team honey cocaine

Chapter 40 Part 2: Furthest Thing


I could feel his tight grip against my warm blue satin sheets. I missed shit like this but he needed to get his priorities straight before we could move further.

“Seppie get your feet off my head lil mama.” He groaned pulling me closer until our legs collapse over each other.

I hadn’t even realized the twins had come in here to sleep with us. After our talk I drifted off into a well needed sleep.

“Mommy, I hungry!” Seppie whispered in her sleepy voice climbing over Aug to get under me.

“You hungry, Auggie?” I turned around watching my boys sleep peacefully. They looked exactly alike from the smooth honey complexion to the soft black tight curls on those beautiful big heads.

They nodded yes in unison making me and Seppie giggle.

“Whats funny? ” Aug asked placing his hands under his head allowing AJ to cuddle closer under him.

I nodded towards AJ, “you and your mini me over there!”

“You can’t talk … she ah lil spoiled brat just like you.” He joked pulling me down on his chest kissing my lips passionately.

“Ew!” The twins giggled in unison.

“You don’t want us kissing?” Aug asked.

“No! Thas yucky daddy!” Seppie yelled.

“How you think y’all-”

“Shut up!” I laughed hitting his chest.

“I’m just saying. We hungry though mommy … can you cook sum’n fah us.”

I looked around the king size bed to see my family giving me their puppy dog eyes and pouted lips. I wiggled out of the bed into my slippers and robe set off for the kitchen. “I’ll call you when its ready!”

I moved down the long staircase into my almost boxed up kitchen shuffling around to retrieve my pots and pans to get breakfast started.

"Damn CoCo, how long it take? We bout tah die up there.” Aug replied rubbing my belly.

“Hush! Yall can come eat now foo’!” I giggled placing the plates full of food onto the table.

“Good!” He chuckled pulling me towards the cabinet lifting me up.

“Aug what are you doing?” I giggled covering my face with my silk robe.

“Relax boo, I want some chocolate.” He winked pulling the robe down licking his lips feeling under the shirt at the lace lingerie.

“Aug what ab-”


I had to shut her ass up. She was looking good as hell in my t shirt. All I wanted to do was get a taste of my shit.

“Baby stop!” She moaned in my ear as I played with her tge metal hoops that hooked around her breast. I smirked pulling it over her head taking in her beautiful chocolate skin laced in the black material.

“Gimme some.” I demanded separating her thick thighs letting my full length rub against the damp lace. 'Damn she was wet’

“Aug pleeeeaase …” She moaned pulling at my curls while I flicked my tongue against her neck rubbing on her clit slowly.

I allowed my fingers to slide inside of her chocolate. “Go slow baby.” She managed to get out.

‘Fuck! This lace shit gotta go.' I thought before ripping a hole in her panties as I increased my speed enjoying her moans of pain and pleasure.


“Mommy is food done?” AJ yelled from the top of the stairs.

“Yeah we hungry! ” Seppie added.

“Stay Uuuh-p the.. there babies!” She stuttered as her juices began to flow down my leg. As soon as I pulled out my index and middle finger she was cumming on the floor. 'Damn I ain’t neva had her squirt before.’

“Clean this up.” I winked licking my fingers sitting down at the table.

“You can come eat now!” She managed to get out towards the stairs as she started mopping the tile floor.

“Daddy you no know how to drink.” Seppie giggled.

“What you talm bout lil mama?”

“You spill juice on your pants.” She pointed to the big wet spot on my lap.

“Haa, nah mommy got some juice on me.” I replied looking straight at AirRen licking my fingers again.

“Hush and ea-” Her phone rang mid sentence. By the look on her face I could tell something was up but didn’t want me or the kids to worry.

“Look we’ll talk later. I said last time. When I wanna talk I’ll call you … bye.” She slammed the phone on the counter.

“Who was that baby?” I asked moving towards her holding her belly.

“Nobody just drop it please.” She looked stressed

“Tell that niggah stop before I handle him. He don’t want that, do he?” I asked jogging up the stairs a little irritated. I could hear her foot steps following close behind.

“So you mad?” She asked with her arms folded.

“Nope! Go handle yah lil boyfriend 'foe I do. ” I kissed my teeth.

“Really Aug? Stop jealousy doesn’t suit you love.” She smiled pinning me on the bed kissing my neck.

“Damn CoCo you want some mo’?” I chuckled.

“I never got the rest!” She smiled.


I been trying to call Ren all night. I was starting to think her and Calendar made up but I still had to be sure. I walked up the steps making sure not to fall off of the 6" Steve Madden heels I decided to wear.

“Tae Tae!” AJ yelled jumping into my arms.

“Hey boyfriend! Why yall opening the door for strangers?” I asked looking for Ren in the kitchen. “You not stranger though.” Seppie shrugged leading me to a plate full of pancakes and Turkey bacon.

“Where’s yah mommy boo?”

They both pointed to the upstairs. I took off my shoes and tip toed to the end of the hall to her room.

“Stop fuckin and come hea!” I giggled making a beat on the door. I heard someone smack their teeth then a guy throwing a temper tantrum. 'CoCk blocking’ I laughed.

“Hey Tae!” She said cracking the door shuffling with a t shirt she just threw on.

“You could have at least put a bra on!” I smacked squeezing her nipple ring.

“I swear if you didn’t have Brian I would think you were gay!” She chuckled seating my hand moving slowly out of the crack pushing the door close.

“Naah where his hoe ass at!? I wanna meet him cuz you definitely wanted me to come over and yo ass didn’t even answer when I called you outside last night.” I rolled my eyes smiling.

“Girl we got into a argument then made up. Im such a sap ass bitch when it comes to Aug.” She smirked shaking her head.

“This is true but I do it with Brian hoe ass all the time! That niggah know what it is.”

I looked up to see a tall lanky well tattoo guy moving around in the kitchen with the twins.

“Is that his big headed ass?” She nodded her head up and down laughing. I walked into the room clearing my throat waiting for him to acknowledge me.

“Yah Chante?” He asked washing the dishes.

“Mmh hmp! Wass good August.” I said crossing my arms ready to grill this niggah.

“Yah homie tell you nun but bad stuff, right?” He chuckled.

“Your sex game isn’t bad.” Ren joked. “Stop tryna be rude girl. Get in his ass later!”

I rolled my eyes cracking a smile. I know Aug wasn’t a bad person that mutha fucka was doing dumb shit when it came to Ren though and that shit needed to stop.


“So 50 guest … 10 tables…” I thought going through the sitting chart for my baby shower. I was barely 5 months but I wanted to have two showers for baby TJ. I was so excited to be having my first child with the man I loved. Nothing could tear us apart.

“Ny why you tryna have two showers?” Trey asked copying the guest list full of names to blue vanilla scented invitations.

“Cuz baby this is our FIRST child! I want him to ’ve spoiled and loved! Now get back-”

“Why is Aug’s name on here and Med School’s not?” He asked handing me the list and a pen expecting to write her name in.

“Cuz we ain’t friends! I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a shower the same day as mine!” I snapped.

“Ny stop … Aug ain’t gon come wit out ha! Yall been cool way too long.”

“You not understanding! Fuck her … the friendship and everything else in between! ”

I was tired of everyone not understanding me. AirRen was my home girl but our lives were getting crazier and crazier. We really wouldn’t have time to hang out like we use to back in our Houston days way before we came to Atlanta and she got pregnant for the first time. I was far from mad at AirRen for being pregnant because at the end of the day I had something that she wanted. That was for Aug to be a real man and commit to her. I was just upset that she kept letting that niggah back in her life do easily.

'Maybe I’m trippin’.“ I thought as I continued the party list.

"Invite her.”

“Already did.” Trey chuckled kissing my forehead.

Trey B.

“Trey! What are you doing?”

“Im recording you!”

“While I’m in the shower … naked?”

“Yep. That rag ain’t hiding shit either. Damn you sexy!”

“Hush can you close the door! Pleeeewase!”

“Not until you say I’m THE BEST boyfriend you had! … lets go I’m recording.”

“Mr. Burke is THEE BEST boyfriend a girl could have! Now can you let me finish? ”

“I can join you … if you like?”

“What you waiting for then…”

Ever since we broke up I’ve been watching this video. I love AirRen. She had been in my life for 2 years and regardless of that hood ass NOLA niggah I was the twins real father. He wasnt gon take them away from me. Nobody was. AirRen was gon be mine again. No matter what. 'Fuck that niggah.’ Period.

~Twenty Five~


If Jasmine don’t get her ass out of here! Fuck outta here. Talking about “Chris, I’m pregnant.”

“Jasmine, the fuck you mean you’re pregnant?” I spat.

“I’m pregnant, motherfucker. With child. Expecting.a baby. Must I spell it out for you?”

“Jasmine, you do realize that we broke up months ago. I’ve been with Kae for 4 months now, almost 5.” I shook my head continuing my.walk away.

“You don’t know how far along I am. I could be 6 months along but have a flat ass stomach.”

I snorted. “Girl, please. We were together for barely a month. It still wouldn’t be mine.”

“This could be your child, Chris.” Jasmine growled touching her plumper belly.

“But it’s not. Better go find August.” I hissed walking past her to my locker. I shook my head trying to wrap my head around this. There’s no way I’m the father of her baby. A father at 17? No. Yet, a part of me felt like she was right. That you could find you’re pregnant in the second semester. Shit, I fully paid attention in sex ed.

I felt a sharp smack on my ass and my mouth formed an O as I turned around.

“Hey shorty. That ass is looking right.” Kae mocked a guy’s voice as she bit her lip forming an hourglass figure with her hands. When she looked at my face, she giggled covering her mouth in effort to stifle but failed. I looked from left to right hoping no one saw that. Kae was still laughing her ass off as I looked at her with wide eyes.

“Kae, that’s not funny! I’m captain of the basketball team. You can’t be doing that gay shit!” I still held my ass in shock.

“But that booty was looking plump and right. The booty is on fleek, Christopher.” Kae replied still giggling.

“I feel so violated. I’m gonna report you for sexual harassment.”

Kae rolled her eyes placing my arm around her shoulders.

“Oh shut up and take me to lunch.”

We walked into the café finding the exit of the school. We showed the floor teachers our ID’s confirming we were seniors so they could allow us to leave. We got into my car and I started the engine. Before I could pull off, Kae placed her hand over mine. I looked at her as she stared at me.

“Something’s up with you and I want to know.” she said so demanding.

“What are you talking about?”

“Chris, I know you like the back of my hand. We go way back to the crib. You mean to tell me that I don’t know when something’s going on with you?” Kae tilted her head raising one eyebrow. I sighed deeply in response.

She’s right but I didn’t want to scare her with this. I’m not ready.

“Ok it’s something but let me tell you when I’m ready.”

Kae removed her sighing. “Ok.”

I smiled pulling off. “Now let me go feed Jabba The Hutt.”

Kae’s eyebrows furrowed. “Who the fuck is Jabba The Hutt?”

“I’m dating her. Anyway, McDonald’s is about-”

A punch was delivered on my arm.

“Ow! Jabba got hands.” I mumbled and another punch came.

“I’m playing, baby! Damn!”


“What the fuck do you want?” I spat once I found my voice on the phone. I have no clue why he’s calling me. I had forgotten about him for a long time. Now, I wondering why I even answered the fucking phone.

“I missed you.”

Automatically, I snort in disgust.

“What do you miss?”

“How we were close, how we hung out, how your body feels-”

“STOP IT!” I screamed feeling tears pushing from the back of my eyes. I refuse to let this asshole hear me cry. I refuse to inform of him of the pain he caused me.

“Stop that shit right now! You’re a disgusting piece of shit, Daniel and I hate you! Fuck! I don’t even know why I picked up the phone!”

“Wait, sweetie. I need to tell you something.”

“What?!” I snarled contemplating hanging up right now.

“I’m back.”

My heart stopped as I felt all the air exit my body.

“You’re back?” I could barely form the words.

“Yes, cutie. Maybe I’ll drop in and visit.”

“Don’t you dare!”

Daniel didn’t reply. All I heard was a sound signalling he hung up on me. I tossed myself on my bed. No. No. No.

This can’t be happening.


How could he think I’d be lying about this? A fucking baby. I can’t be a mother. I’m 17. I got so much shit to do. A kid is the last thing I need. I had just arrived home and ate a bunch of chips. I was hungry. Beyond hungry.

“Hmm can Mom hurry up and announce her pregnancy? I’m tired of waiting.” Heather questioned with irritation laced in her voice. “Especially since she kept this nasty ass thing in the cabinet.”

“What are you talking about-” I was stunned to see Heather holding my pregnancy test with a napkin. Why didn’t I throw away?! Fuck!

“I’m gonna go confront her.”

“NO!” I roared hopping off the bed and blocking the door. “Don’t you dare!”

Heather’s eyebrows knitted in confusion. “Why not?”

“Because that’s not Mom’s pregnancy test!” I swallowed hard. “It’s mine.”

Heather’s eyes grew dropping the test on the floor. She was pacing back and forth covering her face. I gulped hard, trying to ease my anxiety.

“Are you fucking stupid?! You’re 17, Jasmine!” Heather finally said.

I felt a rush of anger. “Oh yeah! Like I fucking planned to get pregnant!”

“You never heard of safe sex? You’re so careless with yourself!”
I rolled my eyes. “Heather, I need help. Not a fucking lecture!”

“Yes you do need help! Pregnant at 17! Is August the father?”

I hung my head in shame. “I don’t know.”

“Unless you’ve been hoeing around, the only guy you’ve been sleeping with was August.”

“You’re forgetting someone before August.” I mumbled avoiding her eyes.

It took a while for it to click. She gasped standing up in disbelief.

“Chris?! You guys broke up months ago!”

“You don’t know how far I am.”

Heather sat down on her blue sheets, defeated and speechless.
“Please don’t tell anyone..let me do it when I’m ready.” I begged sitting next to her.

She looked at me sighing.



Sweat beads formed on my forehead as I kept making free throws. Coach told us to shoot around a little bit before doing actual drills. I was at my own little basket shooting hoops and thinking.

Am I even capable of being a father? Disregarding my age, I’m not even with the mother, not even financially secure. When I think about not being financially secure, I think of Kae and how she’s completely oblivious and how I don’t want her finding out from someone else. My life is crazy as hell.

“Yo Chris.” Trey hit my shoulder as he cradled his ball. I cradled mine looking at him.


“You see Ty?” He gestured to Ty who looked like a kid who had way too much sugar. What the fuck wrong with him? He wasn’t this energetic before. Trey and I walked across the polished gym floor over to him.

“Ty, you ok?” I asked.

“Never better. I’m just really feeling the game! Whoa look at that 3 pointer!” Ty jumped up and down in excitement. I looked at Trey who just shrugged it off. After practice, I went to look for Kae at her cheerleading practice but I didn’t see any cheerleaders. Just one white girl texting.

“Excuse me. Do you know when cheerleading practice ended?”

“Oh. Practice was cancelled today. Coach had an emergency.” she replied still texting.

“Ok. Thanks.” I walked away but looked in the window of the library to Kae sitting down with Devante. I clenched my fists stomping inside the school and headed for the library. Once I stepped in, Kae’s eyes automatically went on me and widened while Devante just smirked winking.

“Chris, this isn’t what it looks like.” Kae started as she walked up to me.

“It looks like you and Devante are having a little study date. Don’t let me interrupt. Continue.” I exited the library with Kae following behind. I ignored her calls until I heard a thud on the floor. I turned around to see Kae face first on the ground. I immediately rushed to help her up.

“Oh shit. Are you ok? That was a bad fall.”

“I’m fine. I thought you were mad.” she said the last part in far.

“Just because I’m mad doesn’t mean I don’t care.”

She blushed taking a breath. “Mrs. Filkins asked me to tutor Devante. I couldn’t say to someone who needs help.”

I sighed. Damn her heart of gold.

“Fine. I overreacted.”

She shook her head. “Yes you did.”

I hung my head thinking of how Kae was not keeping anything from me but I was keeping something huge. What am I supposed to say. ‘hey babe. I might’ve gotten my ex pregnant even though I’m 17.’? I’m scared shitless right now. I’m scared Jasmine’s not lying, I’m scared i’m the father. Most of all, I’m scared of losing Kae.

“Chris, you’re brooding. Is there something you need to tell me?” Kae kept her arms folded tilting her head in concern. “I’m your girlfriend and your best friend. You can tell me anything. You know that.”

When I didn’t say anything, she came closer.

“You’re scaring me.” she whispered examining me with her eyes.

“Yeah I know.” I shook my head thinking of changing the subject. “I’ll be back to get you, if you want.”

“Sure.” Kae smiled and I pecked her lips turning around. Before I knew it, I felt a familiar sharp smack on my ass.


“The booty is on fleek, Christopher.” Kae giggled once again. “The booty is on fleek.”

Chapter 39: Beware


It had been a few weeks since I talked to Ren. It was like she had distanced herself from me probably because of all the August drama but I really didn’t care though. I had bigger things to worry about. I found out I was about to be a mother to a beautiful baby boy and I was so excited;

I walked inside the baby boutique to see a long blonde hair women yelling at one of the associates about shipping the wrong color to her house. The voice sounded familiar but I didn’t pay to much attention to it. I made my way over the the furniture section looking for the perfect color to go along with TJ’s sky blue paint

‘Mmmh, what color?’ I thought to myself holding up the sky blue paint swatch towards the wooden cribs.

“Go with the dark cherry wood.” The same familiar voice said looking over at me. I turned to my left to see the same pregnant blonde hair women for the counter.

“Nikkei?” I questioned looking her up and down.

“Hey!” She smiled waving her long pink nails.

She looked different. She even seemed nicer and had a beautiful glowing presence about herself.

“Hi … um-baby?” I pointed to her 3 month looking bump.

“Yea … and before you ask, no its not Aug’s.” She giggled lightly.

I sighed in relief causing her to smile at me. “Good I would really hate to hear that drama.”

“I know right! I didn’t even know I was pregnant while I was still messing around with Aug. I’m just glad I decided to move back in with my REAL boyfriend so we can start our family.” She said rubbing her belly.

I had to give it to Nikkei, with all the hoe shit she use to do she still managed to be happy in the end.

“How many months are you?” I asked looking at the basket full of boy items.

“3 almost 4 … what about you?”

“It feels like I’ve been carrying around TJ forEVER but almost 4 too!”

We laughed and carried on some simple conversation about our new found motherhood and our men. Nikkei wasn’t so bad once Aug and AirRen weren’t in the picture and drama wasn’t around. I’m glad we were getting to know each other. Maybe our baby boys could have play dates sometimes.


“Wass good lil mama? I’m bout to come pick up my yougin’.” He was so corny. After I vowed not to let myself get emotionally involved with Aug anymore this co parenting thing worked out well. We were actually on good terms with each other. As far as I knew, he wasn’t fucking around on me anymore which made me happy but it was too late for him to prove that he wanted a relationship because I moved on.

“Cool ill have em dressed and ready.” I cooed into the phone.

“You need sum? ”

I had been craving the same thing for a couple of weeks and had finally ran out of my foods last night. “Yeah can you get me some chocolate milk and peanut butter and-”

“Damn get some reeses cups!” He chuckled.

“Oow those too and some jelly and a jar of pickles! ” I asked licking my lips at all the goodies.

“I hope you ain’t feeding that shit to my kids!” He joked making me frown.

“No! Shut up! Just bring my food niggah! ” I giggled hanging up the phone.

I didn’t know why those were the only foods I could hold down. I hadn’t been feeling too well either so I decided to make a doctor’s appointment with my home girl to see what was up. I got Seppie and AJ dressed just in time before I heard the door unlock then open.

“Daddy’s here ” I whispered to an excited AJ and Seppie.

“Here’s yah diarrhea in a bag!” He chuckled passing me the bag of food. I went straight in to make my sandwich and drank straight from the gallon sized chocolate milk jug.

“Damn slow down chunky! You need to burn some of that off.” He said grabbing my ass licking his lips,

I had to admit I was gaining hella weight but I figured it was from the stress I was going through. I was moving out of the house that Trey and I once called home. I was also being promoted at the hospital.

“Aug shut up! Someone likes my chunky ass!” I giggled hitting his arm.

“Lemme go before I show you how much I appreciate how thick dem thighs gettin’ lil mama.” He winked licking his lips again. I was happy I decided to throw on my black yoga pants because any other color wouldnt keep the wetness brewing in my underwear discreet. I rolled my eyes attempting to forget all the dirty things i would like to do again with Aug.

“Bye babies” I said before kissing the twins and waving bye as they ran to his BMW.

“You gon stop playin, like you dont want ah niggah no mo’.” He smirked rubbing his thumb against my clit over my sweats

I bit my bottom lip trying not to let a moan escape. I hated the control he had over me but Aug wasn’t gonna win this time. We were strictly co parents and friends.

“Stop fuckin wit these hoes and commit … then Ill stop playin so you can have me any way you want.” I smirked kissing his nose before pushing the door shut

Hours Later

“What can I do for you honey?” Chante asked looking at me from the patient chair.

“I’ve been feeling sick and shit! Fix me!” I giggled grabbing her arm.

Chante and I started working at the hospital on the same day on the same floor and instantly clicked. She was cool as fuck and a good friend. We rarely hung out outside of work because we were always busy with our home lives but when we got to work we were inseparable.

“You so dramatic! Go piss in this cup!” She laughed tossing a plastic cup towards me.

We sat there for a moment talking about her boyfriend, Brian and my August situation. She left leaving me to sit there waiting for her to come back with my results.

“Okay first of all yo piss stinks! Water is on earth for a reason.” She laughed.

“Tae shut up! Tell me what’s wrong? Cuz I swear if August gave me something fuckin those hoe ass bitches … lets just say you and Ny bout to play guardians of two kids! Cuz he’s gon be dead and imma be in jail!” I ranted.

She let out a loud laugh and began to snort, “Ooh he gave you sum alright.” She handed me a white strip of paper.

“Here I thought I got rid of his ass!”

I packed up my stuff heading towards his apartment. I didn’t know whether to be happy or sad. I honestly wasn’t expecting Tae to say I was about to be a mother for the second time to my third child. I decided to call Ny to tell her the news before I reached Aug’s condo. We hadn’t really talked since we met for lunch a few weeks ago but we were both busy making changes to our home lives.

“Well Miss best friend!” She said with an attitude.

“Swerve ho’ you know my number.” I laughed.

“Is it ALWAYS about you?” She sounded so serious.

“What are you talkin bout?”

“Nothing, what’s up?” She asked.

I shook off her attitude, “What are you doing? And guess what?”

“Shopping for TJ! And what?” She replied nonchalantly.

“Well boo we gon be shopping together … im pregnant! ” I giggled. The phone was silent for a moment. “Hello?” I asked pulling the phone away from my ear.

“You just couldn’t let me have my moment! Like damn AirRen you already got two AND you had to fuck Aug for another! Its always AirRen’s world!”

“The fuck are you talkin bout? I had to fuck Aug for another one? I didn’t even want another kid right now! Aint shit ALWAYS bout me! You needa check yo shit Nyla!” I yelled.

“No fuck you … Im handling all my baby stuff wit Nikkei from now on. Your selfish and a liar.”

“You really cool wit ha? And im a liar? Trey dont even know the fucking REAL you! …You know what fuck this! Friendship over! Ill see you when I see you! ” I hung up the phone tossing it to the passenger seat.

I sped towards Aug’s condo shedding tears of anger. I unlocked the door to his condo seeing the twins sleep in the homemade tent on the living room floor. I walked upstairs to his room. I could hear moaning and the bed creek.

'I know he’s not!’ I thought before barging in to see August in the middle of fucking another random ass hoe. I shocked them both. The girl scrambled to the floor looking for her clothes to leave. I looked over at him giving him the death stare before moving towards the girl and pushing her head into the wall making sure to bang it a few times. I dragged the bluish green 30" Brazilian weave across the white floors of his bedroom staining it with streaks of red.

“Im sorry!” She cried out as Aug pulled me off of her bloody face. I slapped him across the face before I flew down the steps outside to my car.

“AirRen slow down!” He managed to get out in between breathes as he followed close behind me.

“FUCK YOU!” I cried out looking at my blood stained shirt. 'Damn! I love this shirt.’

“Why are you here?” He huffed clenching his perfect jaw line.

“Why was she here? Why you got bitches in yo house when MY kids are here?” “Why you always fucking around on me?” I yelled pushing him.

“What I do is my busine-” Before he could finish my hand was connecting with his face full force out of pure anger and betrayal.

“Not around my kids August! I’m taking them home AND as long as you want bitches and hoes running through your shit you wont see them.” I left him stunned as I went back in grabbing AJ and Seppie putting them in the car.

“This is why I came by!” I yelled throwing the now balled up white strip of paper towards his bruised cheek after I was in my SUV. “And tell that bitch she owes me a brand new Versace shirt!” I yelled before speeding off.

“Are you busy?” I managed to get out in between sobs to Chante.

“Sitting here with Brian. What’s wrong boo?” She asked.

My silence filled the phone.

“Ill be over in a second hun.” She replied hanging up.

I sat in the kitchen drinking some more of the chocolate milk gathering my thoughts until I heard my doorbell ring. I opened the door a burst into tears.

Chapter 36: Drunk in Love


“Can you please stop being weird?” I asked him as he watched me attempt to sleep.

“Did we… uh?”

I sat up and turned to look into his eyes. “No you were just extremely drunk.”


After my pointless talk with Trey I realized he was selfish. It was either leave August out of my kids life and give him a child or allow this relationship to be over permanently.

“Eww August will you control that!” Nikkei asked looking at her nails as Aug hunched over with a trash can.

Everyone was crowded around him attempting to pull him into a restroom.

“What’s wrong? ” I asked

“Oh thank god! He said he won’t move until you get here.” Karrueche said panicking

Everyone shifted from him allowing me to get a closer look at him.

“Wifey!” He slurred grinning at me before kissing the deep purple mac lipstick off of my lips. I could taste the liquor filled throw up residue on his lips.

He was obviously drunk and was getting sick. I decided to go along with his bullshit so he could get back to the hotel and rest.

“Hey .. uh ba-baby! You looking for me?” I smiled faintly.

“You don’t wanna be my wife, lil mama?” He asked giving me his puppy dog eyes.

I looked up at everyone. They all had smiles plastered on their faces all finding this shit amusing.

“Yea … you don’t wanna be his wifey?” Trey chuckled. I cut my eyes at him.

“Yes baby. I do. Can you come to the hotel with me?” I asked holding out my hands.

He nodded grabbing my hand allowing me to lead him outside to hail a cab to get back to the hotel. He kept repeating how much he loved me and how he would do anything for me. And how I was his wife. I wanted to believe him but he was drunk.

“Lets get you in the shower.” I replied as soon as we made it to my hotel room.

“Can you get in with me?” He asked licking his lips backing me into the wall. His face had lust written all over it .

“Baby noo! Ill be here when you get out."I wanted Aug but I didn’t want either of us to regret anything in the morning.

He pouted before making his way into the bathroom.

I sat on the bed for a moment and decided to call the twins and see how they were doing. After we hung up I checked to make sure he was still alive. It was hot in my room so I decided to strip out of my club clothes into something more comfortable. Before I could reach my suitcase I felt his damp body grab my waist and kiss the tattoo that covered my spine.

"Stop Aug … it wouldn’t be right.” I moaned.

“You acting like you want me to though, wifey.”

“Baby stop! Your drunk and this isn’t ri- … mmmh Aug. ” I moaned grabbing his curls as he flicked his tongue on my neck allowing his bare body to grind against the thin layer of lace that was beginning to dampen.

“I love you.” He whispered gliding his tongue against my nipples.

I knew he was drunk and this would only make things worse but I loved him.

“I … I love you too Aug. I have to pee.” I panicking running into the bathroom.

I sat on the edge of the sink thinking for a while about if this was even right. When I returned he was snoring covered in the sheets. I slipped my sports bra and boy shirts on and cuddled against him.

***Flashback Over***

“Uh sorry you had to take care of me.” He said rubbing the back of his neck.

“Thats what you do when you care for someone.” I replied walking into the bathroom.


I watched her every move. Damn I couldn’t believe I had just stayed here with her. I decided to call ma and talk to her. I hadn’t seen her since the party.

“Well hello son!” Her voice was laced with an attitude.

“Hey mama.” I chuckled.

“How you been? Hows the show up in New York?”

“It was fine … how you know about that?” I asked sounding skeptical.

“Your kids and baby girl.” She laughed.

I didn’t like the fact that everyone had know about the twins being mine except for me.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I blurted out.

“Son I wanted to but it wasn’t my place to. I was on baby girl about telling you every time I talked to her but she was-”

“Ma I gotta go I love you.” I replied hanging up.

I watched her wet curls fall against the white towel wrapped around her body as she pulled her suitcase on the bed.

“I thought you left.” She chuckled pulling out her clothes.

“Uh … yeah I was about to leave.” I said looking for my clothes from last night.

“You can stay if you want.” She said pulling the towel off to lotion her body.

I was memorized by her. I loved CoCo but I was confused about what to do.

“Alright.” I sat on the bed unsure of what to do.

“Why are you nervous?” She asked sliding her legs into the lace thong.

“Im .. damn.. I mean im not.” I stuttered.

“August look nothing happen. They told me you were mad cuz you seen me with Trey. I don’t understand why when you just wanna co parent AND be friends.” She chuckled brushing her damp hair.

“Cuz you min- look dat shit pissed me off cuz you had my kids callin that nigga daddy.”

I looked at her smile fade away. “You know what Alsina, FUCK YOU! Look I never lied about Seppie and AJ. I just never had the balls to tell you! Im sorry!” She yelled in my face.

“No fuck you! I hate you! You realized I missed 4 years of my kids life cuz of you.” I growled backing her into the wall.

Her face reflected my feelings. We both hated each other but loved each other too much to let go.

She pushed past me, “You’ll never understand!”

I grabbed her wrist, “Try me!”

She grabbed my collar pushing against the wall kissing my lips. “I fucking hate you August!”

I ripped the lace thong off of her waist exposing the bottom half of her chocolate skin. The hatred on her face quickly turned into shock. I smirked picking her up heading towards the bed.

“I hate you too ma!” I groaned tracing her back tattoo with my tongue.

Once I reached the arch in her back I could feel her ass lift up. I ran my finger over her wetness tasting her. ‘My shit!’ I thought.

She shifted around wrapping her arms and legs around my body kissing my neck. “I need you August. ” She cried onto my bare chest.

“You know I’ll never let you go CoCo.”



“Man nigga lighten up! We in New York! We got a show tonight and all that otha good shit! ” I chucked looking over at Aug.

“Man nigga you need some pussy!” Chris laughed throwing back his shot.

“I get enough of that.” He finally responded.

“Well act like it!” Chris looked towards him.

After that shit went down with med school Aug wasn’t the same. He secluded himself and went on an alcohol binge.

“Im goo-”

“BAAAAAAAAAABY!” A high irritating voice called walking through Aug’s hotel room.

“The fuck!” Aug mumbled under his breath.

“Hey.” She flatly said rolling her eyes towards me and Chris.

I swear Nikkei was in the business of trapping niggahs. She didn’t want Aug she only wanted what he had.

“Soo can I still go shopping? You know to get something for your show. Ion wanna look busted.” She pouted

“Too late for that.” Chris cracked causing me to bust out laughing.

She cut her eyes at me and shot Chris her middle finger.

“No thanks ma, im good with my Vietnamese coochie! Plus i hear yo shit got alotta miles on-”

“Cut it out!” Aug snapped handing Nikkei about a grand.

“Thank you.” She kissed his lips looking up at me and Chris before walking out.

“As yah brother, imma say it simple … that ho got to go!’ Chris said taking another shot.

"Yeah Aug! Dats a real piece of work. And you just letting her run- ”

“Ain’t NOBODY running me. She asked. I said yeah. Its free pussy.” He chuckled.

“Niggah that tired pussy coming wit a price … about 17 shopping bags full.” I said to him pointing towards the floor full of bags.


“Come on!” I dragged AirRen into the hotel elevator pressing the button to the pent house.

“Im amazed how we’re only spending three says here and we’ve managed to have three suitcases each.”

“Cuz we gon be FLAWLESS! ” I said smacking on my bubble gum turning up to Beyonce’s song in my head.

“Come on!” She laughed heading out of the elevator.

“Well Tret and I are right across from you. The Chris and Karrueche are on your left.” I informed her.

“Who’s next to yall?” She quickly asked as she heard voices laughing.

“The show producer or their manager. I honestly have no idea but he bout to be in for a rude awakening cuz me and Trey sexing like its nun on this-”

“You understand I really didn’t want to know that.” She chuckled.

“Well go unpack and I’ll come over in a second. Oh and ill bring Karrueche with me so you guts can meet! ”

“Im done. Just call me.” She smiled walking into her room.

I quickly threw my bags into my room and made sure the coast was clear before I knocked on the door next to mines.

“Whats up Ny?!” Chris looked down at me reaching for a hug.

“Not now! Where’s Trey?” I pushed passed him shutting the door.

“Daaaayum thirsty … he in the living room! ”

“I’m sorry Chrissy! But im tryna set some plans in motion. ” I chucked giving him a hug.

“Yall sime freaks! ”

“Like you and Ms. Tran aren’t?”

He smacked his teeth leading me into the room. “Hello August.” I Said looking down at his almost lifeless body.

I didn’t have a problem with August. I actually wanted him to forgive AirRen and hopefully move passed it. I didn’t like the hair pulling and choking on her neck. That shit was beyond foul.

“Whats up?” He nonchalantly asked.

“Nun you ready to get some panties thrown at you? ” I joked trying to lighten the mood.

“As long as they not dirty!”

I looked towards Trey pulling him up from the chair. “Lets go practice your performance.” I asked kissing his lips.

“Ill see yall later!” He waved walking behind me watching my hips sway.

“So she’s here?” He asked walking into our room.

“If im here! Duuuh Trey! ” I joked.

“Well you, her ,and Karrueche hook up and come to the show together. They asses gon speak! Ion give a fuck if Nikkei ho ass here! ”

“Wait what? Why would I invite Ren if that bitch was here.”

“I swear I didn’t know. Fuck her! Once Aug see Med school they gon be back at it.”

“I hope!” I whispered before cuddling against him.

Later that night


“Okay so Karrueche do you have a nickname cuz if I get drunk your name is gonna be totally different!” I giggled holding up my third or fourth shot.

“Just call me K!” She laughed.

I had to admit K was a pretty nice person. I was never really interested in her from what I read over blogs but I guess you can’t believe what you read.

“So girls how do I look? Fine, right? Nyla asked looking at the leather mini skirt and her CoCo Chanel gold chains drape around her neck.

"You alright! ” I joked causing K to laugh.

“Haters gon hate!” She said smacking her teeth.

“We all looking pretty damn fly! Especially you with yo lil powerpuff balls.” K chuckled smoothing out my baby hair.

“Hush chile! Hopefully these damn pants won’t cut of my circulation! ”

“I know what you mean!” K chuckled pulling on her highwaisted leopard print pants.

“Lets go yall cuz if we late they-”

“Gon turn into some bitches!” K laughed leading us to the elevator.

New York was a beautiful city. It was so busy and the lights at night were amazing. Im honestly glad I decided to come on this trip with Ny to support Trey and Chris.

“It feels so weird beginning backstage. ” I whispered to Ny as we made our way to the V.I. P entrance of the club.

“Giiiirl im just glad the paps ain’t catch us.”

“I know right! Im soo tired of being compared to Rihanna! Its ridiculous!”

“Well yall seem to be totally different. Paparazzi just like to get shit started!” I said sitting in the booth seats provided for us. I noticed there was one more seat. ‘Nikkei Williams’ I read. I knew if she was here August would be performing and Nyla lied to me.

“Is this some attempt to get us to talk?” I blurted out staring at Ny turn up to the A $ AP song being played.

“What?” She yelled into my ear.

Before I could get anything out Nikkei ho ass came walking up. I tapped Ny and pointed.

“Hello ladies.” She waved rolling her eyes at me.

“Lets switch seats.” Karrueche said before I could get my words out. I moved down sitting next to Nyla while K sat next to Nikkei.

‘Alright Alright!” Our next performer for New York Madness is a new artist that’s been top charts with his hit song I Luv It.”

My heart froze as I heard his soft angelic voice hum the chorus to ‘I luv this shit’

'Ay (ohh) ay (ohh) Ay (ohh) uh-huh (whoa-ohh) Ay (ohh) ay (ohh) Ay (whoa-ohh) uh-huh (whoa-ohhhhh-ohhh) Man I luv this shit [8X]

A nigga back with this motherfuckin’ remix (remix), and we about to kill this shit See I went and got a little help to get the whole club poppin’ like Freaknik Cause I got Rozay, a little Bombay, a little peach Ciroc and we faded Soon as we step in, we got your chick, and yo’ chick, and yo’ chick and I know you hate it Cause we linin’ up the shots, youngin’ got the heat to make ‘em pop Soon as we hit the parking lot, then we see all the panties drop Girl, ain’t no bitch nigga, no rich nigga, no snitch nigga Yo’ bitch choosin’ on a real nigga, let her chill nigga That’s real, cause I’m so fucked up, now I’m talkin’ my shit I’m way to high to be trippin’ like this Niggas hatin’ hard, bitches all on my dick This is what you want, I’mma put it like this; lay it down to the Aug, Trey and Chris remix” he sung into the mic.

I was upset that Ny lied to me but I wasn’t gonna let Aug dictate my fun in New York.

“Alright yall … I got a few friends I wanna bring out for yah tonight.”

“Here we are all alone in this room (oh) And girl I know where to start and what we’re gonna do (yeah) I’ll take my time we’ll be all night girl So get ready babe I got plans for me and you It ain’t my first time but babygirl we can pretend, Hey let’s bump and grind girl tonight we’ll never end” Chris started to sing grinding to the beat.

"Yah boo gotta dripping girl!” Nyla laughed looking towards a memorized K.

“I think she dripping! ” I cracked turning my attention back to the boys.

“Let me take you down I really wanna take you down And show you what I’m about Can I take you now? Your body body oh Your body body up and down So don’t stop girl get it Quit playing wit it Can’t wait no more I wanna take you down I really wanna take you down Take you down, yeah”

"Alright y’all … Ladies of course yall loved that shit … and I took you down but lets see what yall really about!” Chris yelled into the mic dapping up August.

Trey walked out humming. “Imma need a little help with my verse.”

I looked up at Ny. “Gon head! ” I chucked. Sge cut her eyes towards me.

“Yea Trey we ALL need a lil help dancing to yo verse sap ass nigga!” Aug joked making the crowd laugh.

The boys moved down the steps heading toward out booth as a crew step up 3 chairs on the stage. Chris grabbed Karrueche’s hand leading her towards the stage.

“Noo Trey.” Nyla whispered as Trey pulled her up.

August looked at me like he had seen a ghost. I wasn’t expecting him to look my way or even acknowledge me. He grabbed Nikkei kissing her lips watching me. I could feel myself about to tear up.

“Yall ready?” Trey asked grinding on Ny. Chris and Aug nodded.

“Sex Ain’t Better Than Love (Ohhhhh) Sex Ain’t, Sex Ain’t (ohhhh) Better Than Love” Trey sung as they all started to grind and dance on the girls.

I couldn’t help but to run out of the booth before the guy’s finished on stage to cry my eyes out. He moved on back to Nikkei and I was just his lying ass baby mama.


After the show I decided to find AirRen so we could talk.

"Bay whea you going?” Nikkei asked following my every move.


“August you better not fuckin look for her! I swear to God!” She whined dramatically.

“Whats gon happen? Remember you livin’ off me ma!” I shot back. She rolled her eyes walking towards the dressing room.

“Coco?” I called.

I watched her come out of the bathroom with Karrueche holding loads of tissue.

“Lemme talk to you.” I asked waiting for her to respond. She nodded her head walking in front of me to and empty secluded room. ‘Damn her ass looked good in them jeans.’ I thought.

Her teary eyes looked up at me from a distance. I examined the purplish bruises on her neck from where I had choked her.

“Im sorry.” I said kissing the bruises.

“No Aug .. I should have told you from the start.” She whispered.

I honestly didn’t know what I wanted to do with AirRen. I loved her but I couldn’t take her back after she lied to me.

“I just wanna co parent.” I blurted out pushing her way to glance at her face.

“Don’t hate your kids for what I did.” She whimper walking towards the door.

“I won’t AirRen. I just can’t love you anymore. You lied to me.”

“August … you’ve fuckin lied about worst shit! About bitches you were fuckin about EVERYTHING! Even when you broke up with me! You lied and said it was for your career … it was for some bit-”

“I broke up with you cuz I needed money and I wanted to do right by you.” I jumped in her face.

I could see her wince in pain ready for me to hurt her again. “I don’t understand August.”

“Nikkei gave me that job at the club but if I didn’t fuck her she was gon fire me. I needed the money but I didn’t want to loose you.” I could feel myself weaken and my eyes water.

“Thats why I didn’t tell you August cuz I thought you hated me.” She said kissing my tears. “Im sorry. If you wanna co parent I understand.”

She let me go about to leave but I pulled her back sitting her on the couch crying. “I love you.”

“I love you too Aug.” She said stroking my hair.



U got, u got it bad
When you’re on the phone
Hang up and you call right back
U got, u got it bad

I hung up my phone and tossed it to the side as Usher’s voice flowed out my MacBook. I bit my lip grabbing my phone once again calling again, and hanging up on the first ring. Again. Why was I so scared to call her? Maybe because I didn’t want to be rejected again. I turned to the old picture.

By someone I love.

I slammed my fists down at my sides in frustration. Why the fuck did it take me so long to realize how much I loved her? Signs were all there. I couldn’t go a day, not even a hour, without thinking about her. It took breaking up with Jasmine for me to finally make a move.

And to finally realize that she loved me too.

But she rejected me. Branding my love for her false and temporary. That shit hurt.

My door burst open startling me and revealing Trey.

“Um, Chris, nigga, did you forget we were supposed to hit up the basketball court? Basketball is starting soon!” He complained and then took time to absorb what song I was listening to. He took a seat on my bed and sighed.

“Female problems too?”

I sighed sitting up. “Yeah. I’m in love with Kae-“

“I knew it.”

“Damn was it that obvious?” I furrowed my eyebrows and Trey nodded in response so I continued. “That’s not important. Anyway, Jasmine cheated on me so I broke up with her. I confessed to Kae that I love her and she rejected me.”

“Damn, just like that?”

“Yeah. She said that she loved me but I didn’t really love her. I was just saying that because I needed a rebound.”

Trey let out a low whistle. “Damn.”

“Yeah, what’s your problem?” I asked getting off.

“Amber messed around with August before me and lied to me about it.”


Trey rubbed his forehead before speaking. “Yeah, these girls are gonna kill us.”

I shook my head. “No. The love that we have for them is gonna kill us.”

Love is the most dangerous feeling in the world. I looked towards Kae’s house. However, I still want it. I still want her, and I’m not going to stop until I get her.

External image


“Karrueche!” I cheesed as she walked her little ass up the concrete stairs smirking at my voice. I followed her inside the school.

“No hi Devante? Good Morning Devante?” I placed my hand in my chest in feigned pain. “Kae, I’m hurt.”

She turned a little to smirk. “Shut up, Devante! I’m trying to get to my locker! The bus was late!”

“So? I deserve a good morning!”

We finally stopped at her locker and she turned the dial. Once her locker opened, Kae took off her black North Face denali jacket revealing a nice outfit underneath.

“Damn ma, you trying to look cute for me?”

She threw her head back letting out a giggle. “Boy bye. I just want to look cute.”

“For me.”

“No. Not for you. Byeee!” Kae stuck out her tongue walking to her homeroom. I smiled licking my lips. She’s funny and cute and not one of these thots running around here.

I like that. I really like that.

“Hey D!” Chris pat me on the back hard. Shit caught me by surprise and hurt me so I held my shoulder in pain.

“Hey what’s up, Chris?” I dapped him up clenching my teeth.

“Nothing. Just peeped you eyeballing my girl.” Chris spat casually.

My eyes widened. “Oh. That’s all you?”

“Hell yeah, that’s all me. She’s mine. All mine.”

“Kae didn’t say-”

He cut me off. “She didn’t have to say shit. I’m telling you now. Go on and hang out with her but remember that’s all me.”

Chris walked away and I shook my head in shock. Did this nigga…? Fuck that nigga. Kae didn’t say she was cuffed, therefore I’m gonna treat her like she’s single.


As his tongue glided against mine, I struggled on my tippy toes and he observed this giving me a boost and I smiled pulling away.

“Ty, I got to get to class.” I blushed when he pecked my lips once more.

“Personal problem.” He smiled as he kissed me again.

We’ve been dating for a while but it was kinda hard to say what our relationship was. I mean we never made it official. Just went on dates, text, and kiss but he never officially made me his.

“Mr. Stevenson, Ms. Sal,.can you two stop exchanging saliva and get to class?” Mr. Albertson, our Oceanography teacher, scolded passing by. I pushed away from Ty wiping my lips and turned to his direction.

“Sorry, Mr.Albertson. ” I apologized politely.

Go to class, Ms. Sal.”

I rolled my eyes turning to Ty who sucked his teeth.

“Nigga stay on my dick.”

I laughed pecking his lips. “You’ll be aight.” I began to walk away when Ty spoke up.


“What’s up?” I turned around looking in his eyes. He scratched the back of his head and I grew fearful of what he was about to say.

“Honey, I want you to meet my mom.”

I felt all the air get knocked out of me. Holy shit. Ty wants me to meet his mom. Fuck.

External image


I took my notebook out on my desk as I waited for the late bell to ring. When it did, Mrs. Filkins began teaching on shit I already knew. I contemplated speaking to my guidance counselor about moving up a level, but I was scared. I needed my GPA to be on point. I started thinking about Devante’s cute self but then Chris popped in my head causing me to smile hard. I dropped my smile and went back to pay attention.

“Honey, you’re late.” Mrs. Filkins sang looking dead at Honey who sat in her seat next to me.

“Sorry. I stopped at the bathroom.”

“Next time, you ask.” She went back to her lesson and I turned to Honey who was shellshocked.

“Honey, what’s wrong?”

She turned to me sighing. “Ty wants me to meet his mom.”

I squinted my eyes. “Ok….”

“Kae, that’s a huge step! ” She responded in exasperation.

“Do what you feel comfortable with it.” I simply stated turning to the front. Am I following my.own advice?


“Hey baby!”

I turned around and my heart dropped. Chris. I haven’t spoken to him since I rejected him at his house. As he ran towards me, I wanted nothing more than to hug him tight and kiss him and be his but all I said was-

“I’m not your baby.”

Chris cheesed wrapping his arm around me. “But you replied, boo.”

I smiled taking his arm off. “Chris, no.”

“Your mouth is saying no. But your heart saying yes and I hear it, baby girl.”

At this point, I was blushing hard as fuck and attempted to hide my smile by looking away. His arm wrapped around me once again.

“Let’s walk to Oceanography , bae.”

I was about to deny it, but I shook my head walking with him. His lips met my ear.

“Didn’t deny it.”

I moved out from under his arm and entered class. Chris purposely sat next to me and would talk to me.

“So we will be presenting projects tomorrow. I hope you guys are prepared. Chris, why are you talking?” Mr. Walker narrowed his eyes at us as the rest of the class turned their attention.

“I’m talking to my cinnamon apple, Mr.Walker! Chill!”

Everyone erupted in laughter and I shook my head.

“Cinnamon apple?”

“Yeah, Karrueche is my cinnamon apple. Isn’t that right, baby?” Chris kissed my cheek and I blushed hard moving away.

“He’s not my cinnamon apple.”

“Yes we are. Beautiful, don’t hide our love!”

Chris had the whole class dying with his antics. At the end of class, Chris announced that he was giving his cinnamon apple a ride home and I rolled my eyes. He came up to me touching my hands.

“Why are you telling everyone I’m your cinnamon apple?” I asked kinking an eyebrow.

“You might as well because everyone is well informed.” Chris smiled and I laughed before sighing and getting serious.

“Chris, I just feel like I’m- ”

“A rebound?” He finished and I nodded.

“Well, baby girl, you’re absolutely not that and I’ll do anything to prove to you that you’re not a rebound. You’re the girl I was into all along. All you gotta do is tell me you’re not in love with me and I’ll back off.” Chris declared and seemed really serious about it. I opened my mouth to form the words but I couldn’t look him in the eyes and deny my love for him. There’s too much to deny. After a while, Chris grinned.

“I knew it.”

I huffed trying to disguise my blush. “Whatever, Christopher. We’re still not together. Take me home.”

“You got it, baby.”

Chapter 43: Kidnapped Trust


“Daddy can I have wukey charms?” I heard Seppie’s voice ask while spoon clicked against bowls.

I drug my body off of the cream leather couch looking at my surroundings through my blurred eyes. My head pound with each movement.

“Fuck!” I groaned making my way to the kitchen once I realized where I was.

“What it do niggah?” I mumbled tasting the horrible after taste of old liquor burning my throat.

He looked at me with disappointment while shaking his head. “Wass good? ”

“What’s that look for?” I asked grabbing a glass of orange juice. “How did I even get here?” I chuckled.

“Niggah you telling me youn remember shit?” He asked putting the cereal into the cabinet.

I shook my head waiting for him to say I got super fades at the strip club and came and crashed at his shit.

“Niggah sum shit happen wit Ny and you came over hea’ y’all need to ta-”

“If she still living she good! Ion gotta go see her!” I snapped chugging the rest of the juice down.

“You should niggah! You fucking hurt her! I wouldn’t blame her if she kept TJ away from you!” Ren waltzed in with a large bag and shoes in her hand.

“Don’t do him like that lil mama.” Aug whispered kissing her lips.

“What happened?” I asked moving towards the couch to slide on my shoes.

“If she’ll talk you niggah you’ll find out.”

The ride to my house with AirRen was silent and there was plenty of tension. I tried to replay last night’s events in my head but I only came up short.

“Baby! I’m here with the boxes!” Ren yelled moving into the living room.

I felt like a stranger in my own home. I looked around it to see boxes packed up. I was confused. I watched her beautiful pregnant belly waddle down the stairs.

“Com-” She looked up at me and cringed. “AirRen!” She yelled backing away from me like she had just seen a ghost.

“Talk to him babe.” She rushed over hugging her. I stood there in total shock I wasn’t sure what was going.

She nodded walking slowly up the steps into the now packed bedroom sitting on the bed. I walked towards her attempting to touch her.

“Stop!” She pushed me moving off the bed.

“Baby what happened? What did we do?”

I see the tears forming on the rims of her beautiful brown eyes. I watched her every move even spotting the bruises on her body. I tried grabbing her but she pushed away.

“Stop! I hate-”

“Why are you leaving me? Look I’m sorry I didn’t want to talk about that stripping shit!”

“Trey I’m leaving because you … you hurt me. I can’t love you anymore.” She replied wiping the tears that rolled off her cheek.

“Im sorry boo. I don’t give a fuck about that! I was hurt you never told me. Don’t leave me.” I protested grabbing her pulling her close allowing her small frame to cry on my chest.

“As much as I wanna believe it … you took my trust AND my love.”

I pulled back I’m disbelief. ’what the fuck was she talking about?’

“You lied to me Ny!” I barked. She jumped out of fear.

“So that gave you the right to potential hurt our child?” She snapped rubbing her neck.

“What?” I whispered examining her belly that carried my son.

“I can’t believe you don’t remember! I wish I could block what you did to me out!” She screamed pacing around the room.

“Nyla talk to me…” I whispered slowly breaking down.

“You … you raped me, Trey.” She cried holding her belly.

“What? …” I moved towards her holding her legs as I cried heavily. This was the girl I wanted to make my wife and I had abused her in the worst way possible.

“Trey MOVE! I can’t trust you! I’m leaving and. .. and we’ll work out a visitation for TJ when he’s born.” She sobbed pushing me off.

I pulled her down looking into her red tear stained eyes. “Nyla let’s just work on it baby. I’m sorry. I…I don’t even remember. I was drunk. I’d NEVER do no shit like that in my right mind.” I pled rest my head on her chest.

“Look Trey just work on you. I won’t deny you your son.” She wiggled out of my hold walking out of the room leaving me to crawl in a fetal position crying.

‘What the fuck did I have to live for now?’ I thought.


I really didn’t know where I was moving. I couldn’t stay with Ren because she was moving out of the house her and Mr. Burke shared to live with August. I didn’t even what I was going to do about Trey. I love him but I hated him all at the same time.

“You good hun?” Ren asked looking from the highway over towards me.

“Have you ever loved and hated someone? Like ever been confused?” I asked looking out of the window.

She chuckled faintly, “Have you ever met August?”

I couldn’t help but to join in on her laughter. I missed my friend. She never stopped loving me even after all of the shit I said and did to her.

“I’m sorry. ” I mumbled turning my head watching her drive my car a little too fast for my liking.

A small smile crept across her face. “Nyla Lee, apologizing?! Jesus is this your way of saying I’m about to die?” She chuckled stopping the engine in her driveway.

“Shut up! But for real I’m sorry!” I rubbed my harden belly. She nodded hugging me allowing our pregnant bellies to touch.

“Imma hang here for a minute, okay?”

“That’s fine love … The doors open. ” Ren smiled walking inside.

As a rubbed on my belly I couldn’t help but to feel sick. I loved the fact of being pregnant with my first child but the fact that my son shared the DNA with a man that I now hate repulsed me. I didn’t want anything to do with him after TJ was born but I knew I couldn’t deny him his son because I knew how it felt to only have one parent in your life.

“What the hell?” I groaned looking towards the sky so my tears wouldn’t fall. I needed a new start. A new life. Somewhere far so I could forget about Trey and his bullshit. My phone sounded off indicating that Trey was calling me for the 25th time since I left the house 30 minutes ago. I simply forwarded the call and booked a flight out of Atlanta.

“New life baby. ” I cooed to my belly crying a little fishing my spare key out of my purse driving off.


“Seppie why the hel-heck momma put these knot thangs in yah head?” I asked attempting to do baby girl’s hair before CoCo get back or I was bout to be a dead niggah walking.

“Fuck.” I mumbled hearing the door shut and her jogging up the stairs.

“August how you think you finna handle a third child when you can barely keep up with my other babies?” She giggled holding AJ who sported a vanilla frosting mustache.

“Boy I told you no.” I laughed looking at AJ referring to the cupcake he asked for earlier. He shook his head going to the bathroom to wipe his face.

“Being daddy ain’t easy.”

“Its not but I love my family so this shi- stuff a piece of cake.”

“Well you need to go play chauffer and drop off AJ and Seppie so we can go to the appointment.” She joked resting her belly on my cheek. I turned my head kissing and flicking my tongue on her belly rubbing between her legs through the yoga pants.

“Stop.” She swatted me playfully

“Come on … the twins in the bathroom.”

“Im not about to give you some in our kids room.”

“Why not? This the only room we ain’t hit yet.” I winked pulling her into my lap. I don’t know why my dick seemed to get hard on ah niggah every time I was near CoCo. I heard pregnant pussy was the best type of pussy but damn.

“And what if Ny comes in here?”

Fuck she got me there. “Speaking of her … how her and Trey talk go.” I asked changing the subject to get my dick soft.

“Not so well … she’s looking for apartments.” She pouted.

“Trey my niggah but I don’t blame her. Ny get on ALL OUR nerves but dayum man … nobody deserve dat shit.”

“You right babe. I wish it was something I could do.” Her phone rung and she talked for a minute before saying she loved whoever it was and hung up.

“Who was that?”

“Nyla. She said she left so she could make up wit Trey.” She smiled.

“Good! Now go get yo beautiful ass dressed. Imma take the twins to school and I’ll be back to get yah.” I smirked rubbing her belly.

Trey B.

I watched the black BMW pull out of the garage door side that use to be mine. She really had this niggah in our house. I pulled a little closer to the house pulling the black hoodie over my hair jogging across the street to my house. I lifted the false rock next to the door we used to carry a spare key. Upon turning the lock I heard his voice playing through her speakers in the bedroom. She always left the radio on so I knew no one was here. I walked in to see half of the house packed in boxes and bags.

“Punk ass niggah.” I mumbled. Even hearing his voice over the radio made me wanna beat that niggah ass. I jogged up the stairs hearing co - hangers shift in the closet. I stood there in shock cuz I wasn’t expecting to see anyone here.

“Oh my god! Trey! What the fuck are you doing here?” She jumped dropping the clothes from her hand. I smiled as my eyes met the beautiful ball under her t shirt.

“Your caring my child?” I smiled reaching for her stomach.

“TREY! How did you get in? Why are you here?” She yelled reaching for her phone.

“Call that niggah and I’ll beat yo ass. Why is he even still in the picture baby?” My tone turned stern then soft

“Get the fuck out or I’m calling the police!” She threatened tapping numbers on the phone

I knew she was serious so I put my hands up in defeat.

“You can’t keep me from my child, AirRen.”

“I wouldn’t do that if I was caring your child.” She looked sad but relieved all at the same time.

“I know that ain’t that Calender niggah baby!” I growled moving towards her.

“He’s name is August and I am! Please just go!” She yelled standing just as tall. If this was years ago AirRen would have just backed up and let me take control of her.

“He gave you some balls … you gon regret that.” I smirked leaving her puzzled and a little scared.


“I definitely have to get those locks switched.” I whispered running down the stairs to put the extra lock on.

I went back to getting dressed so I could go check on me and Aug’s baby. I couldn’t help but to think of his last words, “He gave you some balls. gon regret that.” The way his face looked it frightened me but I knew with Aug around Trey wouldn’t dare hurt me or all three of my babies.

“Baby why you got all dem locks on the door like you hiding?” I jumped a little turning to see Aug laying on the bed.

“Just being safe boo.” I knew I should a told Aug but he would’ve blew it out of proportion and turned it into something else.

“So do you guys wanna know the sex of the baby?” Tae asked giggling.

I looked at Aug and he shook his head yes. It honestly didn’t matter what the baby was as long as it was healthy and didn’t have a big head cuz lord knows I can’t go through that pain again.

“Alright it’s ah-” Tae was cut off by my cell phone. I looked at the screen and was a little worried.

“Hello, this is Washington Elementary School confirming that August Alsina and September Alsina have been picked up early. Thank you have a good day.” The automatic voice message said. I immediately popped up forgetting about the tubes connected to my arms

“Baby what’s wrong?” Aug asked as Tae disconnected the rest of the tubes that still continued to rest in my veins.

“The school just called … Seppie and AJ aren’t there!” I cried rushing to the door. Aug followed close behind starting the car once we were inside.

“You think Trey and Ny got em?” He asked lowly. I could tell he was angry and worried.

“No! They would’ve called.” I cried trying to contact the school. I felt the car twist and turn then jerk in a complete stop. I looked up to see the school.

“Yes.. I got a call saying my kids were picked up!”

“Oh yes! Hi Mrs. Burke, Mr. Burke came for Seppie and AJ.” The receptionist said sweetly. I didn’t even want to turn around and look at Aug.

“But I removed his name from the contact list. He doesn’t have any business handling my kids. He’s not their father !” I yelled. I wasn’t trying to scare her I was just worried and scared. She pulled the file looking through it.

“Im sorry sorry Ms. Mitchell! I didn’t know. Can I-”

“Getcha damn boss cuz you don’t follow instructions!” Aug yelled in her face. This wasn’t about to end well.

“Baby we gotta go find them.” I whispered pulling his hand out to the car. I paced back and forth worried for my babies.

“Tell me!” He ordered snapping his fingers. I hated how well he knew me. I continues to walk pretending not to hear him. “Now!” He said harshly causing my insides to shake.

“He came to the house. .. and he… he said I was gon regret being with you and having another baby.” I felt a tear fall from my eye.

“AirRen really!? This niggah fucking walked in on you and you wasn’t gon say shit? Now he got MY fucking kids.” He yelled pushing me against the car.

“Im sorry.” I whispered.

“Getcho ass in the car. Now! If he fuck wit my kids that’s yo life and his.”

I knew he wasn’t playing about taking Trey’s life but I was carrying his third baby so I knew he was bluffing about taking mine.

“I’ll wait til after you have my seed, ma.” He said nonchalantly speeding through traffic to the nearest police station. Publish

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