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Spartan: Brave and undaunted; sternly disciplined and rigorously simple, frugal, or austere. Possessing courage and resolve.  

“The Spartan army was considered one of the strongest of its times, with the Spartan warriors willing to fight to the death.”
Things I would definitely watch

A comedy centred around Spartans trying to figure out how to do mundane things in the civilian world

Example: Fred attempting to understand how to order food from Subway

Example: John trying to sort and do laundry

Example: Kelly buying running shoes that fit her

Example: Linda joining a yoga club and not wanting everyone to stare at her when she goes into Linda Zen Mode™

Things I am looking forward to seeing in The Fall of Reach animated series:

  • Halsey and Keyes meeting for the first time 
  • The infamous quarter scene between John and Halsey 
  • John stealing saltine crackers from that unsuspecting girl 
  • Kelly and her blue hair 
  • A 14 yr old John beating the shit out of those punk ass ODST’s in the boxing ring 
  • Mendez returning John’s quarter to him 
  • The Spartans trying out their Mjolnir armor for the first time 
  • Sam saying, “I think I’m in love” on an open channel without realizing everyone could hear him 
  • Kelly and John clinging to each other while floating through space 
  • The creation of the Keyes Loop Maneuver 
  • Any interactions between John, Kelly, Linda, Fred, and Sam 
  • Ensign Lovell referring to his computer as sexy 
  • Mother hen John-117 and his undying commitment to his teammates 
  • Keyes accidentally knocking over a chair right before being promoted to captain 
  • Literally everything but Sam dying 
Halo 5 Headcannons

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  • Exuberant became an honorary member of Osiris.
  • Buck did end up buying a bar when everyone returned home.
  • In fact it is co-owned by all of Fire Team Osiris.
  • Tanaka is a the bartender, Vale works security/bouncer, Buck likes to think he is a good DJ (he’s not), Locke is in charge of making sure nobody dies/ he manages the expenses, and Exuberant works as a greeter.
  • Buck and Vale totally got together at one point, they’re even planning on getting married, no is sure how the hell it happened. Some think Vale lost a bet, others think she’s going crazy.
  • After everything calmed down, Locke and Chief became bros. And by bros I mean sometimes they beat the crap out of each other in training. Kelly and Linda run the betting pool each week on who’s going to win. Currently it's’ 63:57 with Chief up.
  • Exuberant and Roland have become best friends and love to talk about anything and everything.
  • Buck once tried to hit on Linda. To say it didn’t go well is an understatement. Not only did Linda kick his ass, but so did Kelly.
  • And Vale.
  • And Tanaka.
  • And Locke just for good measure.
  • Chief and Locke aren’t the only sparring buddies, Fred and Tanaka also sometimes meet up to train together. A lot of the men ask Fred if he can help put in a good word for them, but Fred doesn’t have the heart to tell them Tanaka is already dating a cute girl from the science division.
  • Because of Locke’s mission on the Alpha Shard he has a low-key fear of worms, or anything that resembles a giant snake.
  • Kelly is team mom. Not even just for Blue Team, for everyone. If you work for UNSC, Kelly is now your mother. She even carries around first aid kits wherever she goes because her children are very reckless and always need help.
  • Since Linda is such a sharpshooter she likes to challenge random people at Buck’s bar to play darts against her. She has never lost.
  • Chief likes to read romantic novels in his spare time.
  • Every Friday night both Fireteam Osiris and Blue Team get together and select one person to create a meal of their own choice. The others are there to help when needed.


So I was looking at The Unofficial Story trailer again when I noticed

That boulder that fell on John was so heavy that Linda, a Spartan II, had to activate her jet pack just to lift it

If John had gone in there by himself he would have died.