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One of my favorite group/team dynamics is “We all use different weapons” because like.. At one point one had to sit down and say “Can I just have one sword pleassse” but then probably got like.. Half a bow and most of an arrow.



protect ur smol ok

Things Derek Nurse has done that has caused him to be blocked and/or removed from the SMH group chat
  • gone into Lowes or some fucking where that has deck displays and taken a picture of himself standing on it and then sent it to Dex with the caption “Still wanna deck me?” along with several winking emojis
    • Dex blocked him for a week
  • taken a video of himself turning off the lights somewhere and going “guess you can’t punch my lights out when they’re already off”
    • He was immediately removed from the group chat
  • sent a picture of the night sky filled with stars from fucking Utah or somewhere with the caption “no need to hit me until I see stars, I just had to travel”
    • he was removed from the group chat and Dex blocked him for a week
    • He then sent another similar snap to Dex that said “fuck me until I see these all night long” and Dex deleted himself from existence
  • opened an actual can of gummy worms and sent the picture to the group chat whenever someone brings up something unpleasant with the caption “don’t”
    • He gets removed and then added right back because “no no he’s right”
  • He didn’t get removed or blocked for this but one time he got in a fight with someone (coughoneofhisroommatescough) and he sent a picture of himself to the group chat meaning to send it to just Dex with the caption “Should’ve rolled with the punches” and he has a blackeye in it and the entirety of the Smh was in an uproar
    • It took less than ten minutes for them to track down the person that beat him up
    • He’s sitting in the kitchen at the Haus with Dex bandaging him up and Bitty stress baking and then laughs and says to Dex “when did we get married? I didn’t know you were a Nurse”
    • Dex said, verbally, “I’m blocking you”
    • Bitty nearly choked on the word “Fine”
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