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1,000 Matches In 2015 - Match 231:
Team IOU Vs. Team UK

Resistance Pro “ALIVE” [September 7th, 2013]

There are very few fluid things in pro wrestling that work as well as a well-oiled tag team. Team IOU defines that clearly, and with a team on the opposite side of the ring with a solid repertoire, it makes for a fun, exciting match. Team IOU shows some strong teamwork early on, but when Team UK gains control, they do so with authority. Enjoy this one! It’s quick, but it’s good… just like your mom!

I’m kidding. I promise.

[October 14th, 2016]

Last night at Pro Wrestling Freedom’s Revelation, The Carnies (Nick Iggy and Kerry Awful, formerly known as Team IOU) took on Roscoe Eats Lisa in a competitive standard tag team match with both parties gaining huge offense. Unfortunately for Kerry Awful, Mikey McFinnegan had his number as Mikey gained a victory over The Carnies by rolling up Kerry for a pinfall!

The Carnies were stunned by the loss, attacking Roscoe Eats Lisa and hitting them with dual piledrivers before Awful and Iggy grabbed the legs of Zakk Sawyers. This was the prompt for manager Jason Saint to slither into the ring, pulling a hammer from his trenchcoat an aiming it directly at the genitals of Sawyers. As Zakk kicked and cried out, trying to free himself, several superstars came out to break up the fray, sending Horrorshow running. The trio laughed at ringside as Saint still gripped the hammer, as several superstars made a declaration that the PWF roster has grown tired of Horrorshow’s charade. The night was nearly disastrous for Zakk Sawyers, but for Horrorshow, the instillation of fear in Sawyers was victory enough!

Kerry Awful on traveling the independent circuit [2015]

When a former wrestler posted his disdain on Facebook about how today’s boys are “killing the business”, several wrestlers responded with posts of their own. Kerry Awful’s post was by far my favorite, and completely nails what it is to be an independent wrestler.

Well. I’ll address this.

I’ve got no ill will, feelings, or bias while saying this. I do feel bad for people who are so angered by my existence that apparently it is still an issue for them, that they feel they need to speak about me, or my business in the world of independent wrestling. I was told that in older days of the Memphis circuit that most people would get paid barley enough money to make it to the next town but kept doing it might after night because they knew the exposure they would receive would be able to pay. Many of those guys who suffered in Memphis were able to utilize that to push forward to have good careers and make money. Stan Hansen in his book even talks about traveling all over gods green earth to make a name for himself even when the pay was incredibly light or not there to help establish a name and reputation.

I was told a long time ago that traveling and sacrifice was part of the business. That it is worth it for the exposure, the chance to wrestle and meet new people. Paying dues doesn’t stop when you are trying to learn your craft. I have driven across multiple states and sometimes those paydays WEREN’T enough for me to break even. They were rich enough In life and learning experiences though that have helped make me a better wrestler and person.

Some of the things people have referred me to what have said seem a bit out of left field and are pretty goddamn fraudulent.

I’ve never conducted myself on any “too good” or “better than” attitude in any locker room I’ve been in. I’m constantly picking the minds of people who I know have gone further than I ever could dream of. People who have done something in this business and give back. Iggy and I both do attend seminars while traveling and unfortunately there are seminars we want to go to but can’t because we are booked places. I feel my reputation has always been that of someone who was respectful, quiet, and honest

It breaks my heart and has for a long time that one day some switch swapped off in your brain to make you like this. I tried reaching out, and still from time to time do ask how things are, but at the end of the day I’ve got to come to terms with the fact that there are some universal truths in this world and that people can’t be how you remember them or how you would like them to be. You will continue to be yourself and I’ll continue to be myself and be happy with and solemn in that fact that I’ve got no hate or anger. No use letting you ruin my day, as apparently I somehow do to you and have since you retired last year:

I’m proud of you, glad that you live the life that you do and hope that one day you can let go of all the bad stuff that boils up in you. Your a good dude at heart and that’s how I’m going to choose to remember you as, and if you want – I’ve still got the same phone number if you would prefer to talk to me about it.

And I’ll sit here. Still happy, content with the adventure.

Horrorshow conquers again at Pro Wrestling Freedom
[June 3rd, 2016]

The citizens of Jeffersonville, Indiana are in dire need of a savior. Try as they may, their screams, jeers, chants, and prayers have done very little to offer tranquility, as for the second show in a row, Horrorshow delivers with a clean sweep.

Last night’s Pro Wrestling Freedom event, Sabotage kicked off with a singles bout between “Sloppy Second” Slade Sludge and “The Blue Eyed Devil” Tripp Cassidy. With Horrorshow’s Jason Saint by his side, Cassidy’s fire was unleashed as Sludge attempted to battle back. At every turn, when it looked as if things were turning in favor of Sludge, Cassidy would seemingly be rejuvenated by a force within. At one point, Slade climbed to the top rope, only to have Saint grab his leg and cause the distraction. In the end, it was Cassidy whose hand was held high, but Tripp wasn’t done there. As Slade tried to recover, Cassidy grabbed a steel spike from his jacket and went after Sludge with it, only to be cut off by Saint who plead with Cassidy to gather his wits about him, as they had more in store for the evening.

As the night progressed, something odd occurred between Saint and Horrorshow member Nick Depp. During a Triple Threat Elimination Match, Saint opted out of standing at ringside and instead joined the commentary team. Not five minutes in, Depp walked out of the match and passed Saint, who waved him off to signify that the two parties would be going separate ways.

As the night drew toward its end, Team IOU entered the arena, poised and prepared to take on Sound & Fury. Although Sound & Fury were the larger duo, Team IOU’s ignorance of the rules helped them create a pace which worked against their opponents. Once Jason Saint yanked the ankles of Will Huckaby and sent him to the ground, this opened an opportunity for Nick Iggy to lay in some offense, and for Kerry Awful to take advantage of the frey by gaining the victory with a surprise roll-up. Although Sound & Fury attacked Team IOU after the bout, the damage had been done, and Horrorshow left The Arena with their hands raised high.


1,000 Matches In 2015 - Match 980:
Team I.O.U. runs the gauntlet

PWR Cashing In [November 7th, 2015]

Where there’s Jason Saint, there’s chaos. Pro Wrestling Revolution saw the debut of Saint two weeks ago in London, Kentucky, with a promise in tow that #Horrorshow would paint it black. First, the assembly of Jeremiah Plunkett went down, then Saint presented Team I.O.U., composed of Nick Iggy and Kerry Awful. The first tag team that were put in the way of Team I.O.U. were debuting wrestlers who had no idea what lie ahead of them. The next team was more formidable, composed of Jeremy Krutch and Devon Blake. Despite the duo being more seasoned than their predecessors, Team I.O.U. came to maim, and at the 7:50 mark, you’ll see what I mean. I’ve been up close and personal with several matches, and that was one of the damndest kicks I’ve ever seen. I myself even get a little piece at the 11:45 mark!

On a personal note, I cannot be more excited to be involved with Team I.O.U. Kerry Awful and Nick Iggy are one of the most solid tag teams in the area, or on the indies in general, and have an outstanding record of being so on point with their skillset. This video will make anyone a fan!


Horrorshow reigns at Pro Wrestling Freedom
[June 3rd, 2016]

On June 3rd, 2016, Horrorshow had a clean sweep at Pro Wrestling Freedom’s Sabotage! “The Blue Eyed Devil” Tripp Cassidy gained a victory over “Sloppy Seconds” Slade Sludge, then Team IOU defeated Sound & Fury in a hell of a battle. In this video, Horrorshow address the masses with a warning for the future. There are some shadows that the light cannot overcome, and we are the ones who dwell in those surroundings!


1,000 Matches In 2015 - Match 305:
The Viking War Party Vs. Team IOU & John Wayne Murdoch

Beyond Wrestling Sleeper Cell [June 15th, 2014]

If you live within the Western region of the United States, then there’s a good chance you’ve seen at least 2 or more of the wrestlers in this match on a local show. All 6 men involved are advanced travelers, having gone up and down the Appalachian chain. Team IOU are Nick Iggy and Kerry Awful, a team that essentially are a boy and his dog (with Awful being the dog). John Wayne Murdoch is as deep South and wicked as they come, snarling through flannel and having deceptively good skill. The Viking War Party are exactly as they’re described by the name, with American Viking, Frank Wyatt, and Jake Parnell (The Littlest Viking) battling like the warriors of lore and trading high flying maneuvers for stiff shots and ridiculous offense. This match is an entertaining one, but also a nice look at all 6 men if anyone hasn’t been introduced as of yet. Enjoy!


Team IOU Vs. Viking War Party
SNPW [June 1st, 2014]

If you’re a fan of the classic “boy and his dog” story, then you’re going to love this match. The team of Nick Iggy and Kerry Awful team up against Viking War Party at Strickly Nsane Pro Wrestling. The perfect way to kickstart the Summer is the scrappy team of IOU facing off against the brutality of the Viking War Party. Though the Vikings show little mercy to Team IOU, it’s as if Awful and Iggy wouldn’t want it any other way, showing that they can definitely hang in a strong match situation.

Watch for a huge chokeslam at the 10:00 mark. To see more of Team IOU, click here!