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theknightofthorns  asked:

My heart sank further when they confirmed that Loras is the heir of Highgarden on the show


I don’t like what they’re doing to his character either. It’s like they feel the need to turn him into this stereotypical gay man (not too clever, loves fashion, shallow) so the audience will remember who he is in this huge cast of characters, and… No.

We know, HBO. We saw the previous two seasons, you don’t need to forcefully remind us every other scene that he is The Gay One. I enjoy watching Finn Jones as much as the next person, but I don’t like the writing for his character right now.

Holy hand grenade!

People really seem to like my stannis vs renly tumble, so I guess it’s time to explain very briefly MY stance.

I’m team Highgarden.  I have much more sympathy for Renly than I do Stannis, and I think that Renly would be a much better king.  He did what he did, let’s face it, because Loras told him to, but they’re both very smart people.  Green, but smart.  Renly being king would have been the best alternative.  I also think that Stannis needs to be sat down and taught about Ohana, because really man.  That said, I understand where Stannis comes from, and how Renly issospiteful unnecessarily, but relationships are complicated, especially those with your siblings.  ANYWAY I JUST THINK THAT GRRM WROTE SOME REALLY REALISTIC SIBLINGS THERE.  AND HBO EXPANDED ON THAT VERY WELL. 

I do this because lots of comments seem to think that I’m siding with Stannis.  Nope.  Not me.  Stannis is a lobster wrapped in ham being cooked on a spit.