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Can we just hold up for a moment to talk about the fact that Adam teamed up to help pay for someone's college education? I know the group he teamed up with has done this for a while but I still think it's awesome.

Yes, he’s such a sweetheart! I loved the video.

My dance students call me “L.” & it is a pleasure to meet you. I have 25+ years of performance & my wonderful dance partner is Daniel-Andrew Asberry-El.

Our styles are Afro-Latin, Reggaeton, Salsa: NY, LA, Cuban, Dominican Bachata, HipHop (freestyle) and choreography. I choreograph individuals, couples, teams, groups for weddings, celebrations, & performances.


SESSIONS: 50 minutes

–Main Studio @ 5807 East Little York, Houston, Texas, 77016 in the area East of Highway 59 aka Interstate 69)
–Home Studio in the Area of Kuykendahl & 1960 West in Spring, Texas. This is location is provided for kids and adults afraid of being seen.
–Your Business/Home. See below.

*Pricing does not include tax. Tax is added at the time of payment.
*We travel to all major cities in the United States to teach. Travel fee may be included.
*no refunds, but you never lose your lessons.

*Week/Month long training sessions for competition/performance
*Pricing for 2+ people
*Sessions/Workshops outside of Texas & USA

Let us know if you have any questions.

Looking forward to dancing with you!

Thumbtack Top Pro (2014-2017)
Instructor & Choreographer - Dancing with L.
Dance Partner & Performer - Salsa Norte L&D
Vice President - Solel International, a 501©3 non-profit organization



protect ur smol ok

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does tony think of peter as a son?

probably not consciously. he treats him kind of like a son sometimes, but that’s not very unusual for tony. tony has to be watched closely or he adopts stray genius children everywhere he goes.

 mostly it’s pretty long distance–he emails and videocalls them, sets up scholarships, funds research, talks them through school problems, introduces them to employers… i know for a fact that at least half of the starkphone beta testers are sleep-deprived students across the country who tony has run into at some convention or facility tour and decided to keep. some of them come to work at Stark Industries eventually, but a fair number go into other fields.

he has a strange ability to pinpoint exactly which kid in any given cluster is an untapped well of talent looking for mentoring. we have a number of bets running on if he’s doing it consciously or not. 

either way, he does it a lot.

he’s not very cuddly or touchy-feely with them, and he gets hilariously defensive if you poke him about it, but he’s actually a really good mentor, and he does really care. i mean, sometimes he uses the ‘do the exact opposite of what i would do’ method of role modelling, but…

Things Derek Nurse has done that has caused him to be blocked and/or removed from the SMH group chat
  • gone into Lowes or some fucking where that has deck displays and taken a picture of himself standing on it and then sent it to Dex with the caption “Still wanna deck me?” along with several winking emojis
    • Dex blocked him for a week
  • taken a video of himself turning off the lights somewhere and going “guess you can’t punch my lights out when they’re already off”
    • He was immediately removed from the group chat
  • sent a picture of the night sky filled with stars from fucking Utah or somewhere with the caption “no need to hit me until I see stars, I just had to travel”
    • he was removed from the group chat and Dex blocked him for a week
    • He then sent another similar snap to Dex that said “fuck me until I see these all night long” and Dex deleted himself from existence
  • opened an actual can of gummy worms and sent the picture to the group chat whenever someone brings up something unpleasant with the caption “don’t”
    • He gets removed and then added right back because “no no he’s right”
  • He didn’t get removed or blocked for this but one time he got in a fight with someone (coughoneofhisroommatescough) and he sent a picture of himself to the group chat meaning to send it to just Dex with the caption “Should’ve rolled with the punches” and he has a blackeye in it and the entirety of the Smh was in an uproar
    • It took less than ten minutes for them to track down the person that beat him up
    • He’s sitting in the kitchen at the Haus with Dex bandaging him up and Bitty stress baking and then laughs and says to Dex “when did we get married? I didn’t know you were a Nurse”
    • Dex said, verbally, “I’m blocking you”
    • Bitty nearly choked on the word “Fine”
  • Trunks: "Knowledge" is knowing that a tomato is a fruit; "wisdom" is not putting it in a fruit salad.
  • Goten: That was deep.
  • Uub: "Philosophy" is wondering if that means ketchup is a smoothie.
  • Goten: That was deeper.
  • Marron: "Common sense" is knowing that ketchup isn’t a damn smoothie, you nasties.