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moira tips!

  • don’t hold down your healing. try to burst it and get multiple allies with it. it does the most healing for a support that isn’t an ultimate/amp it up (80 HP/S) and does a little healing over time.
  • do not go after that tank. seriously. you cannot kill the tanks. dont even try. unless they’re at very low health you Will Not Solo Any Tank
  • squishies on the enemy team are good targets for you to use to attack. genji and tracer are pretty easy to get once dash/recall are on cooldown, tiny, and low-mobile squishies like mccree and zenyatta.
  • moira’s primary attack (her purple life-sapping beam) is a soft lock. practice tracking! move around your target, keeping your reticle trained on them as much as possible. there is some lenience, but it’s not like symmetra’s beam. you need to track.
  • use a crosshair or crosshair and circle for your reticle. i used my friend to help me adjust the crosshair length to around the distance the reticle can be to lock to a target. 
  • if you’re fine with differing sensitivies for different characters, use a higher sensitivity for moira
  • fade is on a very short cooldown, but does not last very long. using it to get out of spawn or for more mobility is usually fine. if you are in a teamfight, though, try to avoid using it until you are low on health and need to escape, or someone on the enemy team ults and you need to get to cover or get out of graviton/blizzard.
  • fade will get rid of discord orbs, anti-heal, etc. you cannot fade out of a junkrat trap. i tried. you will still die. if you step in a junkrat trap just accept your fate. 
  • moira’s attack will prioritise enemies over other things like turrets, junkrat traps, orisa’s ult, etc. this is where the tracking and aiming is important. be careful what you’re aiming at.
  • the range on her attack is crazy. it’s like twenty two meters or something. you can probably kill a pharah harassing your backline. do that if you don’t have anyone else to worry about.
  • moira does NOT do a lot of damage. use her damage less for DPS and kill confirming and more for recharging your heals, charging your ultimate, finishing a weak enemy, helping your primary DPS get kills, or to scare off a flanker. genji will run for healing when he takes 1 damage and forgets he can’t deflect you. it’s pretty funny.
  • moira’s orbs are very picky and will probably not bounce how you want them to. it will take a lot of practice. avoid bouncing them on the floor if you are outside because they will just fly off uselessly. throw them at chokepoints, into flanking routes, into grav, into blizzard, into hammer down, at the objective. use her damage orb to initiate a fight. 
  • the orb is on a fairly short cooldown of ~11 seconds. throw a damage orb at the start of a fight and by the time you get it back, you may need a healing orb. use your judgement. your team’s sustain vs. kiling the enemy. if you have another healer alive an the enemy team has either more overall health (more tanks, for example, or more people alive) then damage may be wiser.
  • genji can deflect your orbs. can eat them.zarya bubbles are completely unaffected.
  • moira will not heal or gain heal charge by damaging anything that isn’t a player. you can damage mei’s wall all day long and you won’t gain a lick of health back.
  • moira damages more than she self heals. i think the numbers are 33 dps and 22 hp/s? she has a surprising amount of self-sustain for a support, though
  • the orbs cannot be damaged and have a surprising reach. pray that your teammates will walk into your healing orbs. it’s in god’s hands now.
  • coalescence isn’t as strong as you think. she heals far more than she damages with it. 
  • use coalescence to heal through a soldier ult, grav, dragonstrike, hammer down, etc and to hurt the enemy team. it has a 30 meter range. you can hit the skybox with it. 
  • coalescence will heal you, but you aren’t invincible. stay farther back from your team if you can. it will go through barriers. use it to finish off several weak enemies and heal your team at the same time. 
  • when you use fade, no one can see you for the duration. you vanish for just under a full second and move very quickly. go around corners, go behind an enemy, go behind your tank’s shield. 
  • if you jump around the middle/end of using face while holding forward, you’ll go a little further. with a higher sensitivity, you can quickly duck around corners like this. practice in a custom game for a while, it’s a little tricky.
  • remember that moira is a support. she isn’t dps! you cannot kill everyone, but you might still get gold elimations and objective kills from orbs and ancillary damage. try to keep your team alive.
  • she plays best with a team that groups up a lot rather than something like dive

Added Shiro to the mix ( got so many messages about why he wasn’t included ) ( and he’s my sister’s fav so now I gotta draw him more )




protect ur smol ok

Keith is heartbroken and upset Shiro’s gone, and he can’t just move on. When the team says that they need a new leader, Keith keeps reminding them that Shiro is gone. It hurts him more that Shiro is gone rather than Voltron not being able to form. 

So when he says  “You wanted me to lead Voltron? This is how I do it”, he’s bitter and pissed that the team has made him become the leader even though he’s mentioned time and time again that he doesn’t want to lead the group to Shiro because Shiro is the leader and he never thought that he would actually pilot Black because he never thought he’d lose Shiro again.

anonymous asked:

does tony think of peter as a son?

probably not consciously. he treats him kind of like a son sometimes, but that’s not very unusual for tony. tony has to be watched closely or he adopts stray genius children everywhere he goes.

 mostly it’s pretty long distance–he emails and videocalls them, sets up scholarships, funds research, talks them through school problems, introduces them to employers… i know for a fact that at least half of the starkphone beta testers are sleep-deprived students across the country who tony has run into at some convention or facility tour and decided to keep. some of them come to work at Stark Industries eventually, but a fair number go into other fields.

he has a strange ability to pinpoint exactly which kid in any given cluster is an untapped well of talent looking for mentoring. we have a number of bets running on if he’s doing it consciously or not. 

either way, he does it a lot.

he’s not very cuddly or touchy-feely with them, and he gets hilariously defensive if you poke him about it, but he’s actually a really good mentor, and he does really care. i mean, sometimes he uses the ‘do the exact opposite of what i would do’ method of role modelling, but…

okay imagine if the IT cast and the stranger things cast were all one big group of friends,,,honestly they’d be too powerful

Voltron Season 4 positivity post

I know that season 4 wasn’t the best and focused more on developing the plot than the characters, but I’ve decided to stay positive, so here’s a list of all the best parts of season 4 :)

-Keith in the Blade of Marmora outfit 👌
-And Keith’s new perspective on the war, seeing it as a soldier rather than a war hero. We’ll see if that’s a good or bad thing later on, but I just thought I’d note it
-Team Voltron group hug >o<
-Black Paladin Shiro once again (and the writers not touching on the whole clone issue WHATSOEVER)
-Holt sibling flashbacks (Pidge got her nickname from her bro T-T)
-The Holt reunion scene ToT
-Anime, meme boi Matt
-Lance looking like he’s about to murder someone when Matt starts flirting with Allura
-Pidge showing Matt around the castle and Matt being a supportive older brother and being proud of his sister T0T
-Matt, Pidge, and Hunk being the best genius trio in the galaxy, nerds unite 👊

-The cow scene tho
-Lance has a future career in acting, I KNOW IT
-Allura having to play Keith in all the skits, and not being happy about it at all
-Shiro have literally no flippin’ clue how to act, but doing it anyway
-Coran falling victim to a drug dealer scheme (don’t do drugs kids)
-Lance’s dancing 👌
-The ice skating skit
-“Help me, Bi Bo Pi, you’re my only hope!”
-Hunk flippin’ elbow jamming that Galra officer in the face 👌👌👌
-Lotor flippin BREAKING his WRISTS to get out of those handcuffs, cuz I TOTALLY needed to see that
-All the rebel officers helping in the final two episodes 👊
-And while we’re on the topic, the fact that those two rebels who betrayed Voltron earlier got redeemed
-Keith and Matt interactions during the final episode (can they be bros please????)
-Lance encouraging Allura and basically being the reason they survived the fight but giving her all the credit for it
-Keith NOT sacrificing himself in the last episode

“That Was All You”: A Black Paladin Lance Meta

Alternatively Titled: Local Girl Digs Heels In So Hard She’s Laying on the Ground. “This Is My Home Now,” She Says.

Listen. Listen. No, I don’t know when to quit. Yes, I have a midterm tomorrow and am procrastinating. Shut up.

Now, since this is going to be long as hell (because I really don’t know when to quit), here’s a quick summary of my argument: 1. we’re building up to a leadership arc with Lance, 2. the pilot of the Black Lion depends not just on Black but on the team, and 3. Keith and Red still have a connection.

Blah blah blah, general disclaimer, I am probably could be wrong, lesgo:

Season 4 episode 6 sees the introduction of a new galra super weapon – a planet rigged to explode and take the whole solar system out with it. Right after destroying the galra stronghold on said planet, the team is suddenly surrounded by giant spire things and have no idea what they are.

And it’s Lance that makes the right call. He’s the one that not only says “hey let’s leave,” but also “and here’s how we’re going to do it.” He looks at this situation, sees a need to distance them from it immediately, and knows exactly who to delegate the task to. 

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Things Derek Nurse has done that has caused him to be blocked and/or removed from the SMH group chat
  • gone into Lowes or some fucking where that has deck displays and taken a picture of himself standing on it and then sent it to Dex with the caption “Still wanna deck me?” along with several winking emojis
    • Dex blocked him for a week
  • taken a video of himself turning off the lights somewhere and going “guess you can’t punch my lights out when they’re already off”
    • He was immediately removed from the group chat
  • sent a picture of the night sky filled with stars from fucking Utah or somewhere with the caption “no need to hit me until I see stars, I just had to travel”
    • he was removed from the group chat and Dex blocked him for a week
    • He then sent another similar snap to Dex that said “fuck me until I see these all night long” and Dex deleted himself from existence
  • opened an actual can of gummy worms and sent the picture to the group chat whenever someone brings up something unpleasant with the caption “don’t”
    • He gets removed and then added right back because “no no he’s right”
  • He didn’t get removed or blocked for this but one time he got in a fight with someone (coughoneofhisroommatescough) and he sent a picture of himself to the group chat meaning to send it to just Dex with the caption “Should’ve rolled with the punches” and he has a blackeye in it and the entirety of the Smh was in an uproar
    • It took less than ten minutes for them to track down the person that beat him up
    • He’s sitting in the kitchen at the Haus with Dex bandaging him up and Bitty stress baking and then laughs and says to Dex “when did we get married? I didn’t know you were a Nurse”
    • Dex said, verbally, “I’m blocking you”
    • Bitty nearly choked on the word “Fine”