team horrible


I like to imagine Drew’s first impression on the YLW team went something like this… (based off of this)

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  • skull grunts attempt to steal berries:
  • skull grunt B: Let's get Figy with it! Watch as I Nanab me some Berries!
  • me: i-
  • berry guy: I'll share my berries with Pokemon, but not with you!
  • skull grunt be: What, I'm lower than a Pokemon?! I've already got self-esteem issues, yo!
sleepover saturday

❃ tell me …  

  1. your favorite memory from when you were a child 
  2. your favorite onomatopoeia
  3. the name of the kindest person you know
  4. one language you speak or wish you spoke 
  5. your favorite horror movie
  6. your least favorite fictional character 
  7. would you rather have 10 brothers or 10 sisters
  8. your middle name
  9. your dream job
  10. would you rather be the best player on a horrible team or the worst player on a great team
  11. one thing you hate about yourself
  12. one thing you love about yourself 
  13. a phrase or a word that makes you uncomfortable 
  14. how much money you currently have in your bank account
  15. what you usually drink with dinner
  16. on a scale of 1-10, how lazy are you 
  17. what time you usually go to bed
  18. your current hair color 
  19. your ethnicity 
  20. an embarrassing story from your past 
  21. the name of you first crush
  22. your first word
  23. your earliest memory 
  24. what country you live in 
  25. your favorite talk show 
  26. favorite sports team
  27. explain the worst day of your life
  28. your dream job
  29. if you were on death row, what would you want your last meal to be
  30. favorite holiday
  31. your most obnoxious family member
  32. describe your ideal boyfriend/girlfriend/partner
  33. if you have allergies or what you are allergic to
  34. the biggest lie you ever told
  35. your favorite school subject
  36. what you’re passionate about
  37. something you’ve never told anybody 
  38. an addiction you currently have or have had in the past
  39. if you were a superhero, what super power would you want
  40. (referring to question 39) what your superhero name would be

there is a blog dedicated to jack zimmermann’s horrible fashion sense. both bitty and parson are admins. they have no idea and bond over making fun of jack’s shoes