team guys


Ambush the Dads to show affection. They clearly love it

I saw ‘Team Dads’ and ‘sons,’ and the only thing that came to mind was ‘Huge uncomfortable group Hug’

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HEY, I noticed you use a lot of rupaul's drag race gifs and "slang", do you watch the show?? If so, please tell me who you like!! (sorry I get really excited about this show... u_u)

blame arin for the mess that i’ve become i’ve only seen seasons 5-9, my favorite ones are 6 and 9 and the queens of my heart are Sasha Velour, Valentina, Bianca Del Rio, Adore Delano, Trinity K. Bonet, Katya, Kim Chi and Naomi Smalls <3


Some Old-ish art I found in my sketchbook that I never uploaded VvV’’

guys i met michael finally after so many years and i’ve had the best few days with amazing people in an amazing place and i’m just so !!! right now

And through the flames, she sees you, Magnus, alive.

“lance for black paladin”

“lance is actually very smart and just pretends to be dumb”

“lance is the one who brings the team together he unifies them all uwu”

“what if lance was altean? Or galra?”


“what if the show treated lance like the main character he is–”

“what if–”

so basically, this is what you want

Left: pre-t, age 19, 122 lbs
Right: 1yr 9mos on T, 10 days post op, age 24, 155 lbs

Who knew this is what I would or COULD grow into? Who knew I would be here in 2017 at all? Healthy and pretty fucking happy. I sure as hell didn’t.