the fahc absolutely post videos on twitter and shit. their worst video…… a fake heist that they all pulled on gavin. like a huge heist prank to fool gavin that they doing a heist and while he’s doing his hacking in his office…. and there’s something “"huge”“ going on in the heist and they’re all pretending they’re getting shot at over the comms and shit…. just michael and jeremy bursting into gavins office and slamming down at least seven slices of soggy bread on his desk. it’s their number one video


Team Gents & Team Lads <3

Just a quick lil thing I made since I realized I haven’t drawn all the guys yet??? Like sketches I’ve done, but never all of them together and in full. Here it is!

Sorry if the bottom portion of it is asymmetrical ^^ I tried 

The top can be used as a desktop wallpaper btw