team india love

Chapter 02


I stood in the mirror and rubbed my belly smiling. Three more months until my little boy was here. I couldn’t wait to hold him, and get my body back. It’s so weird, and a blessing how a little life can be inside you for a nine whole months.

“Baby have you seen my watch?” August asked walking into our bedroom.

“Look on the dresser babe” I said fixing my hair in a bun.

“Baby I can’t find it” I heard him say from behind me.

I smacked my teeth and walked over to the dresser picking up his Rolex “what is this August?”

He laughed and smiled at me “thanks baby what would I do without you?”

I shook my head and walked off “die because your ass don’t look for nothing.”

I walked into the living room and took a seat putting my feet up. August was hot on my tail behind me and plopped down in the space next to me. He started rubbing my small baby bump and I smiled. August was so obsessed with this child it was ridiculous, but cute.

“Hey little man, how you doing in there?” He said talking to the baby.

I smiled. I’m really glad Robin introduced us. I’m also really glad I decided to let Kevin go. He hurt my sister to the core, and I couldn’t just let that rock. On top of that August is twenty times the man Kevin never was or could be. I was completely happy and nothing could or would change that.

Life with August is where it’s at simple.


I was climbing into bed after a long day. All I wanted to do was lay in Trey’s arms. It’s been almost three years since I’ve gotten him back, and I’m so happy. When I thought I lost him all those years ago I let my pain turn me into this person I’m not proud of. I hurt people that just wanted to help me, and at first I didn’t care.

Now that I’ve gotten back the person I love more than anything it was a bit of a wake up call. I’ve been working really hard to fix the relationships I’ve broken, the worst being with Robin. We’ve gotten a whole lot closer and I’m glad. I mean it when I say I’m completely over hurting others to make myself happy.

“You missed me baby?” He asked showing off that beautiful smile to me.

I blushed bright red “always.”

“So gimme some love then girl” he said making me giggle.

I climbed on top of him and lightly pecked his lips over and over smiling. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he placed his arms on my waist. I looked at him, and bit my lip, no doubt you could just stare at Trey all day he was that sexy.

“You gonna keep staring at a nigga or you gonna give me those lips back?”

I smirked and leaned in slowly sucking his bottom lip before giving him another kiss full of passion. He moved his hands down slowly to my ass and grabbed it. I moaned into the kiss as he slipped his tongue into my mouth. I pulled at the waistband of his Calvin Klein boxer briefs and he rolled us over, so he could pull them down.

We detached our lips only so we could remove the barrier of clothes that were in the way of our bodies becoming one. He roughly gripped my waist and I pulled back gasping from pleasure filled surprise. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled his body towards mine.

I was so over the caressing I needed to feel him all of him. He suddenly brought his attention to my breasts. He pinched my left nipple as he took my right into his mouth. All I could feel was his bare dick pressing into my middle and it was sending me over the edge. I knew he could tell because moans were just rolling off my tongue with every movement he made.

“Now Trey” I said breathlessly needing him.

His right hand disappeared below my waist as I felt the head of his dick spank against my clit. I gripped the sheets and threw my head back as I bucked my hips. He slowly entered me, and I arched my back trying to relax my body against his rock hard frame.

Once he got the point where he was a little to deep I placed my hand on his stomach to stop him. He stopped pulled back, and thrusted into me again this time to the hilt.

I was so close to losing it when I heard the sexiest groan followed by an expletive escape his lips “shit.”

I bit my lip to keep from screaming out.

He slapped my thigh and I gasped “let me hear all that shit!”

My eyes met his and I smirked at the dominance he was trying to have over me. He was slowly winning this battle because I threw my head back the second he grazed my g spot and moaned. I began to move my body in sync with his intensifying the pleasure.

“Damn girl” he grunted.

We had only been at it for about twenty minutes, when that feeling I normally can hold out a little longer for started to take over my body. I knew he could feel me constricting around his length the minute he put his hand on my lower stomach. He pushed down and gave me the longest stroke I’ve ever felt before.

“Shit, your gonna make me cum!” I moaned digging my nails into his forearm.

His breathing picked up and all you could hear was my moans, his groans, and him sloshing in and out of me. I was so wet that when I looked down his lower stomach, and entire crotch area was soaked. I could feel him swelling inside me letting me know he was nearing his peak as well. I arched my back, and screamed his name as euphoria approached, and hit me like a ton of bricks.

“Tremaineeeeeeeeee!” I screamed as he started to rub my clit vigorously, and stroke me to death through my orgasm.

“Fuckkkkk!” I heard him grunt as he bucked his hips releasing deep inside me.

He rushed my lips with his, and I placed my hand on the back of his head to deepen the kiss. I sucked on tongue groaning in disapproval as he pulled back nibbling on my bottom lip, and then sucking softly on my neck. He rolled over pulling out of me, and I shivered from the lost of contact.

“Seems like you missed me too” I said making him chuckle.

“That’s the point I was trying to get across baby girl” he said pulling my naked body close to his kissing my forehead.

“Point definitely taken” I said as we both laughed and kissed.

I never believed in second chances until the day Trey told me he wasn’t going anywhere without me again. I had everything I could ever ask for at this point. No one was in a position to steal my thunder or my man.

“I love you beautiful” he said kissing my neck.

“I love you too.” I said kissing his soft plump lips before closing my eyes and falling asleep in his arms.

It’s blissful at the top.


I groaned in frustration texting Chyna. She was driving a nigga completely crazy. I don’t know what more she wanted from me. I took care of our son, and I made sure she had everything she needed as the mother of my child. This woman was just so impossible to please.

Chyna- Ty I don’t care what your doing bring me my son now!

Me- Chyna I already told you I will bring him over as soon as were done shopping. What is with you today?

Chyna- Well make whatever store your in your last before I call the cops, and tell them you kidnapped my child.

I ran my hands down my face in defeat. I was over fussing and fighting. This whole co-parenting thing was clearly not working. I had sole custody of King, but I never kept him away from his mom. I swear if she didn’t cool it I would have to bring it to those measures.

Me- Your so stupid I have full custody how did I kidnap him? Look man I’m bringing him now be ready.

Chyna- That’s more like it 😌👏

I shook my head and placed my phone in my pocket. I looked over at King who was busying having a full blown conversation with the sales lady. Little man was always macking. I walked over and the saleslady blushed when she saw me.

“Hey little man ready to go see mommy?” I asked tying his shoe lace back so he wouldn’t fall.

“Do we have to go now?” He asked seeming a bit disappointed.

I promised him I’d take him to see the Leggo Movie, but of course leave it to Angela to be the most annoying woman on the planet.

“Yeah mommy really missed you, so she asked if you can come early” I said trying to perk him up.

“What about the movie daddy?”

“We’ll ask mommy to take you, you know she’ll love to” I said watching him smile again.

“Okay, bye Miss Carmen” he waved to the saleslady as he ran towards the door.

“Your son is very adorable” she said as she waved by to him.

I chuckled “thanks. He’s a hand full though.”

“Oh with that face it’s worth it.” She said smiling at me.

“Yeah I guess your right. Thanks for watching him while I talked to his mom.” I said smiling at her.

“Oh anything for you” she said clearly flirting.

I chuckled and winked at her making her blush “I’ll see you around Carmen.”

I left her there clearly in awe of a nigga presence. If I didn’t respect Ashley I would’ve bagged that, but I quickly decided against it. I walked over to King and grabbed his hand as we walked to the car.

“Daddy why doesn’t mommy like Ash?” Cairo asked shocking me.

For a five year old he was so smart it was crazy “um she just doesn’t know her that well. Don’t worry about it okay.”

He nodded his head and ran to the car once we got close enough for me to let go of his hand. I opened the car and strapped him up in his car seat, and then got in starting up the ignition. I turned on some music for King since he loved rap music, and mentally prepared for seeing Chyna.

In about thirty minutes I pulled up to her house and I killed the ignition. I got out and unstrapped King from his car seat, and he got out running up the front porch to his mom.

“Mommy!” he screaming jumping on her when he got close enough.

I couldn’t help, but smile because Chyna was everything under the sun including a good mother. Yes she used him to make me miserable, but she loved him.

“Hi baby. I missed you so much I wish you never leave” she said kissing his face a million times.

He giggled “mommy stop it, to many kisses!!!”

She laugh and tickled his tummy before letting him run back to me to say bye. I picked him up and hugged him tight.

“Ugh your getting heavy big boy!” I said making him laugh as I put him down.

“Bye daddy” he said sadly.

“Aye I’ll be back to get you soon, but you know if you want me all you have to do is call me. Behave alright” I said hugging him again.

He nodded and ran inside the house. I wanted to avoid an argument with Chyna so I opened my car door getting inside. I could see her walking toward the car, but I got in and pulled off before she could even get anywhere near me. I was so tired of her and her shit, and I was stuck with her ass for life.

After driving for about 45 minutes more I was finally in the comfort of my own home. I pulled in the garage and killed in ignition before heading inside. I was so tired. I haven’t been able to get any proper sleep for the past couple weeks. I headed straight upstairs to shower and then sleep.

When I walked into the room I saw Ashley packing a bag with clothes. I immediately went into defense mode. What did I do now?

“Ashley baby whatever I did I’m sorry, but you can’t leave not now!” I said grabbing her.

She pushed me off of her and mugged me “leave? Nigga what is wrong with you?”

Okay now I was confused. What the hell did she have a suitcase out for?

“Why are you packing baby?” I asked taking a seat on the lounge chair in front of our bed.

“Robin called and said she and Chris are inviting us, Trey and India, Trell and Heather, and Mercedeh and August to Hawaii with them for a few days. A couple get away thing” she said smiling.

I breathed a sigh of relief I dead thought she was leaving a nigga “damn my fault I thought you was throwing a nigga to the curb, to the wolves, in the sea to drown, to-.”

“Michael shut up I’m not going anywhere you paranoid ass” she cutting me off.

I chuckled and got up to head to the bathroom “baby come shower with me.”

I turned on the shower and let the water run as I relieved myself of my clothes and threw them into the hamper. Ashley followed and threw her dress at me to put in the hamper as well. I couldn’t help but to bite my lip at the site of her naked body.

“Wait babe where’s Sincerely going to stay?” I asked confused about how we were going away and we had a daughter.

“Called your mom she’s staying with her, and she already came and got her so we have the place to ourselves” she said smirking at me.

I chuckled and followed her into the shower. I was looking forward to this trip and being with Ashley. She really kept me sane. I honestly don’t know what I’d do if something happened to her or I lost her man. Nothing was going to break us I couldn’t and wouldn’t let it. I just couldn’t shake the feeling that something was going to happen. I just hoped whatever it was, was good news. I can’t deal with anymore bullshit.

Chapter 36


I sat in the waiting room of the hospital scrolling through twitter and reading texts on my phone. I was in my feelings from reading the things people were saying. It seems like they don’t like any woman I date.
It’s been about an hour since we got here. Between her fainting and all the things people are saying I’m going to lose my mind.

@crazyforbreezy: I hope those things they said about Robin aren’t true keep your head up @chrisbrown

@toopretty_: @chrisbrown always attaching himself to some basic bitch

@everythinggreat_: @chrisbrown don’t leave her she’s perfect for you #teambreezy

@gettingpaper: @chrisbrown is seriously the dumbest motherfucker on earth. I bet he knew she was a prostitute and paid her

I swear somehow someway it always ends up being my fault. I can’t wear a shirt without being scrutinized for it. The girl I love has a past that may not be the best, and because she’s not perfect I’m the problem. I swear when I get my hands on who did this I’ll kill them.

“Chris she’s going to be alright relax” Ashley said taking a seat next to me.

I put my head in the palm of my hands and sighed “I hope so Ashley because I need her.”

Ty, Ashley, the baby and I sat and waited. I called Mercedeh and she said she’d be here soon. I couldn’t rack my brain around who would do this. Robin did have many people who didn’t like her so the list is probably long.

“Family of Ms.Rox?” a doctor called out.

“I’m her sister” Ashley said walking towards him.

“Robin fainted due to shock and stress. We made sure that she was hooked up to an IV and that she’s resting. You can go see her and she’s asking for a Chris. We’ll be keeping her over night for observation and she may go home in the morning. Overall as long as she rests she’ll be fine.” he told her.

“Thank you, what room is she in?” she asked him.

“287” he said before excusing himself.

Ashley turned toward and tilted her head toward the direction of Robin’s room.

“I’m going relax” I chuckled before getting up to head to her room.

I couldn’t move my feet quick enough. Almost two hours of worrying about her I wish I could fly to her room. When I finally reached her room she was laying down. She looked pale and worried.

“Hey beautiful. How are you feeling?” I asked walking to her bedside.

She looked up at me and put her arms out for me to embrace her. I obliged her silent but loud request.

“Chris I’m sorry” she cracked.

I chuckled “what are you sorry about? I know everything about you now. I know the real Robin. Stop worrying about everything else.”

I felt her tears soaking my t-shirt “I don’t deserve you.”

“Well you got me and I’m not going anywhere. Now relax yourself” I said kissing her forehead.

“Chris I’m scared. I have all these extra problems to deal with now.”

“I’m going to handle it. Just get better.”

I looked into her eyes and saw all this fear and need. I guess she’s been through so much that it scares her. All I can do is be there for her as best I can. On cue Ashley, Ty and Mercedeh walked in. Thank god for them.

“Bitch next time you faint I’m going to wake you up and make you faint again!” Ashley joked.

“I’m sorry chica everything sort of just hit me and I fainted.”

Ashley embraced her and I smiled. Ashley was always the girl you could depend on never to hurt Robin. Even when we weren’t together she always kept me in the loop on Robin. Ashley was to Robin what Ty was to me. No matter what happened we were family. I admired her for it.

“Babe Ty and I are gonna roll out and let you have time to yourselves.” I said before kissing her soft pink lips.

“Hurry back and please bring me food please.”

I nodded and Ty and I headed to the car leaving the girls alone. We got in the car and I was headed one place.

“Yo you headed where I think you headed?”

I nodded “yeah nigga. I think this Kevin nigga did this. I mean who else knows Robin’s life like that. Plus, if it wasn’t him I bet he knows who it was.”

Ty nodded and I stepped on the gas. Earlier I texted some if the boys could find him. I got his address and that’s where I’m headed.


We got to his house in about forty minutes. When I pulled up he was just stepping out his whip.

“Kevin!” I called out jumping out the car with Ty following.

“Aye man, I saw the news earlier bruh. Y’all know who’s behind it?”

I raised an eyebrow. Was this motherfucker for real?

“I came here, because I thought you were behind this.”

He threw his hands up “nah I’m a lot of things but a bitch ain’t one. That shit right there was a bitch move.”

I nodded “aight man good talking to you.”

We hopped back in the car and I headed to McDonald’s to scoop Rob some food. Something don’t add up. If I stayed any longer I was going to seriously hurt that nigga. What the fuck is going on yo!


Chris and Ty left so I took the opportunity to let the girls know who was behind this shit.

“Y’all know this is India’s doing right?” I asked them.

“What?” Mercedeh asked confused.

“Before Chris and I got back together she threatened to do this. I just never thought she’d see it through.”

Ashley turned red with anger “you know I’m going to kill that bitch right. I swear you shouldn’t of told me that shit!”

I sighed and refrained from saying anything. If it isn’t one thing it’s the next. Seems like I can never be happy. That’s one of the reasons I left Chris the first time. This whole situation is making me rethink leaving August.

“Robin cut it out. Your not leaving Chris again” Ashley said reading my mind.

“Ashley I’m not, but maybe it would’ve been better had I not come back. I keep making problems. This didn’t happen with August ever!”

I put my hands in my hair and I started to feel lightheaded all over again.

“Get me something sweet to drink. I feel really weak. The sugar should help.” I said.

On cue Chris walked in with my food and I immediately dug in.

“Well I know Chris wants to probably spend as much time with you until visiting hours are over so we gonna head out” Ty said coming to hug me goodbye.

“Thanks for coming guys I really appreciate it” I said.

“Oh please you’d do it for us” Mercedeh said.

Eventually they left and Chris kicked off his sneakers and joined me on the bed since it was big enough for two.

“I love you beautiful” Chris said kissing me so passionately.

“Mmm I love you too baby” I said pecking his lips a couple times.

He dug into the bag and pulled out some stuff he bought for himself. I was starting to feel better knowing Chris was here. Despite feeling like we can never be happy I know he makes me happy.

“Stay here with me tonight. Help me keep my mind off of all this mess baby please?” I asked kissing his cheek.

He chuckled “I stay here you know your not going to get sleep and we don’t want the patients making noise complaints.”

I blushed “oh God you horny fool. Just stay I need you.”

“Aight I’ll stay, but what I’m getting?”

“A chance to keep me sane and no sex in this hospital you nasty fool. My kitty has had quite enough the past two days.”

He chuckled and kissed me “ok fine have it your way. I just want to hold you anyways.”

In the middle of our little exchange that was getting heated this man walked in.

“Excuse me, Robin?” he called out.

I looked up and dropped my entire container of fries in my lap. Just when you thought your day couldn’t out do itself anymore it does.

“Hello Robin” he said.

“Tr-Tre-Trey! I thought you were dead!” I said shocked.

“Who the fuck is Trey?” Chris said.


I sat back sipping a glass of wine smiling to myself. My revenge was getting to be real sweet. My next target was going to be Ashley. She’s been happy far too long.

My phone rang interrupting my thoughts.

“What is it?”

“Chris came lurking for who did this and I just know it was your sneaky ass. Watch your back India and leave me out of it” Kevin warned.

I laughed “are you mad because I did what you couldn’t? Please I don’t have to watch anything, but these bitches suffer.”

I hung up the phone and laughed. Wait until my next plan falls through. Their lives will forever be upside down.

Chapter 20 Part 1


My sister was giving birth so I had to put all my marital issues aside, and be there for her. I was actually kind of happy because I could get my mind off of the negative. There was an addition to the family, and I was excited. After 29 hours of labor Mercedeh finally had my nephew.

She named him Anthony Micah Williams

“Can I hold my baby? Y’all hogging up my child” Mercedeh said holding my arms out her arms to take him from me.

“Girl please this is my baby, you can borrow him though” I said smiling as I handed him back to her.

“I’m going to come stay over a few days with you, so you can get some rest” our mom said to Mercedeh.

“Good, I’m so tired. I am seriously never having another one of August’s kids again. That was too much work” she said blowing kisses at the baby.

“You know damn well we having more kids, stop trying to front, in front of company” August said walking back into the hospital room making us all laugh.

She smacked her teeth, and he gave her that keep talking look. Those two were something else. August was a really amazing guy. He’s so patient and nurturing. Breaking up with him was hard all those years ago, but I’m glad I introduced him to my sister. She couldn’t be happier, that and I would’ve died if August was Kevin.


“Mommy?” Christian said running up to couch.

“Yes, baby?” I asked helping him up.

“Um, I want a baby browder” he said smiling cutely at me.

I laughed. I could always count on him to lighten my mood. He’s been badgering me all day about another baby now that Mercedeh had Anthony.

“Really? I thought you liked being mommy’s baby?” I said poking his tummy.

He giggled “no, I’m big boy. We need new mommy baby!”

I fell out laughing, and he joined in “well can you keep a secret?”

He smiled wide and nodded “mommy might be having another baby. The doctor has to check me. We can’t say anything yet ok.”

It was true. I was beginning to feel like I did when I was pregnant with Christian. This happening was bittersweet literally. Bitter because Chris and I have been slowly falling apart these past few months, and sweet because it’s what he’s been wanting for the past year now. I wasn’t one hundred percent sure yet. I scheduled a doctor’s appointment to be sure though today at the hospital, so we’ll know next week.

Even though Chris, and I are fighting I wish he was here so I wouldn’t have to go alone. I planned on telling him the news when he was here for Thanksgiving , but things got real out of hand. Then to top it off we haven’t spoken since he walked out, and left so I didn’t know what was going on with him. I had to wait until he called me, and it was stressing me out.

“So if doctwor say yes, me be big browder?” He asked climbing onto my lap.

I nodded “you sure will be a big brother if the doctor says yes.”

He smiled and hugged me “yay, I wove you mommy!”

I felt my heart flutter with joy. Something about when your baby said they loved you made everything that was wrong at the moment better. I hugged him tight “I love you too Christian.”

*One Week Later*


“Ok, I’m here now what do you keep blowing up my phone about Chris?” I asked him as I walked into his sitting area at the rehab.

“I wanted to talk to you about us” he said ushering that I sit down.

The past week has been good. Chris and I are back to normal. I’m trying to decipher what exactly this means because I in no shape or form want to break up his marriage. That shit is or never was my intention. When we slept together it was so good, it was damn good, but I made sure it didn’t happen again. Chris knows how I feel, he always has, and loved to play the fiddle with my heart.

“Ok, what about us?” I said bobbing my head jokingly.

He laughed and shook his head “you know I love your friendship, and your company right?”

I nodded and smiled “I do, I’ve never had to question that. You just don’t love me more than you do her, and I get that.”

“Good, so please tell me you understand what I mean when I say we should be friends from a distance for a while. At least until I could convince her to start over with you clean slate, and all” he said genuinely.

“Um, I guess if that’s what you want then I’ll do that for you” I said truthfully.

Aside from the fact that I love Chris he truly is my friend. I just want him to be happy. He’s a good guy often misjudged by little things that happen in his life. So, if pulling away did that for him no matter how much it affected me it didn’t matter.

“Come here” he said to me.

I got up, and he pulled me onto his lap. He pushed my hair out my face, and I blushed as I looked him in the eyes. I think God gave him the perfect dose of perfection.

“I care about you I do, and I love you to death, but if I’m ever gonna to as much as get my wife to let me hug her again then I gotta let you go” he said uneasiness in his voice.

“Hey, your not hurting me like you think you are so you don’t have to be uneasy. I understand, and I’m granting your wish. I think this’ll be good. I could use the time to work on getting over you” I said making him smile.

“Thank you” he said before hugging me.

“Anything for you” I said before grabbing his face and softly pecking his lips.

It was a goodbye, and a thank you kiss. Chris did a lot of shit for me, so it was my turn to do something for him. I got up off his lap, and when we turned around Robin was standing there leaning against the wall. I don’t know how much she heard or what she saw, but Chris went pale real quick.

“That was so cute you guys” she said smiling wickedly, and clapping.

Oh shit!


These past few days haven’t really been normal. I think Trey’s upset about this whole Kevin thing and he isn’t saying anything to me. I’ve been trying to give him his space, but I can’t take the cold shoulder from my man anymore.

I got up and, headed downstairs to him. We needed to address things, I absolutely hate when we have issues. They make me crazy.

“Trey?” I called out walking downstairs

“I’m in the gym!” I heard him call out.

I walked to the other side of the house, and walked in before leaning against the arm extension machine. Trey grabbed his towel wiping his face, and chest before looking up at me.

“Damn why you coming in here like that? You tryna be the second half of my workout or nah?” He asked walking up on me smirking.

I pushed him back, and he frowned “you gotta talk to me.”

He mushed his eyebrows together, but nodded before sitting back on the leg extension machine “shoot.”

“We still haven’t talked about Kevin. You keep avoiding me, and the subject” I said crossing my arms.

“Man, what we got to talk about? My ideal conversation with my girl isn’t talking about how she fucked my brother. On top of that, you know that whole embarrassing your friends shit I never approved of” he said clearly frustrated.

“Trey I didn’t fucking know! Maybe if back then I was more involved in your life that would’ve never happened! YOU SHOULD’VE NEVER LEFT ME!” I said raising my voice.

I don’t cry, I hate crying, crying is something bitches do, but I was beginning to have a bitch moment. He was make making this my fault. He’s trying to say if I never went dark then he wouldn’t have to deal with
the fact that I slept with Kevin.

“How many times I got to explain to your dumbass, that if I didn’t handle shit the way I did this right here, me standing in front of you wouldn’t be happening. You think I wanted to leave? Back then I was running the streets with Kevin, and I got my ass set up. What’s done is done, but don’t make it seem like my being mad you was busting it open for my half brother is a problem! This nigga acting like he got one up on me, and I don’t appreciate feeling small India” he said standing up walking farther away from me.

“Ok, fine I fucked him. Hell I fucked Michael too, but that never bothered you. Fuck Kevin! You know I want nobody else’s hands on me except yours! I fucked Kevin because the motherfucker blackmailed me! Bet he didn’t tell you that part though” I said tears streaming down my face.

“What?” He said walking back over to me grabbing my chin so I could look in his eyes.

“He blackmailed me! He said that he’d make sure bad things happened to me if I didn’t do what he said, so I complied. At first I was scared so I did it until I got some information about him he didn’t want anyone to know” I said pushing his hands away from me.

He tried to grab me close, but I slapped his hands away. The last thing I wanted was to be touched. I was fuming, and when I was mad there wasn’t any telling what I’d do. I’m a crazy ass Latina bitch I own that.

“What the fuck! What was the news India? I swear I’m going to gut the motherfucker alive and feed his organs to the wolves!” He spat viciously.

I didn’t give a shit anymore so I just spilled the beans “he has a kid. Never seen or met the kid, but I would always hear him on the phone with some woman. I told him if he didn’t do what I said the kid he’s hiding for whatever he was planning would be brought to light so he fell back.”

Trey stood there for a second like he was thinking long, and hard. I said nothing I just waited because I was curious as to what he was thinking.

He grabbed his shirt and walked off “I’ll be back later. Don’t wait up, and don’t call me.”

“Trey where are you going?” I asked running after him as he grabbed his keys and slammed the door storming off.

“Trey, are we going to be ok?” I whispered to myself as my tears began to blur my vision completely.

Chapter 39


She turned around and looked at him. I guess shock took over her body, because she fainted. To be honest I didn’t care if she was dead or alive I just wanted Trey to be the missing piece to possibly fixing all this.

She collapsed in his arms and he looked alarmed. Ashley, Ty, Chris, and I figured she was just being India. She lives for causing scenes.

“Indy? Babe wake up!” he said nervously shaking her.

I went to the kitchen a got a cold glass of water. No, I wasn’t thirsty it was for India of course. I walked towards them and threw the cold water in her face. Like clock work she woke up. I couldn’t help but laugh at her.

She looked up at me and mugged me. I blew a kiss at her and went to put the cup in the sink. When I returned to living room they were in the same annoying position. I figured I’d break the damn silence.

“Okay he’s real. Can we all talk so I can leave? I do have a boyfriend I’d like to spend time with!” I said agitated.

India dried her face and stood up mumbling something under her breath. I was curious to know exactly what she was rambling on about now. She’s already done so much damage what more can she do or say?

“What was that bitch?” I asked boldly.

She looked at me and smirked “I said he isn’t even your boyfriend you can cut the fucking pretending bitch!”

Everyone looked at Chris and I. Talk about awkward. Question was how the hell could she even know about the arrangement? It ended months ago.

“India what are you talking about?” Ashley asked very confused.

“Oh not even her best friend of all these years knows her little secret?” She said chuckling devilishly.

Chris came and stood behind me. He kissed my cheek and held onto my waist. It calmed me down a bit, but I was still pretty anxious and nervous.

“Well Chris here paid your bestiee to be his pretend girlfriend. So all the kissing I doubt is real.”

Great! She just had to admit that information.

“Is it true?” Ashley asked turning towards me.

I opened my mouth to answer, but Chris took the liberty of speaking for me.

“It was true, but I can assure you that all feelings between Robin and I are real. I did it to help Robin get away from Kevin and she accepted. No one was expecting to fall in love, but that’s what happened. India is just using us to take away from the fact Trey is here with her now.” He said kissing my hair.

I smiled at Ashley, but I could see she was upset. I wish she would understand that I couldn’t tell her.

“You lied to me.” She said pain evident in the sound of her voice.

“Ashley I couldn’t tell anyone. I made a lawful agreement. I never lied to you about anything when it came to Chris or myself ever!”

She stormed off upstairs, but I didn’t follow. I’d give her sometime and we could talk when things got better.

“Give her sometime. You know how she gets.” Ty said reassuringly.

I was angry and tired of going through this shit. I did nothing, but I kept getting accused for things daily.

“You know your a bitter lonely bitch. You can’t stand to see someone happy, because you aren’t. When I thought Trey died I was there for you everyday. I even stuck around through you telling me it was my fault. Since I was nineteen I’ve been used and abused! I finally find someone who loves me so much that even I now love myself, and you have to do everything to ruin it! I hope your happy bitch!” I yelled at her before storming out of the house.

I didn’t even realize or feel the tears falling from my eyes until I couldn’t see anymore. I fell to my knees and I sobbed like a baby. I cried for everything that ever made me feel worthless. I hadn’t let it all out ever. Everything was just bubbling at the surface and I couldn’t take it anymore.

I don’t know when, but I felt Chris wrap his arms around me and that just intensified my tears. This man was amazing. For someone who was scrutinized everyday for being a womanizer, a scum bag, an abuser, talentless, and a failure he was everything except those things. He put his crappy life aside to make sure mine could get better.

I’d grown to love this man more than anything. He was like the ying to my yang as corny as it may sound.

“Stop crying beautiful. No tears and no fears.” He said wiping away my tears.

“Chris you make everything better.” I said kissing his cheek.

He helped me up and we decided to leave. I couldn’t deal with anymore arguments. I just want this all to be over.


Robin ran off with Chris following leaving Trey, Ty, and I behind. After listening to Robin yell at me I felt like breaking down, but I couldn’t. I looked up at Trey and he looked so defined, so handsome now. God the man I love more than anything is here with me.

“Trey, why’d you leave me? Our family?” I asked with my voice cracking.

He took a step closer and I took one back. I wasn’t ready for all that yet. I was scared. Losing him made me this toxic person. How’d I know he wouldn’t just up and leave me again?

“I had no choice Indy. I could’ve gotten us both killed. Wait, family what are you saying?” He asked me utterly confused.

I wrapped my arms around myself, and I felt like all the walls were closing in on me. It’s been years since I’ve talked about this. To say it makes me weak is an understatement.

“I-I was pregnant Trey. I was going to tell you when you came home, but instead the cops showed up.”

He smiled “we have a child? Can I meet him/her?”

When he asked that the tears I was fighting so hard to hold in fell. I couldn’t do this. He’s going to be devastated.

“When I got the news you died I ended up in the hospital, and I lost our baby Trey. I’m sorry I killed our baby!” I said running to my car leaving him and Ty there.

I heard him running behind me, but I didn’t stop. I got in my car and he got in before I could pull off. I couldn’t even look at him in his face anymore.

He tried to touch me, but I pushed him away.

“Please don’t not right now ok. Just are you coming with me, because I want to leave now.” I said softly.

“I’m not leaving you Indy. I’m staying with you wherever you are, and when your ready to talk I am.” He said rubbing my thigh.

I didn’t even answer him. I just started up the car and pulled off. All of this could be addressed another time. I needed time and a lot of it.

Chapter 16


I was woken up this morning by a very persistent Michael. He’s finally back from his mini three week tour, and I guess I was missed, because he was putting in work with that tongue. I’d already cum once, and he was real close to getting me to have another, so maybe I was really missed.

“Michael! Baby ahh” I moaned rolling my hips, as he feasted on my love box like never before.

I shut my eyes tight and he started to rub my clit lightly with his fingers. It was just enough to make me want more. I was close, so close, but he was teasing me.

“You better not cum until I tell you, got it?” He asked squeezing my clit with his fingers.

“Mmmm” I whimpered nodding my head because I couldn’t form the words.

I was already sensitive as hell, and the way he was rubbing circles on my clit was sending me over the edge. He started to nibble on breasts while making his way up to my neck.

My legs started to shake, and he was barely doing anything “Mike!”

I could feel his smirk against my skin “wassup baby girl?”

I gripped the sheets, and arched my back “I-I’m gonna cu-um baby pleaseee” I begged making him stop touching me altogether.

“If you cum Ashley, I swear we’re going to keep doing this over and over until you do as I say” he growled in my ear while squeezing my thighs.

He parted my pussy lips open with his fingers, and used to the tip of his tongue to run it back and forth over my opening. He dipped it in and out of me a few times to taste my nectar. I was dripping profusely.

“Mikey damn you” I moaned as my legs started to shake, and slapped my thighs.

He pulled his tongue out of me and replaced it with two fingers making me pant for air. He sucked on my clit gently while speeding up the pace of his fingers making sure to curve them over my spot repeatedly. My body was practically jerking forward continuously since I was fighting the orgasm that was beginning to take over my body. God this man could deliver gold with that tongue.

“Come on baby” he mumbled into my pussy.

“Fuuuuuuuuu-ck!!!!” I screeched as I squirted all over the sheets.

He slowly rubbed my clit as I came down from my high. I was on cloud ten, and there wasn’t any coming down from this high. This is how you wake your woman up in the morning fellas.

“Good morning, beautiful” Mikey said hovering over me attaching his lips to mine.

“Morning” I said raspy but smiling.

“Your nigga missed you, the first thing I wanted to hear was the sweet music of you moaning my name” he said kissing my neck repeatedly.

Mikey has really been trying to show me he’s going to do better. He called me before every show, appearance, interview, and then again right after. He was doing a lot of the things he did to get me to be his woman three years ago. He wasn’t supposed to be home until tomorrow, but somehow I woke up to his head between my legs.

“Mm baby, I missed you too” I said caressing his cheek.

“Come on, lets go shower. Chris is off to rehab today, and I gotta be there for him” he said picking me up gently from the bed.

“Mikey I-” … “I know Ashley, and believe me your all that matters to me. I’m trying so hard here, and I wish there was a way to undo the bullshit, but I can’t. Just let me love you. Please?” He said cutting me off as he placed me on top the bathroom vanity.

I grabbed him close, and attacked his lips with mine. I removed his shirt, and threw it not caring where it landed, and then I used my feet to push his sweats, and boxer briefs down. I haven’t wanted him like this in such a long time. Of course his touch was always something I lived for, but this morning he sparked that fire in me I had for him that went out around the time he started messing up.

“I. Love. You. Don’t. Make. Me. Regret. This. Us.” I said on his lips in between kisses.

He picked me up, and carried me into the oversized shower turning on the hot water. He allowed the water to engulf our bodies as he pressed my bare back up against the cold shower wall. He tucked his face into my neck, and pushed his rock hard length into me groaning.

“Ain’t no place like home” he grunted in my ear as he began to work me over.

God, I love him so much. Nobody but my baby.


I was packing up my last bag. Today was the day. I had to check in to rehab for the next three months. That meant I wouldn’t be able to spend the holidays at home with my family. Shit is killing me softly honestly. Robin is trying to act like this isn’t bothering her, but I know better than that.

She’s been trying not to be sad, but I’ve been watching her when she thinks I’m not looking. I love her for how strong she’s being for me. It’s a lot different because we have Christian now, so I know she’s scared to be by herself without my help. Yeah she does it when I’m on tour, but we try not to go two weeks without seeing each other, so this a new ball game. Only because the contact is different.

“Baby are you done packing yet?” Robin asked walking into the room with Pat who was collecting my bags.

“Yeah, I am now. Thanks Pat” I said handing him my last bag.

“No prob boss man, I’ll be downstairs by the pool. Holla when ya’ll ready” he said before closing the door behind him.

I sat on the bed, and motioned for Rob to come closer. She obliged, and climbed on my lap. She pecked my lips over and over each time making sure to make it last longer. As much as I wanted to have sex with her now just wasn’t right. It was almost like a hit it, and quit it thing because the elephant in the room needed to be addressed.

“Mel, chill I have no more energy after last night” I said leaning back on my arms.

“You have no energy? Yeah right, you don’t want me papi?” She asked leaning her head to the side running her fingers up my chest.

“Hey, you can cry you know. You don’t have to use sex to run away the from the one thing you’ve tried so hard not to do all week” I said holding her hands.

She put her head down and looked away from me. The tears fell from her eyes, and I said nothing for a few moments I just held her. I couldn’t say anything because I was doing this to her. Seems like all I do is keep hurting the person I’m supposed to be giving the world too.

“Baby, I’m sorry. I never meant for any of this shit to happen. The last thing I want is to be away from my family like this, but we’re going to be alright” I said wiping her tears.

“I know, I know. I just wish you didn’t have to go. I love you so much Chris” she said through her tears hugging me tight while resting her head on my chest.

I rubbed her back and in that moment nothing else needed to be said. I just held her the way I knew she needed to be held. We’ve been at each other’s neck’s about everything lately that its been a long time we’ve had a moment like this.

“I love you more than you’ll ever know Mel remember that” I said kissing her soft tender lips.

“Aye nigga!!! Let’s get this road trip started. The sooner you go away the quicker I can go back to getting all the groupies!” Ty said busting the door open.

Robin and I couldn’t help but laugh at his dumbass “alright gimme some more alone time with my lady we’ll be down in a minute.”

“Y’all had all night to fuck hurry it up!” He said closing the door behind him.

Robin got up off my lap and I pulled her back down making her laugh “come on babe we have to go, and I’m way too loud for you to be trying that with all these people in the house.

“Then try not to be loud, just ride it one more time” I said pushing her dress up her thighs.

“This was your plan huh? Butter me up, and then try to work me over?” She said leaning her head to the side smiling at me sweetly.

“Something light” I said licking my lips trailing my hands up her thighs.

“Okay papi, I’ll give it you one more time” She said pecking my lips and rolling her hips.


We were currently pulling up to the rehab facility in Palm Springs. I got a little carried away with Robin, and almost ended up being late. When you got a wife that looks like that though it’s hard to keep your hands off her.

“We here boss man, you ready?” Pat asked pulling the car up.

“I guess I am, y’all don’t commit suicide because I’m gone I know I’m a huge part of your lives” I joked looking at everyone in the car.

“Nigga ain’t nobody finna be missing you” Trey said pushing me behind my head.

Everyone busted up laughing. I chuckled, and opened the car getting out. Robin left to check me in, because as always everything had to be perfect for me so she could be at peace. I decided to give everybody my goodbyes so I can leave my baby for last.

“Aye Indo come here shorty, when I come home there better be a baby in this belly” I said giving her a hug.

“I’m trying Chris, so hopefully I will” she giggled.

“Holding you to that. Yo Trey my man, keep the beats flowing you know when I get home we gonna cook up some crazy shit!” I said dapping him up.

“Of course, and you know Team Breezy gonna go crazy when this "Loyal” video drops.“

"Deff straight to the top we going with "X” believe that" I said as we laughed.

Next was Ashley, we had a love hate relationship, but that was bae. She held my shorty down so for that I love her.

“Come here bae” I said picking Ashley up and spinning her around.

“I’m gonna miss you!!!” She whined.

I chuckled “I knew you loved me. I’m going to miss you too. Take care of her for me. She hasn’t broken down yet, but you and I know the minute she stops it’ll hit her hard that I’m not that easy to get too. And Christian too aight.”

“Of course Chris, you know I got you. Take care of yourself in there” she said hugging me tight.

“My main nigga!!!!!” I said dapping Ty.

Man Ty been through the worst with me. He was the main reason I even got back in the booth after my 2009 shit. He’s my nigga for life through everything for real.

“We ain’t saying bye nigga cause imma be here twice a week, and I’m gonna be here to bring you home. Ain’t no getting rid of me bruh” Ty said seriously making me laugh.

I put my hands up in defense “alright bruh you got it.”

I looked over and Robin was standing there waiting for me to bid my goodbyes. I quickly talked to Pat letting him know I wanted Robin safe. I haven’t forgotten about that SUV she said was following her, and I was going to have him check into that.

“Melody, my rib” I joked walking toward her.

She giggled and did a silly pose “the one and only baby.”

I smirked and pulled her close making sure to grab her booty. She moaned lowly, but giggled and shook her head at my bold gesture. I put my forehead against hers and said nothing for a small moment before finally kissing her. I poured all my love and emotion into the kiss. I found myself kissing her like I did the when I got her back after she left. That day, that moment I knew I wanted to make her my wife.

She pulled back, and rested her head on my chest “baby I love you.”

I pushed her black locks back and kiss her hair “I love you too Mel.”

“Ok well you can leave the facility, but only if authorized, but you must behave. So we can use those times for you to see Christian since he thinks your on tour. You only have your phone during certain times, and you can only have scheduled visits twice a week” she said going down the list of dos and dont’s.

“Ok baby relax. I’ll be good. Make sure your ass is here as soon as visiting hours starts and until it ends. Don’t make me come looking for you” I joked making her laugh.

“Ok, well you have to go and get situated, but I’ll call you tonight. I snuck your extra phone in between your clothes, and there’s some gifts in there that should last you the next three months” she said winking at me.

I chuckled and pecked her lips over and over. I really didn’t want to leave “your the best. I knew I made a good decision by marrying you.”

“Ok baby, I love you and I’ll see you soon” she said laughing and nibbling my lip.

“Alright beautiful, and give Mercedeh my love.”

I hugged her one last time, and finally let her go before watching the crew get into their cars. They all honked goodbye before driving off. Once they were gone I turned around to begin this three month journey. I couldn’t wait to get back to my family and friends.

Here goes nothing.


I miss my baby already.