team krit

Big Krit: King Remembered In Time

Krit brings a new project just close to a year after his major label debut

And he always seems to find to make music that you can have on repeat.

With his inspiration with old southern music to bass that makes your headphones rattle and trunk bump.

He has grown as a artist and has been dropping projects for sometime now with 5 out you only grow to love him even more.

This project feels like it a run into with the other 4 like it’s a story to tell In them.

Like a southern movie that needs to be told.

As one of my favorite artist period the joy to play this has no words.

If you have slept on this get on your laptop and support real southern rap.

This mixtape gets a grand total 10/10 

Head over to livemixtapes to put sound in your slab.

What’s a car with out some sound?