team heads

dudes….. i can’t believe there are some of u out there….. who genuinely believe the Seijou boys are Cool™ and Suave™……… here is a Literal List of Canon Things they have Done:

1. Makki has a special announcer voice. pls reference “OI-KAWA HAN-GAR”

2. oikawa literally has a hanger w his face on it. he’s v smug but kunimi literally calls him a joke

4. oiks calls going to the cafeteria a harvest

5. they have a team meeting about giving kindaichi a nickname

6. like a 45 minute meeting

7. to give him a Cool Nickname

8. they try to name him after a 40 year old space cartoon

9. Iwa-chan gets v upset when Kindaichi doesn’t agree w/ it

10. Oiks and Makki pretend to be detectives

11. Iwaizumi pretends to be a samurai

12. They end up choosing fucking Shallot Head

13. and Kindaichi ends up not wanting a nickname anymore

(WORKS CITED: Oikawa Hanger Tooru-senpai drama cd, listen to it, I’m addicted tbh)

(i love them so much)

arm wrestled dum-e today. does it count as arm wrestling when his whole body is an arm? or is it just wrestling then

steve drew me, and then tony added dum-e to the sketch. nice to see them getting along.

this is just before the table snapped under us. that red stuff is blood from the nosebleed i got, and that white is when dum-e decided that spraying me down with the fire extinguisher would help with the nosebleed

it did not.

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What we know about TenTen as an adult (manga, movie and novels) :

- TenTen is considered an example of elegance, beauty and style. She is praised for her figure.

- She spends most of the time travelling around the world while searching for new weapons and tools.

- Her rank is most likely Tokubetsu Jōnin as she is described as an specialist by Mirai. Not to mention she must at least have this rank to boss around other shinobi during the Chuunin Exams.

- She opened a ninja tools shop as an excuse to be surrounded by ninja tools when there are no missions to do. She doesn’t sell much because of how peaceful the world is now.

- TenTen designes her own ninja tools and has a lot of eccentric ideas that have no useful purpose. Because of that, people are afraid she might go bankrupt.

- After chapter 700 (Konoha Shinden) she designed a kunai people could use at the hot-springs. They became really popular among women who wanted to protect themselves while bathing so she made a lot of money.

- TenTen has become as hot-blooded and dorky as Maito Gai and Rock Lee. In the past, she used to hide this side of her because of embarrassment (even though she secretely enjoyed and admired Lee’s personality), now that she is an adult she has nothing to fear anymore.

- She loves doing childish pranks to others so she is labeled as a bad example for the youth.

- Even though she has no problems dressing herself as a ghost she actually hates them as she fears she will be cursed if she meets one. She shares this fear with Gai-sensei.

- Gai-sensei is the person she idolizes the most. Everybody notices how much she loves him when she talks about him.

- About her love life, it remains unknown if she is married, single or if she has a lover/boyfriend. The last time this topic was brought up was before Naruto’s wedding (Konoha Hiden) in which she openly stated that she has never being in love with a boy in her whole life as she finds weapons more interesting than marriage or dating. Yet she believes she is the only woman who understands and likes Lee the way he is (she has a soft side for him)

- TenTen is the second best taijutsu specialist right after Rock Lee.

- She enjoys teasing others with perverted questions like: “Would you find a naked woman holding a kunai sexy?”

- As she is a bit irresponsable and childish (as pointed out by Kakashi himself), that might be the reason she didn’t bother to check the recording of the Chuunin Exams second test and just let Boruto’s team pass.

- Maito Gai thinks TenTen’s pranks are cute.

- TenTen kept all Rikudou’s Legendary Tools and have them exposed at her shop when she is at Konoha (they are not for sale).

- She is Konoha’s best ninja tools specialist and has been labeled as a one woman army. Fun fact: both Konoha latest legendary shinobi (Maito Gai and Anko) share that same tag with her… this could be a reference to her real goal.

- Boruto thinks she is beautiful and uses her in his sexy-no-jutsu along with other women from her generation. This attack works on Konohamaru.

highlights of the pens elf video

  • posted on my birthday, clearly an intentional present for me personally
  • olli maatta as the opening shot of the baby
  • 5′8′’ tall conor sheary the elf. with his TEENY VOICE.
  • fucking of COURSE matt cullen is the dad
    • bonus: cully being a legitimately good actor? possible post-retirement career in the works? who knows
  • flower appearing twice, saying nothing either time, putting things that are not food in his mouth
  • phil kessel’s dead fucking eyes
  • ft. DAN POTASH as the romantic interest
  • bryan rust’s entire fucking existence tbh
  • “buddy the elf, what’s your favorite color?” -kris letang, canada’s favorite fighting frenchman
  • where is mike sullivan? who did he bribe to get out of this?
  • i know i said it already, but to reiterate, phil kessel:

every time my team loses badly my immediate reaction is going back through my entire day to try to figure out what I personally did to jinx them

Alright guys, I know things have been rough today so here are some humorous Batfam head cannons based around them playing a round of Disc Golf:

Dick would hit every single tree first on accident, then because he think’s it hilarious how irritated Jason keeps getting at the ‘coincidence’ 

Every single one of them have fancy bags for carrying their discs except for Tim. Tim has a plastic bag for his. “It’s not like I’m trying to impress anyone here, I know all of you.” 

At some point Jason and Dick literally fistfight over a technicality. 

Tim being hit in the back of the head with a disc and Damian subsequently getting two penalty points.

Tim’s disc landing in every water trap and having to wade in. At one point he even slips in the mud and ends up waist deep. Damian was penalized with another two points for taking pictures instead of helping.

Damian scaling a tree after Dick gets one caught in it.

Cass stealthy moving all of Jason’s discs  back a few inches and all of Damian’s up some. She leaves Tim’s alone and totally stole one of Dick’s.

Damian replacing all Tim’s discs in his bag with putters of different colors. Tim not realizing until hole 10.

Jason elbowing Dick just before he throws and accidentally giving him a hole in one.

Damian trash talking everyone. Even Dick. *Dick bounces a disc off two trees in one throw* “Grayson we are playing disc golf not pinball.”

Damian might be good, but Steph is there solely for the trash talk, even though Tim gave her an official invite. 

“What are you Doing here Steph? You didn’t even bring discs.”

“You’ll notice I brought popcorn because there’s no way I’m going to miss this show”

By the end of the game Steph and Dami have teamed up with their trash taking and no one is safe. Everyone realizes it and tries to temper the trash talk:

Tim: Steph, Why are you throwing so much trash?

Steph: *shruggs* I don’t have any discs what else am I supposed to throw


Jason: It’s hot out.

Jason: *goes to stand by Damian*

Damian: What are you doing, Todd?

Jason: Hiding in all the shade you’ve been throwing.


Guys, guys, guys, I really like how this turned out, I mean everyones faces are so cute! Anyway, everyone ready for a really long explanation, alright, let’s gooooooo!

 Okay so since it’s a long story, I’m just gonna write the basics. 

 Final battle.

 Foot vs Hamato clan.

 Shredder fighting Splinter. Splinter is now unconscious.

 Mikey shows up on the scene and without even thinking he yells out to shredder to stop. Shredder turns on Mikey (this scene can be found here) Shredder fights Mikey and is winning April shows up and saves Mikey. Splinter and the gang (April,Miwa, and Casey) take Mikey back to the lair cause he’s hurt pretty bad. 

 Mikey stays with them and heals for months (at least 5) (Random things happen in that time x, x, and x. [I need to draw more of this time]) 

 Meanwhile he’s bros are going crazy searching for him and trying to get him back (shredder lied to them and told them the Hamatos kidnapped Mikey) Finally Mikey is able to go to his bros, but can’t go with them cause shredder will kill him for his betrayal (a comic about that can be found here. Mikey tries to explain that April and Splinter, all the Hamatos are good. His bros think that Splinter must have tricked Mikey or mind controlled him or something to get him to say that and is laying out a trap (or something like that) cause why would their Master lie to them.

 But when Mikey looks to Don and calls him “Donnie” for the first time since before Mikey lost his arm (which is at least 6 to 7 years, [this little part about the name was @purpletechtyrtle ]). Donnie is so shocked by this and then he notices the tiny spark of light in Mikeys eyes that he hasn’t seen in so many many years, and Donnie believes him. (Hence the comic above) And there you have it so far XD haha this is waaaaaay near the end of my story buuuut, these parts are the most clear in my mind. I hope all this makes sense and is not too confusing!