team lean


1. Beautiful (Mix unit)
2. Boom Boom (Title Song)
3. Highlight (Performance Team)
4. Lean On Me* (Hiphop Team)
5. Quick Pace*
6. Don’t Listen Secretly* (Vocal Team)
7. Well* (Mix Unit)
8. Laughing Flower*

*English song titles subject to change (x)

(Submission) His friends watched on in shock as Sam was systematically massaged by the chair, causing his quite recently acquired flab to jiggle like mad. Not 6 months ago he would of barely had any quivering, his body was like most the guys on the team, extremely lean and lightly muscled, weighing only 120 pounds, at 18 and 5 foot 9 until breaking his leg and hip during training. 4 months nearly bedridden and a over bearing mum had lead to him ballooning 45 pounds quadrupling his body fat percentage from 7% to 28% at the last count. His belly was extremely soft and pliable and stuck through absolutely everything he owned as he refused to buy new and better fitting clothes. Today he was wearing a shirt that was small enough to have the bottom strip of his gut visible when it rode up and gym shorts that were at bursting point and struggled to keep all him in, only enhancing his flabby tummy and love handles. His thighs, once bulging with muscle and veins rubbed together as he walked away his butt jiggling as well. He couldn’t fit in his jeans or anything with buttons or a non-elastic waistband but was in complete denial. It was weird to see this incredibly skinny boy completely covered in fat. 45 pounds of it. He turned to them, belly bulging out and his shirt having ridden up to just below his belly button. They pointed it out causing him to blush deep beetroot and pull it down. It was going to be interesting to see him turn up to swimming training next week. His shorts could honestly rip under all of his new bulk.

Oversized Hockey Shirt (Part 2)

Pairing: Y/N/Bestfriend!Roommate!Hockey!Luke

Rating: All

Request: No

Previous Part: Oversized Hockey Shirt (Part 1)

Summary: Luke is a sucker for hockey and maybe his best friend and dorm roommate Y/N

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