team human

Stiles Stilinski Evolution though Fandom

One thing I love about the teen wolf fandom is the fanon roles they give stiles.

First: Little Red Riding Hood

Second: Pack Mom

Third: Team Human

The funny thing about this is they only appear in one episode of a season. Not to mention are usually started by minor things.

Little Red Riding Hood- He wore a red jacket that episode

Pack Mom- Throw himself in front of Erica and Isaac

Team Human- The only exception consider that whole episode was about the non weres saving the werewolves.

But even though they only appear once and usually aren’t teen wolf canon. The fandom ship it to stiles anyways.

Why do they ship it? No one knows

Why is it so big in fanon? No one knows

Am I about done with my rant? About so

All I got left to say is keep fanoning fandom, cause I like to see were it goes.