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  • Coxswain: Okay girls, we are just on the 500m marker lets push it through to the end.
  • Rower: *internal or possibly external screaming*
  • Coxswain *two minutes later*: Okay girls at the 500m marker lets gain some pressure.
  • Rower: wait what i thought
  • Coxswain *another minute later*: We have crossed the orange buoy 500m left and you are done, leave it on the water.
Sunny Days- chapter 4

Sunny Days Masterlist

Summary- The date (part 1)

Word Count- 2808 

Warnings- language, fluff (way fluffier than I intended), light smut

Author’s Note- Still not beta’d. Let me know if you want to be tagged. I hadn’t planned on splitting this into 2 chapters,but I have’t posted in a while and this was going to get ridiculously long.

Tags- @ali-pennell @andrealind24 @ericuhlorain @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash @flissworld @loliftingg @negans-dirty-girl @negansbby @negansxlucille @negans-network @rune-skyjumper @shinydixon @unicorn-blood-splatter @vendekk (sorry if I missed anyone…just remind me if you want a tag…a lot got lost in the shuffle of holiday travel)

Negan arrived at The Sanctuary and started barking orders at his men as he made his way to his room. He needed to keep up appearances. Sunny was his. Her house was his. He wasn’t about to let any of these dumb fucks know what a god damned gold mine he found.

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You moved atop of me easily,

And lowered yourself gently.

Kissing me as I was filled with you.

As a gasp broke the kiss,

Your hands stroked the stray strands,

Away from my forehead, then became entangled.

Our slow rhythm gave way,

To urgent and demanding thrusts of passion,

As I arched my body for your comfort,

And you threw me into ecstasy,

With the strength of your blows.

You left me screaming and soaked,

In oblivion again and again,

As you growled my name from the back of your throat,

And our bodies both demanded more,

Each giving to the other,

—  The Coupling Of Passion and Erotic Lust (Unknown)

Team Solo Mid - Friends Intro

Bjergsen is totally Monica, calling it now.

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At his last school he was a loser that no one noticed, at this one he’d somehow managed to accidentally get on the radar… and not in a good way. Christian didn’t actually steal the captain of the football teams girlfriend, Lust had met her one day and… well… one thing led to another. Now he was being hunted like a deer in the woods, he couldn’t even get outside for a smoke without being tormented or chased. The demon was in the bathroom, leaned against the sink, trying to get a few inhales of the smoke in when the other walked in. He froze, cigarette literally in his mouth, he was more than a little caught. “Shoot…” He said under his breath.

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Hi! Prompt: Caroline is the daughter of the president and Klaus the head of her security team. They are having a hot secret affair and she likes him to take her everywhere. (Like on the presidential plane or the limo after some big gala or something)

Written by one of our favorite guest writers, @accidental-rambler :D

A/N: I feel like this is smut with minimal plot but there you go, hope it’s ok :) Thanks for the great prompt!  

Hot & Guarded

5 years ago…

Klaus was feeling like a dirty old man.

Observing the group of teenage girls, who were sunbathing by the pool, his vigilant gaze fixed on the gorgeous blonde with the vibrant laugh. He couldn’t shake the arousal stirring in his lower abdomen at the sight of her lithe body clad in the skimpiest bikini. She was chatting with her two friends, head tilting back when she giggled, exposing her long creamy neck. She would shoot a quick glance his way every time she flipped her hair or bit on her full pink lips, clearly set on teasing him.

Caroline Forbes, already the bane of his existence at 17, was the daughter of the first American female president, Elizabeth Forbes.

At 25, Klaus was the youngest agent in the Secret Service, not to mention the one who had just been entrusted with the safety of the president’s daughter as the head of her security team. Therefore, all the lust and erotic dreams Caroline roused in him made Klaus feel not only dirty, but also highly incompetent.

Suffice it to say, it was all highly inconvenient.

She was supposed to be an assignment, a position on his list, an order to follow - nothing more. Yet, the vivacious teen and her perky ways refused to leave him and his thoughts alone, messing with his head on a daily basis.

His breath caught when he saw Caroline flipping onto her front, swiftly untying the laces on her bikini bra before one of her friends began to spread lotion across her back.

How he wished it was his hands grazing her smooth skin. His body reacted instantly, heart thumping fast and his cock twitching in response. Willing himself to calm down, Klaus focused on scanning the location for possible dangers, his work being the distraction he needed. In that moment, Caroline turned and stared at him, her penetrating gaze and victorious smirk telling him she guessed just what he had been thinking about.

This time, he didn’t look back.

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