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Good morning, fannibals and welcome back to a new episode of “Today we have our morning coffee with a character from Hannibal tv show”. And today we have our breakfast with the sassy science team: Brian Zeller (Aaron Abrams) and Jimmy Price (Scott Thomson)! All you need is in my drawing. I hope you’ll enjoy! 🤓⚗🔬

Buenos días y bienvenidos a otra entrega de “Hoy desayunamos café al estilo de un personaje de la serie Hannibal”. Y sí! Hoy desayunamos al estilo del equipo forense con Brian Zeller y Jimmy Price! Todo lo que necesitamos para hacerlo, está en mi dibujo de hoy. Espero que os guste! 🤓⚗🔬

Any new fannibals? Welcome!

Sending out a warm welcome to the Fannibal fandom to any new fannibals ! August is finally here and we need all the support we can get.

Also shout out to those who’ve been in the fandom from the very beginning – you’ve been keeping our family alive.

All of us are essential members ! Let’s get our season 4 !



What’s going on?

From November 19th-25th, we are encouraging each and every one of you to rec one (or more) of your favorite holiday or winter themed fics! Whether that means sitting down to dinner with the Murder Family; snuggling up by the fire with Hannibal and Will, or cutting down rude Christmas tree salesmen—we want to see the fics that make you feel all warm and cozy inside!

How do I participate?

Tag your rec with the hashtag #FannibalFicRecs and loop us in at @hannibalficwriters so we can reblog your recommendation and spread the love! We’ll do our best to catch them all, but as you all know, Tumblr can be fickle at times (and that’s being generous). If you don’t see your rec in a few days time, drop us a message and we’ll add it to the queue!

Who can I rec?

Anyone at all! Long or short; new or old; WiPs or completed works; crossovers or canon divergences; newbies or established writers!
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Love to you all!

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Me: *has a shitton of work to do*
Me: i know exactly what I have to do..
My brain: no, don’t say it
Me: time to read fanfiction.!
My brain:
My brain: *screams*

Hannibal S4 Dreams, VI

More of our S4 dreams!

  • Will & Hannibal still changing each other, but Will doesn’t completely give in to his inner darkness.
  • Hannigram to become even more visually canon, and for Clarice to perhaps be a part of it.
  • That it happens!!
  • The return of Team Sassy Science!
  • The Hannigram sexual tension finally being resolved
  • I hope that both will and Hannibal are in season 4 together. I can’t imagine Bryan’s hannibalverse without our darling little brain fever murder diva. I also hope for more puppies but alas that is a dream I fear will never come true. X
  • This is..kinda headcanon but I want hannigram living together in a house with flowers around
  • Happy Murder husbands
  • I want to see Will and Hannibal make a murder tableau together.
  • I want season four of Hannibal to take place after the cliff scene after the finale of season three. Will and Hannibal survive and make it to Cuba, much like Bryan Fuller has stated. Jack Crawford has not given up his search for the murderous pair, but they’re deep uncover as Hannibal quenches his thirst for blood and hunger for flesh outside the states. Will is slowly but surely accepting his own murderous impulses, and Hannibal helps him hone his skills so that they can continue to remain under the radar. Things take an unexpected turn when another killer is brought to light and goes after Will, testing Hannibal’s patience and loyalty.
  • Hannigram
  • Hannigram
  • Hannigram
  • Hannigram sexy times
  • Just that it will happen.
  • Big gay wedding
  • That it actually happens!!
  • Hannigram
  • A proper kiss
  • Hannigram happiness!
  • I wish for Hannibal ro finally invite Freddie Lounds to dinner.
  • well as an avid gardener I hope for some domestic bliss with hanni cooking what will grows. you have no idea how unreasonably happy that would make me
  • An actual hannigram kiss
  • Continues with Will and Hannibal through season seven.
  • Will Graham to be happy for once.
  • A kiss, a kiss, my kingdom for a KISS!!! (SLOOOOOOOW BURN)
  • I hope that Hannibal and Will get closer and get a dog named killer. Also I hope clarice starlingt is season if they can.
  • That Hannibal and Will will run away together and they’d be disgustingly in love and murderous.
  • Murder Husbands together - hunting together, sorting through all their issues together, and of course, cuddling together. :) Also I want Will to adopt a dog and Hannibal to reluctantly take said dog on walks.
  • Continued Hannigram! Really, it doesn’t matter, as long as we get season four.
  • Will getting captured, he gets to gloat at Jack about finally knowing himself, and then Hanni breaks him out.

red-earth-rising  asked:

Dear Holly, thank you for making me ache for fluff! If you are doing prompts - post s3, Will gradually notices Hannibal casually putting on his sweater just after he discards it, and often wearing Will's t-shirts instead of his own even though they are too small. So one morning he decides to ask Hannibal to put his boxers on. Sexy fluff ensues. Inspired by that scene in Mizumono where Hannibal steals Will's coat from Alana and puts it on even though it is soaked </3

Hannibal’s shirt rode high up in the back when he bent over. It took Will several minutes to realize it was one of his own.

“Hannibal.” Will trailed behind him into the kitchen, eying the tanned skin where it peeked out around his hips. “Why are you wearing my shirt?”

“Am I?” Hannibal smirked. “Would you like it back?”

Will eyed the threadbare fabric stretched tight across Hannibal’s chest. He was softer in the middle now than he had been back in Baltimore. Will licked his lips and forced his gaze back to Hannibal’s face. “No. Keep it. It looks good on you.”

The next morning Will found Hannibal out in the yard, wearing one of his sweaters. The sleeves just a bit too short, the small of his back exposed to the cool morning air.

“Come here,” Will said, leading Hannibal back into the house, then down the hall to his bedroom.

Hannibal stood in the doorway as Will opened the top drawer of his dresser. He tossed a pair of plaid boxers in Hannibal’s direction. “Put these on.”

Hannibal stared down at the bunched up fabric in his hands for a moment, then at Will, face placid and amused. “Right here?”

“Right here.”


Hannibal shucked off his pajama bottoms and underwear in one swoop, kicking them away. His soft cock hung heavy between his legs as he stepped into Will’s shorts and pulled them on.

They fit well. Too well. Tight in all the proper places, waistband cutting in just beneath his hipbones.

Will gave himself over to instinct, crowding Hannibal back against the wall. “I think I’d like to touch you. Is that okay?”

Hannibal’s throat bobbed as he swallowed, hunger in his eyes. “Yes.”

Will slid to his knees and gripped Hannibal’s hips. Hannibal began to grow erect, tenting the front of the boxers. “I think I’d like to put my mouth on you, too,” he said, breathless, gazing up into Hannibal’s dark eyes.

Hannibal could only nod, slack-jawed and speechless, carding fingers through Will’s messy hair.

Will nuzzled at Hannibal’s erection through the fabric, fingers groping at his thighs and up to his ass. He mouthed along the line of Hannibal’s hardness, breathing in the heady scent of his arousal.

Will had only begun to soak through the shorts with his tongue, lapping at Hannibal’s cock head, when Hannibal’s legs began to quiver, knees threatening to buckle. He let out a strangled groan and Will felt Hannibal’s cock pulse beneath the boxers.

Will pulled away, smiling up at Hannibal. “Are you alright?”

Hannibal huffed out a laugh, sliding down the wall to join Will on the floor. “My apologies. That was quite unexpected.”

Will grinned and took Hannibal’s burning face between his hands. “It’s okay. I wanted you to keep these anyway.”

“Is that so?”

Will leaned forward, breathing right against Hannibal’s lips. “Yes. And I have some more things for you to try on later, if you’d like.”

“Yes,” Hannibal whispered, body trembling. “I’d like that very much.”

[hannigram fluff therapy]

He looks at you... like you’re something to eat.

Inspired by @hotsauce418​‘s (alledgedly) accidental use of Edward and Jacob as Hannigram aliases, and cheered on by the lovely @tcbook​ and @desperatelyseekingcannibals​, I can only apologise for this nonsense (of which there may be more…):

“I think we should break up.”

Logically, Hannibal knew there was nothing genuine in Will’s suggestion. There was no scent of distress or anger emanating from his beloved, and though his tone was grim, Hannibal could easily detect the twist of amusement running beneath it. Besides, even in his most thrillingly manipulative moments, Will would never go so far as to play with Hannibal’s fear of being separated once again. They had long passed beyond those kind of cruelties.

Logic did nothing to stop the tight constriction of Hannibal’s heart on hearing the words, though, even as he raised an eyebrow in Will’s direction, schooling his features into an expression of mild curiosity.

“If you say so, my love. Might I be permitted to know what heinous indiscretion I have committed before you cast me from your presence forever?”

Will’s smirk eased the insistent, irrational tightness in his chest. This was going to be a game, then. That was good. They both enjoyed their games, now that they tended to end with Will in Hannibal’s lap, rather than Hannibal’s knife in Will’s gut.

“I’ve discovered your dirty little secret,” he said, eyes dancing with unrestrained glee.

“I assure you, dear Will, I have shared with you every one of my secrets, both dirty and clean. There is nothing left hidden between us, I am your open book,” Hannibal said, spreading his hands as if to illustrate this. It was true, Will held all the details of Hannibal’s life within him, every secret, every story, every memory that constituted Hannibal Lecter. Even Mischa.

Will’s lips split on a grin and his expression turned horribly smug. “An interesting choice of words…”

Hannibal sat a little straighter in his armchair as Will strolled into their sitting room, admiring the easy grace with which the formerly twitchy, awkward man now moved, anticipating the moment Will would deposit himself upon his waiting lap. He was a little disappointed, therefore, that instead of his warm, pliant self, Will placed, for some reason, a paperback book on Hannibal’s knees. Hannibal quirked an eyebrow at him and received only a nod towards the object in response. He looked down and froze.

The book was battered and dog-eared, far from the pristine, cloth- and leather-bound volumes Hannibal displayed in their home. Its black cover was creased with use, with a small rip in the bottom corner, but the artwork was still clear, two pale arms extending from the top edge, hands brought together in a shape faintly resembling a heart. In them was cradled a blood-red apple.


“I always suspected all that fanboying over Dante was a front, but I had no idea your tastes were so… teenage,” Will gloated.

Hannibal considered whether it was too late to eat the man’s brain.