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When you have to do everything yourself, because what fun is there in actually protecting your prince?

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so for some reason the civil war trailer came up on my youtube recs and i watched it again remembering how HYPE i was about it and like the part where steve's like "im sorry tony but he's my friend" and tony says "so was i" DAAAAAMN like i didn't even buy their friendship, cap-tony were never my fave pair in the movies (speaking only as an mcu person, never read the comics) but the way rdj says it tore my heart into a million pieces; my tony stan heart couldn't take it, had to read all ao3 fics

Ah the trailer… good times. When civil war hadn’t yet tainted my love for like over half of the MCU characters LMAO. 

And yes, it wasn’t a good friendship in the MCU. No avengers based friendship was. It is literally comprised of the most unhealthy team dynamics in the world like holy shit have y’all ever heard of being civilized human beings with one another like what a concept!!!???? we don’t choke teammates??!!! We don’t keep massive secrets that will alter the way they see the world?!!!!! We don’t shame them and trick them and backstab them?!!! like WOW HOLY SHIT LOOK AT THESE APPARENTLY UNKNOWN CONCEPTS I SPEAK OF 

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i’ll never forget this one video where l & elk were on a pap walk in some store & there were fans around & that person filming was shaking & shouting with others ‘kiss her louis, kiss each other!’. like what the fuck, and it’s us forcing shit.

plus they care more about her presence than louis’ but we’re the ones who are ‘bad and fake fans’ 

UGH im conflicted cause… i am most familiar with the lore and plot of atla for the mp100 au… but the setting of lok is so cool!!! that 1920s setting combined with the spirituality and existence of bending… both i feel could make good settings for the atla au


in lok au… shou, teru, and momo would totally be a pro bending team!!

callmekate08 replied to your post “so i’m trying to keep this blog as much miraculous ladybug as i can…”

Claire: this blog here with the generic name is my ml blog, this other blog with “ladybug” in the title is my generic blog (lmao)

this is my Brand™ blog |D

the one with ‘ladybug’ in the name is For The Irony™ (in reference to ‘team jacob/team edward’)

i did notice that too tho fdfdhgf


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Stranger Things | 2.06

No one is around. Why do you think I’m with Steve Harrington?