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Felicity Smoak, 'Arrow' - Hollywood's 50 Favorite Female Characters
Played by: Emily Bett Rickards

THR: Hollywood’s 50 Favorite Female Characters

15: Felicity Smoak, ‘Arrow’

Played by Emily Bett Rickards

Felicity was supposed to be a minor character, but her chemistry with Oliver Queen made her a fan favorite. By season two of The CW’s adaptation of the DC comic, she was a regular player. “Felicity has developed over the course of the series,” says Rickards. “She’s from a regular world. She’s relatable, honest and grounded. But she’s not boring.”

Hollywood Reporter roundup on WTE in ‘Arrowverse’

They covered all the DCTV shows in this article; here’s the part about Legends. Not really happy about Mick here; I thought he’d grown more than that.

Legends of Tomorrow

Sunshine and STDs | After two seasons of saving the world, Mick Rory (Dominic Purcell) is finally getting his vacation in Aruba when season three begins. So what does vacation Mick look like? “Very sunburned and very drunk,” executive producer Phil Klemmer tells THR. “He has been on the same beach for effectively five months and drinks himself into oblivion and accumulating an impressive collection of STDs. He remains Mick Rory even when he’s on vacation.”

Hard-earned time off | But apparently Mick is the only Legends team member who is actually happy to have a break. “When we pick up with everyone else, they’ve been put on ice by Rip [Arthur Darvill] and his Time Bureau of highly dedicated and trained professionals to deal with the time anachronisms,” Klemmer says. “The rest of our Legends are not very good at real life and they actually miss one another. They miss being a team. But the Legends have essentially become obsolete [by breaking the timeline]. The extent of the damage they did requires a more formidable time police. So Rip kind of has a point when he tells them to take an early retirement.”

Taking things one step further | Of course, the Legends won’t listen to Rip. Despite the Time Bureau taking the Waverider and their mission to save the timeline, the Legends will continue to do what they always have done … with a twist. “They spent all of last season repairing things and returning history to the status quo,” Klemmer says. “This season there is a yearn to do more. Repairing history might not be enough.” In an upcoming Helen of Troy episode, Helen is displaced in time to the golden age of Hollywood instead of the Trojan War, and she starts a bidding war between studios. “Our new character Zari [Tala Ashe] realizes that Helen of Troy is a victim and having to take her back to the Greek king who stole her from her husband and started this whole horrible war, why should we do that?” Klemmer says. “Our Legends start to wonder what if we can make things better, what if we can tinker with time and our own futures? It’s dangerous.”

The time travel has only just begun | Klemmer reveals some of the time periods they’re going to in season three: “Our Hollywood, Coen Brothers’ Hail Caesar world is fun. We do a Jack the Ripper London, an ‘80s Amblin [Steven] Spielberg Southern California world, Billy Zane playing P.T. Barnum is a delight.” The real fun for the Legends showrunners is “all the genres” they get to play with. “It’s crazy that we get to do a heartwarming E.T. episode, a circus episode, a scary-as-shit horror movie in a mental institution,” Klemmer says. “It’s wild.”

Some thoughts: I’m aboard for crazy and for comedy and whatever they want to do with bringing in new comic book characters. Whatever. 

As long as you do justice to your existing team. 

But that wasn’t what happened last season. The team was taken completely out of character in order to set up dramatic tension to get Mick to betray them. (And why does it ALWAYS have to be Mick doing the betraying?) S2 ignored Stein’s S1 character growth from an arrogant asshole, just for the sake of comedy. Hell, they even ignored it within S2. Sara was a person who cared about her team members in S1 (witness her conversations with Kendra and with Snart)… but they had her walk away from Mick’s brain surgery with nothing more than a shrug.

Those were not the characters we loved in S1. And what I’m reading starts to make me worry about S3.