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  【MHGen】Top 15 Great Sword Sets

By Team Darkside

P&G’s: Live vs. Broadcast

Just some thoughts about watching the meet live for the first time, what’s different, and what I thought of the meet.

1. Splat fests are 800x more stressful in person, but Leah Clapper is a trooper for making that save. 

2. I don’t care what the leo looks like, every girl looks like a disco ball. 

3. Wolf turns, somehow, are even uglier in person.

4. CAN WE PLEASE STOP STRADDLING OUR PAC SALTOS? (I was sitting right behind bars and oh god, it was an epidemic almost worse than wolf turns.)

5. I understand Marta’s insistence on white leotards in ‘96 because damn Riley has abs

6. Riley is really captivating to watch live, far more than she is on T.V. As soon as she hit beam and floor, you couldn’t not watch her. 

7. Ragan looks vastly older from a distance. She clearly carries herself with a maturity on the competition floor that I haven’t been able to see before. I hope NBC et. al. stop infantilizing her. 

8. Loved watching Deanne and Morgi. I want nothing but happiness for both of them (and everyone, really). 

9. The biggest difference from watching the broadcast to watching it live is simply how obvious it is in person that these kids are exceptional athletes through and through. It was really a treat to get to see them perform live, and it gave me such a different appreciation for the work they do day-in, day-out in the gym.

10. I love, love, love this sport. 

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