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How many..?

I was just thinking about the amount of characters that the fine peeps at Rooster teeth and all the families have played. This is a list of as many characters I could find played by Achievement hunters, (Excluding one-off minor roles, outside productions and exadurated personalities, ie. RT Shorts, playing themselves)

Geoff Ramsey

  • Dexter Griff (Red vs. Blue)
  • Agent Georga (Red vs. Blue)·         
  • King Geoff/The First/The Heart (Minecraft Kings)(Right arm of 5 gods)
  • The Kingpin (Fake AH Crew, GTA5)
  • The Corpirate (WWE, X-Ray & Vav)
  • Boomerang Geoff (11 Little Roosters)

Jack Pattillo

  • Junior (RWBY)
  • Lord Jack/The Carpenter (Minecraft Kings)
  • Jackie/Overlord/Mother Goose (Fake AH Crew, GTA5)
  • Jack the Red (11 Little Roosters)

Ryan Haywood

  • John Elizabeth Andersmith (Red vs/.Blue)
  • [Mad] King/Dark God Ryan/The Dark One (Minecraft Kings)
  • The Vagabond (Fake AH crew, GTA5)
  • Prof, Peter Port (RWBY)
  • The Mad King (X-Ray & Vav)

Gavin Free

  • Scarlet David (RWBY)
  • Vav (X-Ray & Vav)
  • Golden Boy (Fake AH Crew, GTA5)
  • King Gavin/The Freebird/Whimsical (Minecraft Kings)
  • Gavin the Third/Agent Mavin (11 Little Roosters)
  • Woody Johnson (Lazer Team)

Michael Jones

  • Sun Wukong (RWBY)
  • Max (Camp Camp)
  • Mogar (X-Ray & Vav)
  • King Michael/The Warrior (Minecraft Kings)
  • Operator Mikey/Agent Mavin (11 Little Roosters)
  • The Wild Card (Fake AH Crew, GTA5)
  • Zach Spencer (Lazer Team)

Jeremy Dooly

  • Lord Jeremy/The Reckless (Minecraft Kings?)
  • Rimmy-Tim (WWE/Fake AH Crew, GTA5)
  • Jermsay (11 Little Roosters - post-credits)

Lindsay Jones

  • Ruby Rose (RWBY)
  • Vanessa Kimball (Red vs. Blue)
  • Hilda (X-Ray & Vav)
  • Space Kid (Camp Camp)
  • Red (Fake AH Crew, GTA5)
  • Queen Lindsay/ The Firebird (Minecraft Kings)
  • Jermsay (11 Little Roosters - post-credits)

Ray Narvaez, Jr.

  • X-Ray (X-Ray & Vav)
  • Br0wnman (Fake AH Crew, GTA5)
  • King Ray/The Rose King (Minecraft Kings)

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