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My hair isn’t perfectly curly.
My jeans don’t hug my butt.
I don’t wear fake nails.
I don’t wear makeup everyday.
I have shirts I still wear from middle school.
I still will wear my highschool sweats and sweatshirts….. at the same time.
I don’t fit under the label cool and trendy.
And I’m okay with that.

Love yourself 💘

tbh the most annoying thing about el clasico is the comments from third parties like “i couldnt care less about el clasico” "el clasico is so overrated" “(insert rivalry) is better” like okayyyyy we get it Daniellll!!! your pasty premier league teams are more interesting than one of the biggest rivalries in the world 😒😒tell that to one of the other 400 MILLION people who tune in to watch rm vs barca… Cuz I don’t believe u and I didn’t ask!!! Byeeee 👋🏽👋🏽