team kellan

Crawling into bed, I curled into a ball, and tried to get some sleep, but it was elusive and kept avoiding me. I kept picturing Denny and Kiera together downstairs, happy and laughing as they exchanged hopes, dreams, and plans for their future. They were probably picking out a wedding date and baby names. They’d probably ask me to stand up with Denny while he married the woman I loved, and then they’d make me their sweet little baby’s godfather. Fuck my life.

I wondered if Kiera would tell Denny the truth before they walked down the aisle. I should find out what her intentions were, so I wasn’t blindsided by anything…like Denny’s fists. I should, but I didn’t want to talk to Kiera. Her joy was pissing me off. She didn’t have to flaunt how fucking happy she was. I got it. Denny completed her. Good for Team Australia.

—  Kellan Kyle, Thoughtful

Congratulations #TeamRush and #TeamKellan for winning NA Crush Tourney on your respective matches.

Good job ladies! 

It will be tough if these two will compete with each other on the upcoming matches. But I know we can’t avoid the inevitable, I just hope that I will have the courage to choose between these two coz I love them both so dearly. Or I’ll just vote for both of them! I Think that would be easier and less guilt on my side.