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One thing that I found kinda sad about homecoming was that comic spider didn't have Tony, or Ned to help him. Homecoming Spidey had help and even still he barely made it through. I kept thinking how comic Spidey didn't have any of that support, or help. He had the Bugle hating him, villains ready to murder him, and no adult help. I was terrified for Spidey's safety in the movie, I can't imagine what comic Spidey had to go through by himself.

!!! This is what I’ve been saying for YEARS, dude

•Team Inspire Anons:
This has already been done once before the album came out. I don’t remember who came up with the idea but the credit for it goes to them.
•To participate:
reblog this by Friday, August 30 (only once please unless you want to be a team inspire anon for multiple people)
•How it works:
I will assign everyone a person and you will be their team inspire anon. All you have to do is send them positive messages on anon to help brighten their day :)
•I will decide on an end date later on