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I am Naruto Uzumaki, ninja of Konoha. My dream is to become Hokage! 

One that surpass all the previous Hokage. To become a bigger badass then my father! To become a stronger shinobi then my mother!

The name Naruto, the guts to never give up an pain. I’ve inherited them all from my master and senior student.


Introduction of the cast from the Naruto Live Stage Programme book as well as official English translations (from the translation booklet).

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“but why do you say that Naruto is a bad Hokage? why do you say he hasn’t changed anything?”

Okey dokey so…. anybody remember why Gaara went on B-rank missions as a genin? Anybody at all?

Oh yeah, it was because he was an unhinged murder machine whose father, the Kazekage, high key was hoping he’d die.

“Hey Boruto your father is sending you on a mission at risk of death, exactly like Rasa the Kazekage did to his child Gaara at the same age. Rasa also famously collaborated with Orochimaru in hopes of strengthening his village, exactly like how your own father is turning a blind eye to Orochimaru’s child experiments because he might turn out to be useful. Funny story, Rasa ended up having his corpse picked apart by vultures.”

“That sounds awesome!”

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