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I Love Him, He Loves Me || nurseyrans

Ransom could appreciate art. He could! He didn’t, often, and he didn’t get it a lot of times– he preferred practical things to appreciate, like Bitty’s pies, or good goals. Or, of course, Nursey’s ass, which he’d stolen a few furtive glances down at as he walked in front of him. It was a great ass, okay? Sue him. Now that was art to appreciate.

Right now, however, waiting for Nursey to finish what he was doing was sort of killing him.

Ransom… the thing was, he didn’t want to bother him. He knew he could snap like a twig if someone interrupted him, and Nursey had said something about a homework assignment, so he didn’t want to interfere with that. Even though Nursey wasn’t the type to snap, it felt rude not to give him the same respect he always gave him. Besides, he looked kind of cute sitting on the floor, all hunched over his journal, tongue sticking out just the smallest amount. But he was bored. He was mad fucking bored right now.

He tried going through his phone, systemically hitting Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but it was a dead day– not much posting, only a few notifications, some tagged pics, some snapchat selfies–

Oh. Ransom sat up and went to snapchat. He could probably entertain himself for at least a few more minutes with snapchat filters.

Dog filter, bunny filter, gold butterflies, truck driver, the little frowny face– he glanced over at Nursey and pouted just a touch because a face swap would be hilarious, honestly. Instead, he pulled one of his selfies from his phone and captioned it “missing you”, before posting it to his story.

Ransom looked up. Nursey had shifted towards him a little– he whipped out his phone and zoomed in to his face as much as possible, grinning a little before taking the picture; he yawned right at that second and Ransom decided to save it and send it to the group chat.

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FT Random - Fairy-Mon
  • Natsu: Team Valor's where it's at! We're the strongest and best trained!
  • Gray: Oh please, everyone knows Team Mystic is the best one, hands down! You idiot Reds just train and train with no thought in it!
  • Lucy: Team Instinct all the way! The both of you are horrible - forcing the Pokemon to do what you want - it should be what THEY want!
  • Erza: How exciting! I want to join in this!
  • Natsu: Join my team Erza! We've got a Phoenix for a mascot!
  • Erza: Alright. My noble Pokemon and I shall train hard to discover our true potential!
  • - Erza Scarlet has joined Team Valor -
  • Gray: Tch! Natsu got to Erza before I did...!
  • Juvia: Gray-samaaa~!
  • - Juvia Lockser has joined Team Mystic -
  • Cana: You guys are awful, leaving the cute one all alone. I'll join Lucy's team.
  • - Cana Alberona has joined Team Instinct -
  • Lucy: Thank you Cana!
  • Laxus: What are you nerds doing...?
  • Lucy: Laxus is automatically on my team!!!
  • Laxus: ... wha...?
  • - Laxus Dreyer has joined Team Instinct -
  • Laxus: What!? I never said anything!
  • Freed: If Laxus joined Team Instinct, then so do we! Thunder Tribe - Assemble!
  • - Freed Justine, Evergreen, Bixlow have joined Team Instinct -
  • Lucy: Yeah, we rock!
  • Gray: Crap, we need more people!
  • Juvia: I may know some~
  • Levy: Ufuu fuu - this will be a piece of cake!
  • - Levy McGarden has joined Team Mystic -
  • Gajeel: ... the hell is this suppose to be?
  • - Gajeel Redfox has joined Team Mystic -
  • Gajeel: Wait a minute, I didn't say a word!
  • Natsu: Gajeel, you traitor!
  • Gajeel: F' Off, Salamander!
  • Gray: Good going Juvia!
  • Juvia: For Gray-sama's sake~ I'll do anything~
  • Mest: ... I need more spotlight time.
  • - Mest Gryder has joined Team Mystic -
  • Natsu: Crap! They're getting more people than us!
  • Erza: Never mind about numbers - quality is what shall lead us to victory.
  • Natsu: Oh? Who do you know?
  • Kagura: If Oneesama is on this team, then so am I.
  • - Kagura Mikazuchi has joined Team Valor -
  • Natsu: Hooo~h, she's strong! Erza, you're awesome!
  • Erza: *puffs her chest out with pride* Of course!
  • Natsu: Alright, my turn!
  • Gildarts: ... what is going on here?
  • - Gildarts Clive has joined Team Valor -
  • Erza: Ooooh, splendid Natsu!

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