team karolina


Character(s): all of the main ones + scholar
Plot: In a world where vampires are a very real threat, Scholar accidentally finds out the identity of one.
Warnings: Scholar is a girl

Note: this is purely fan work so none of the characters belong to me, just like their personalities may or may not be canon, i don’t know. 

(this is just a quick scenario i made because sudden inspiration came to me. it’s not complete and it’s not going to be continued unless you guys want more, then i’d gladly write a full fanfic out of it ^^ thanks for the amazing help, @ellliebean! @mcldrabblesforyou i believe you like to be tagged on things like this? :0)

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You know what I can’t understand? How the writers can just let go of this

(the picture I believe was by fyearrowscanary)


During the worst period of his life, when all he wanted to do was die, he looked at that picture and thought of her, the thought of Laurel and that beaten up picture kept him going while he was on that island. During this time, he realized just how badly he screwed up with her, just how much he truly did love her, even when him and Shado kissed he still had Laurel in his mind, she even told him ‘does she know how much you love her?’, FOR GOD SAKES HE HAD ONE CHANCE AT A PHONE CALL, HE COULD HAVE CALLED ANYONE, HIS MOTHER, WALTER, THEA, TOMMY, THE POLICE FOR GODSAKE BUT NO HE CALLED LAUREL.

This is why I won’t give up on this ship and this is why im so mad at the writers for not continuing the route they were taking in season one and for completely degrading the importance of their relationship to him and when Amell does these interviews where he says that Felicity and Oliver are star crossed or whatever. 

No, it’s Laurel & Oliver, yes they’ve gone through shitty times, and yes they’ve done horrible things to each other, they’ve hurt each other, but they’ve also loved each other, and protected each other, and fought for one another and no relationship is smooth sails all the way. 

I think what happened in the past helped them evolve as people individually and have helped them grow up. That is why I want the writers to give them a chance again if not this season then the next, because it wasn’t their time before; they weren’t ready (esp Oliver), they were still young and heading in diff directions, but I do believe it will be their time in the future esp now that they’re going to be partners on Team Arrow. 

I will go down with this mother effin ship.