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how much did zayns team pay Justin

You cynic nonnie.  It’s a fantastic song and it’ll present zayn to an even wider audience and they go back a long way don’t they tho they down played it all in the end.

Whatever, it’s more people who can become aware of it and fall in love with it and Zayn. 

random things i can’t stop thinking about

what the fuck me 

  • bitty probably has had a full blown dance/karaoke party by himself thinking no one was going to be home for ages only to have someone walk in on him shaking his butt to the beat 
  • he totally doesn’t let out a scream and fall over when he hears the laughter 
  • once ransom was so sleep deprived from exams and studying he walked into the kitchen and grabbed the first bowl he saw and put cereal and milk in it 
  • then started eating it
  • holster screamed in horror and snatched it away when bitty asked where the brownie batter bowl went 
  • ransom didn’t notice and he was too dead inside to care

got carried away and i didnt clean it up lmao

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The best song ever!