. The team mom. She makes sure that there are materials for Nico and Hanayo to upload. She is probably responsible for stage and camera set-up for local performances and PVs. The double-checker as well as the prankster. The infinitely lucky washi washi max (even though Nico’s bad luck seems to always counter this).
Rin – The pet cat. The maji angeh. The true useless member. Just kidding. She probably helps Nozomi a lot with cameras and stage set-up. The temporary leader. Mostly follows Nozomi’s orders to annoy the shit out of the tsunderes. She leads the group’s stamina training though. The energizer bunny. The ramen sink. The cat’s nya. Everyone’s dream bride.

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*chanting* swim team au swim team au

Free! Otonokizaka Swim Club

Eli: captain of the swim team and specializes in backstroke, tho she’s basically great at everything else too. she’s really graceful in the water and speedy too, so she’s basically like the ultimate cool swimming senpai bc of how proficient she is. but secretly, Eli’s more passionate about dancing which she does as a side hobby. swimming’s just something she’s naturally A+ at and doesn’t make a big deal out of it. cool swimming senpai indeed.

Nozomi: well ofc it’s gonna be breaststroke what else would it be?? this leads to lots of lewd jokes (all made by Nozomom) which everyone else kinda learns to ignore. Nozomi originally joined the swim club just so she could hang out with a bunch of cute girls in swimsuits lol. she actually wanted to be club manager at first, but that role was already taken and then she found out she’s actually p good at breaststroke (and…. stroking breasts, as Nozomi would put it. sigh.) 

Nico: club manager/coach! she’s the one who yells at everyone and shit. Nico’s small and doesn’t have a lot of muscle, and her stamina is shitty, but she’s extremely knowledgable in swimming and actually has the best forms/technique for all the strokes out of everyone (on par with Eli’s, even). if her endurance were better and she got swole, Nico could probably match up to Eli in races. now that’s a scary thought. but as she is right now she can barely even go four laps. 

Rin: SHE ONLY SWIMS FREE actually she likes to swim every stroke but her strength is in freestyle. she has the fastest times out of everyone and can swim for kms, gurl is cray. Rin would be the best swimmer in the team, even better than Eli, if she refined her form just a bit more. people call her Otonokizaka’s Sailfish because of how fast she is. she likes to goof off during practices a lot so Nico ends up yelling at her and/or diving in to smack Rin around. also races Eli, swimming senpai/kouhai awawa. 

Maki: Eli and Rin were the ones to rope her into the swim club while Maki was being indecisive and huffy about choosing a club to join. she’s really, really awful at breaststroke and freestyle but she’s got a killer butterfly stroke and her backstroke isn’t half bad either. she spends her free time arguing with Nico about forms and techniques or racing Rin and losing. such is life. she’s p intense about gitting gud enough to one day beat Rin but ha ha no one can beat Rin’s freestyle. butterfly, on the other hand…  

Hanayo: this egg actually didn’t know how to swim beyond flailing around and paddling in the water doggystyle but Rin was super insistent about teaching Pana how to swim, and subsequently pulled her into the swim club once Hanayo got the basics down. Hanayo’s best at breaststroke (which leads to Nozo offering to teach her how to stroke breasts properly dameeeee) and probably has the worst times, but she tries!! under Nozomom’s tutelage Hanayo is actually getting really good at breaststroke and steadily increasing her stamina. 

Honoka: the only stroke she can’t really do is butterfly but everything else is a go. after the third years graduate Honoka takes over the role of captain. aside from butterfly, she’s a well-rounded swimmer and has better form than Rin but still isn’t as fast as her. she usually goes for backstroke but then ends up smashing her head against the wall when she gets distracted watching clouds when she swims and doesn’t flip on time hhahaha bye honk. 

Kotori: similar to Nico in that she has nearly impeccable form but she runs out of breath p easily. she prefers backstroke though she’s not nearly as amazing as Eli or Honoka. kind of an average swimmer but there’s not really anything she’s bad at, and has the second best butterfly stroke in the team behind Maki. everyone thinks that Kotori should focus on butterfly instead of backstroke but that’s just what she prefers for some reason.

Umi: QUEEN OF THE SEA!! she’s up there with Eli and Rin as best swimmers in the team. she likes to train by swimming in the ocean’s choppy waters between islands (hence why other schoolmates started calling her Queen of the Sea much to her embarrassment) and has the best diving form. she prefers freestyle, like Rin, though Umi focuses on technique rather than speed. even Nico can’t find many faults with Umi’s swimming, amazing.