team justine

FT Random - Fairy-Mon
  • Natsu: Team Valor's where it's at! We're the strongest and best trained!
  • Gray: Oh please, everyone knows Team Mystic is the best one, hands down! You idiot Reds just train and train with no thought in it!
  • Lucy: Team Instinct all the way! The both of you are horrible - forcing the Pokemon to do what you want - it should be what THEY want!
  • Erza: How exciting! I want to join in this!
  • Natsu: Join my team Erza! We've got a Phoenix for a mascot!
  • Erza: Alright. My noble Pokemon and I shall train hard to discover our true potential!
  • - Erza Scarlet has joined Team Valor -
  • Gray: Tch! Natsu got to Erza before I did...!
  • Juvia: Gray-samaaa~!
  • - Juvia Lockser has joined Team Mystic -
  • Cana: You guys are awful, leaving the cute one all alone. I'll join Lucy's team.
  • - Cana Alberona has joined Team Instinct -
  • Lucy: Thank you Cana!
  • Laxus: What are you nerds doing...?
  • Lucy: Laxus is automatically on my team!!!
  • Laxus: ... wha...?
  • - Laxus Dreyer has joined Team Instinct -
  • Laxus: What!? I never said anything!
  • Freed: If Laxus joined Team Instinct, then so do we! Thunder Tribe - Assemble!
  • - Freed Justine, Evergreen, Bixlow have joined Team Instinct -
  • Lucy: Yeah, we rock!
  • Gray: Crap, we need more people!
  • Juvia: I may know some~
  • Levy: Ufuu fuu - this will be a piece of cake!
  • - Levy McGarden has joined Team Mystic -
  • Gajeel: ... the hell is this suppose to be?
  • - Gajeel Redfox has joined Team Mystic -
  • Gajeel: Wait a minute, I didn't say a word!
  • Natsu: Gajeel, you traitor!
  • Gajeel: F' Off, Salamander!
  • Gray: Good going Juvia!
  • Juvia: For Gray-sama's sake~ I'll do anything~
  • Mest: ... I need more spotlight time.
  • - Mest Gryder has joined Team Mystic -
  • Natsu: Crap! They're getting more people than us!
  • Erza: Never mind about numbers - quality is what shall lead us to victory.
  • Natsu: Oh? Who do you know?
  • Kagura: If Oneesama is on this team, then so am I.
  • - Kagura Mikazuchi has joined Team Valor -
  • Natsu: Hooo~h, she's strong! Erza, you're awesome!
  • Erza: *puffs her chest out with pride* Of course!
  • Natsu: Alright, my turn!
  • Gildarts: ... what is going on here?
  • - Gildarts Clive has joined Team Valor -
  • Erza: Ooooh, splendid Natsu!

[Spoiler] Mission 2. This team did Shape of You by Ed Sheeran which was a song for the Dance Position

Noh taehyun is the Leander and center of their group. All the boys are over 180cm, but not Taehyun. He is 168cm so the member are like trees next to him.

This group was the only group that the audience requested an encore from, and aparently shouting started even before the music ended.

The performance had a sexy concept, they used scarves as props which was the highlight of the performance. Noh Taehyun choreographed the dance and Justin performed really well.

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‘You’re just trying to get it as big as possible’: Capitals do photo day right
Justin Williams and Andre Burakovsky sported matching poofy 'dos.

“I used the hair dryer a little to blow it up and then it was just kind of sitting there by itself,” Burakovsky said of his ‘fro, which rivaled the height of Williams’s ‘do. “You’re just trying to get it as big as possible. When I got it kind of big, I thought, ‘All right this is pretty good.’ It looked stupid.”

Like Jayson Werth and Bryce Harper on Nationals photo day at spring training, Williams and Burakovsky looked a little like Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly’s characters in the movie “Step Brothers.” That wasn’t a coincidence.

“There’s something in that for sure,” Williams said when asked if the duo’s look was inspired by the movie. “Burky’s nickname, sometimes it’s Dale. So, um … there’s a little something to that, yeah.”

Burakovsky was asked if he plans to keep his poofy look.

“No, absolutely not,” the 22-year-old replied.

“His hair looks like that every day, so I didn’t notice much difference,” joked Capitals forward Tom Wilson…

…wait, sometimes Andre gets called Dale?