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Game of Thrones shipping war (or like I have said before: Twilight 2.0 lmao)

First of all sorry if there are grammar mistakes in this, english is not my native language so…. yeah. I have never posted something like this before, I always reblog pictures or gifs about stuff I like or funny things but I have read a lot of stuff about Game of Thrones lately that I wanted to give my opinion because I see that a lot of people is almost calling Daenerys the mad queen and mostly because almost everything I have read is written by certain fans that I will mention at the end of this post.

SPOILER ALERT! Some leaks about 7x04.

Daenerys was really angry and desperate because even though she had everything at the beginning to win the war she is losing right now. She wanted to use her dragons but instead she asked Jon his opinion and did what he recommended. She didn’t use them against Cersei because there would be a lot of innocent people dying and she knew that. Instead, she used just one of her dragons, the biggest one, against the army of the house that is her enemy and is winning. A house leaded by a woman almost known as a mad queen that blew up the Great Sept of Baelor with wildfire killing innocent people inside and outside of the building burning them all and at the same time provoking the suicide of her son but still saying that it was his fault because he betrayed her. A woman that sent her army to slaughter the Tyrells, Daenerys allies, has Euron as her ally and he attacked part of her armada and has cornered the Unsullied at Casterly Rock. A woman of a house that, in her eyes, betrayed her family and caused their doom and her exile since she was a baby. Yes, I know Aerys was mad and Jaime did what was best for the people and his family and that Rhaegar made mistakes too, but still it was her family and they even killed two babies, Rhaenys and Aegon. Adding to all of these is a house that arranged the Red Wedding, killed Ned Stark and the list could go on, so they aren’t saints, right? Although I like Jaime now he almost killed Bran at Winterfell at the very beggining. At this point almost everyone has made mistakes one way or another. But still people is saying that Daenerys is the crazy one and that she went full Targaryen because she was defending herself after two defeats. Lmao, Tyrion told her that she was in the great game and if she doesn’t play she will be dead, just like Cersei told Ned and where is Ned right now? Dead. Tyrion used wildfire against Stannis and burned his navy, killing a lot of people in the process, including Davos son, and he was a hero at the time for some us because his strategy was great but we know how he was treated after that by his own family. Then we had Stannis letting Melisandre burn his own daughter alive! But if Daenerys is the one using fire in her strategy against her enemy she is Aerys 2.0, a crazy bitch burning people here and there (ALSO: just like @espaciocompartido​ and @forevertheanimekid​  mentioned in the comments, I will add that Dany attacked the soldiers just at the beggining in order to break their lines, then she went just for the wagons and the dothraki did the work in the field. Why? Because that was the strategy Tyrion said in episode 2 remember? But since the Tyrells and Ellaria were defeated they made a different move but still following the initial plan: Cersei would have the Iron Throne but not food for her army). Guys, this is war. Soldiers will die in the battlefield one way or another, with dragons or swords or arrows or any other weapon, but they will die and Daenerys has dragons just like the Lannisters have a big army. GRRM introduced dragons for a reason, they are not just for decoration and they will be used to win the war against Cersei and the Night King. Dragons = fire. Give Cersei one single dragon and she would be burning everything in her way and terrorizing everyone since the very beginning, including innocent people just like Aerys did before and at this point I believe even Jaime if he tries to stop her. I mean, she doesn’t even need dragons to do that, she has wildfire and already did it. Daenerys never did that, she even locked her dragons in Meereen (but Drogon is the rebel one so we know he was flying around Valyria lmao), she only used them as her ultimate weapon after she listened to Tyrion and this time Jon, first in Essos and now in Westeros. She did it just like Aegon and his two sister-wives did it when they unleashed their three dragons at the Field of Fire when he thought they were losing the battle because guess what? IT’S WAR! (And also I would like to add that not every Targaryen reign was full of terror, yes, they had dragons but read a little bit about Jaehaerys I reign for example or even the Aegon’s reign after his conquest). Everyone will use their advantages and in Daenerys case she has a big one with three dragons and quoting our lovely Queen of Thorns: she’s a dragon, she must be a dragon if she wants to win. And even with them we have already seen they are not invincible (Meraxes anyone?) and it’s not like Daenerys is flying around with Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion burning everything just because she wants to. In my opinion she uses them when is necessary and that scene was super badass. I was tired of seeing them just flying around and scaring people (I’m looking at you Jon lmao).

I have read a lot of posts written by people who don’t like Daenerys but they have good arguments in order to have an interesting discussion and I totally respect that. It’s great to read different opinions and discussing different scenarios with other people, I do that every sunday with my family after the episodes. I wrote this post because the funny thing here is that since episode 4 got leaked (or maybe since Daenerys and Jon met or even before) almost every anti-Daenerys post I’ve read it’s not about her character development, it’s because people ship Jon with Sansa and Daenerys is a threat for them and don’t you dare say something against their ship because then you are stupid! The so called Jonsa vs Jonearys ship war. I’m not saying that all the fans that ship Jon with Sansa or Daenerys are like this but the ones who does well… I don’t know which series you think you are watching guys! Lmao! This is not Twilight or The Vampire Diaries in which everything revolves around a love triangle. This is not about which woman will marry Jon to have a happy ending, this is Game of Thrones and quoting Ramsay: “if you think this has a happy ending you haven’t been paying attention”. This is about war, loyalty, family, treasons, politics, dragons, white walkers, the damn winter, strategies, struggle for power, death. This is not about a love triangle or a series about deciding which incest is better than the other. I don’t ship Daenerys with Jon, but I love both of them separately, I love both characters because they are not perfect, both are complex. Daenerys has flaws and did mistakes. Jon on the other hand has to be more intelligent than Ned and Robb just like Sansa told him, but I love how far they have come since season one. I think that almost all the characters have flaws, no one is perfect and everyone is complex. Even Cersei, I mean, I felt bad for her when Ellaria killed Myrcella and it was impossible to not root for her a little bit in the last episode. She really loved her three children. I could say a lot about Ellaria and the Sand Snakes in the show because for me D&D destroyed those characters but that’s not the point here lmao!

I have always love dragons and I think that’s the main reason why I love house Targaryen since the very beginning. I love Daenerys but I didn’t like Viserys. I also love the Starks, I love Arya but I don’t like Sansa but I don’t hate her neither and I’m not writing posts about her and spreading hate. I would love to see more about the direwolves just like they show us the dragons (WHERE THE FUCK IS GHOST?! WHERE IS MY BABY?!). I also love the Sand Snakes in the books but like I’ve said before, I hate them in the show… and I could continue with this.

I’m not saying that shipping characters is wrong, it’s fine, do whatever you want but I think everyone should respect other opinions and not insult other people just because they think different and this applies in everything. I’m not going to start calling stupid to the people who don’t like Daenerys, it’s their opinion and it’s fine and I respect that but again, when they are talking and discussing like adults with good arguments, not like children fighting over who is better and then proceed to insult people and blocking them (because I already have anons calling me stupid because I don’t ship Jon with Sansa or Daenerys since I said that the GoT tag was like Twilight 2.0 with the whole fight about team Edward or team Jocob that little girls used to have lmao). I hate that in every single fandom there are always people like this, but well, what can we do, right? I just wanted to express my opinion and I hope that the Game of Thrones tag gets better. In the meantime let’s enjoy the show!

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