The Vagabond and the Golden Boy? Oh no, they’re more dangerous than you would think. See, they egg each other on; if there was even the slightest hint of restraint left in the Vagabond, it vanishes around the Golden Boy. And with an attack dog like the Vagabond at his heels, the Golden Boy becomes wilder, cockier, and crueler.
Those two together? You run.


Ryan Haywood and Gavin Free, “Team Love and Stuff”

The unlikely duo, chaotic vagabonds who follow rules fit only for the insane. Destruction is a given, police never get a wink of sleep with these two around.  

Let's Play - GTA V - Asset Seizure and Firewall Protection (39:19)
  • Ryan: Ahh! Just land on the top! Euurggh!
  • Gavin: It's right here, right?
  • Ryan: Yeah.
  • Gavin: Then what's the problem?
  • Ryan: You were going for a spectacular dive.
  • Gavin: *lands helicopter* Helipads typically are lower than the helicopter.
  • Jack: Typically.
  • Ryan: One doesn't typically approach them at 90 miles an hour.

Black and Gold