• Lads fans:This is Gavin Free, he's 26 years old and a member of the Slow Mo Guys, a channel he put together with his friend a couple of years ago. They have almost 5 million subscribers, and 500 million channel views on YouTube and he's known around the world, after having worked on movies and been in the YouTube rewind two years in a row.
  • Gents fans:this is jack we love him he has a beard

randomfandomrpMafiaAU Where Geoff is the boss GAVIN the supervisor/duo with Michael. Michael hit man/debt collector Ray the assassin/hit man Ryan “the information guy”/torturer Jack the “deals handler”/ plans hits/ n stuff Or you can just play around with the idea with it! Have fun! I look forward to your lovely art no matter the outcome! Thank you so much!

ahh, im sure this isnt how you imagined but i wasnt quite sure how to draw them sorry uwu also, it doesnt really look that mafia u_u