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Bill Hamid: Homegrown Hero

For DC area native Bill Hamid, playing for his hometown MLS club, D.C. United, is a dream come true. Here’s his story:

His love for the game started at a young age. His father, Sully Hamid, started Premier Athletics Club, which serviced youth teams in which Bill featured. Bill is top left, holding a trophy in the picture below.

Growing up, Bill often towered over his peers and those older than him. Here he is playing goalkeeper against kids two years his senior.

In addition to starring for youth clubs, Bill and his father regularly attended D.C. United games. From his spot in the stands, Bill saw a bright future for himself.

When Bill was 18, D.C. United signed him straight out of high school, making him their first Homegrown signing.

At 19-years-old, Bill broke Tim Howard’s record as the youngest goalkeeper in MLS history to make a start. 

Bill’s meteoric rise continued when, in 2011, he recorded his first USMNT start, a shutout to boot.

In 2013, Bill faced his biggest professional test to date - featuring for a D.C. United squad that recorded the worst season in MLS history. After such a rough campaign, Bill’s focus became reclaiming the pride of a city. 2014 became a remarkable year, both on the team and individual ends.

Now just 24-years-old, Bill’s future continues to look incredibly bright. What will come next? You’ll just have to keep tuning into MLS to find out :D

Who is Gossip Kunoichi?
  • Sakura: Guys, I am so fed up with this bitch Gossip Kunoichi! How could someone write something like that about me and Sasuke? What’s wrong with our night routine? Although we have yet to marry, everyone knows we are just waiting for the justice to come joining our celebration, much like BP and AJ.
  • Ino: Calm down, forehead, we already know you have warned her. She wrote it.
  • Sakura: Now, I am pretty sure that she is you! Ino-pig, she wrote so much about you and we all know you love attention!
  • Shiho: But do we know for sure it’s a girl?
  • Naruto: Girl, you are genius! I’ve always found that talking style very familiar! That’s Teme’s talking. Sasuke, it’s you!
  • Sasuke: Dobe, you want a fight?
  • Shino: You guys are being childish for someone wanting the new world to come. Why? Because you are suggesting some fight after we finally reach peace.
  • Hinata: Yes, Shino is right. Naruto-kun, I think you should apologize for being rude without evidence.
  • Naruto: What? He suggested a fight! Always he! Remember the last time—
  • Sakura: Naruto, you are not accusing Sasuke of anything!
  • Tenten: Does anyone else feel that we should keep our speculation on without them? It just has to take place every day.
  • Neji: While I agree with you, I have to make sure Naruto is not getting Hinata into trouble.
  • Lee: Come on, people, that’s youth. You should let them experience it. Even though I found it super no good to leave Sakura with those psychos.
  • Naruto+Sasuke: Who are you referring to as psycho?
  • Naruto+Sasuke: Don’t say what I say!
  • Kiba: I think this means they are fine. What’s a shame, I was about to take them shortly after. I vote Sasuke as Gossip Kunoichi, too. Lonely as he is, he has the most time doing that.
  • Akamaru: *bark in agreement*
  • Kiba: Hear, I got a point.
  • *Everyone watches Sasuke.*
  • Ino: I, on the other hand think you could be it. So little were said about you and all of us here know you are anything but innocent, Mr. Womanizer.
  • Kiba: It was too occupied with you. So they have to leave my glory out.
  • Karui: Which we all know shim can’t find any to write even if shim wants.
  • Kiba: Now who’s being not so innocent? Karui, I think you should check your profile—
  • Chouji: Her profile is more than honorable, Kiba.
  • Ino: Chouji! Who knows you can be a protective husband-to-be? Now I think you can be a good GK, too.
  • Temari: It couldn’t be him. The last update popped up when he was onstage saying his touching proposal. That also means Karui, Shikamaru, and I, who were the main focus, couldn’t be it. I would vote you, too, Ino. You keep switching your suspects.
  • Karui: Nice shot, Temari. *high five*
  • Ino: Hey, maybe it has helpers. When did you two get so close? Partners in crime? Shika, do you have any idea?
  • Shikamaru: Troublesome. Why do I have to care who is GK? Maybe it’s not someone in Konahagakure, though. Some nice jutsu can be useful.
  • Neji: You had a point but are you suggesting my clan could also suit the guess?
  • Shikamaru: Don’t be a drag, Neji. I was just pointing out.
  • Tenten: It couldn’t be Neji or Hinata. Too many shits were posted about them.
  • Kiba: Then I’d have to say it’s you. You are portrayed as a Mother Teresa by it.
  • Tenten: I would never call myself Hyuuga Tenten! Not in a million year!
  • Neji: Why not? I honestly think it sounds good.
  • Tenten: Then maybe, I will consider it. Just maybe. And just consider.
  • Naruto: Get a room and consider that you two. I am still suspicious of Sasuke.
  • Sasuke: I swear I would not waste my time like that. As far as I’m concerned, I would guess Shiho. You are the first one to say it may not be a girl. What did you try to dodge?
  • Shiho: I am not…
  • Shino: She can’t be. She got some very embarrassing spills. Would you do that to yourself?
  • Kiba: Mr. Justice-is-my-new-name, I think you of all people have the eyes and the time and the motive. And Shino can be your helper. So are his bugs.
  • Shino: Then Akamaru can do some dirty work for you as well.
  • Kiba: Now it’s your turn for a fight?
  • Hinata: Kiba, Shino…
  • Sakura: No need to care about the fools, Hinata. GK is quite sly, so it can’t be them.
  • Shikamaru: I agree with you.
  • Sakura: Yeah, it just hit on me. How could it not be noticed for so long? When Sasuke and I threatened it, we still didn’t find its identity.
  • Shikamaru: Then how about Naruto and Hinata, it said they had hit it too?
  • Ino: Wait for a moment. You two are the smartest people in this world. Are you trying to say otherwise?
  • Lee: Ino, that makes sense. Smart people like them would know to keep making fun of themselves, which was actually making their images better. Remember the whole serial specials about Shikamaru and His Power over—
  • *Temari, Ino, and Shiho punched Lee*
  • Tenten: Did you really read all those BS?
  • Neji: Probably because he doesn’t have a life.
  • Sai: Or because he wrote those. Being an outsider, I can see there’s more under those bushy brows.
  • Sakura: How long have you been here?
  • Sai: Since you yelled you are fed up, Miss Ugly. And I wasn’t the only one keeping silent from the beginning. I was watching and I think they are also suspicious. Like Kazekage-sama and Mr. Kankuro.
  • Gaara: Did you forget I have a country to run?
  • Matsuri: Gaara-sensei—
  • Gaara: I told you to drop sensei.
  • Matsuri: He would never do something like that!
  • Sai: But it looks as if he had never slept.
  • Kankuro: Haha, I like your guess.
  • Temari: Kankuro, you are also on his list.
  • Kankuro: Well, I can tell you I am not GK. I would have come up with better names. And kunai and shuriken are not my thing.
  • Sari: Yes, and I think it has to be someone from Konoha. Most jokes were inner jokes.
  • Temari: Sari, did you read them?
  • Sari: Well, just some. To catch up with Temari-sama and Nara-sama’s stories. Those are so beautiful and romantic.
  • Shikamaru: Seriously, if we want to make this right, we should stop being off-topic? It’s so troublesome with all you people.
  • Sasuke: Good point. We need to figure it out as soon as possible and I will take care of it on my own. Now, we all know I can’t be the one. Neither could Sakura because her free times are occupied.
  • Sakura: Sasuke, did I hear some evil pride? You are playing cute again.
  • Naruto: Yikes! I hate my gross teammates. Go get a room! Next to Neji and Tenten! BTW, my Hinata and I had kicked its ass. So cross us off. Neither could Sai. He makes the most terrible jokes. He just isn’t humorous enough.
  • Sakura: And you baka didn’t know who it is?
  • Hinata: It hid itself well. We were lucky enough to have some detecting and fighting skills to stop it just in time.
  • Sasuke: Cross them off, too. Too clueless and too kind.
  • Shino: Also cross me and Shiho off. We were highlighted too conveniently every week. We didn’t find any pleasure.
  • Shiho: Yes.
  • Ino: Really? You guys benefit the most!
  • Kiba: Can’t agree more with that!
  • Karui: Then pay extra attention to Kiba—
  • Temari: And Ino! These two are the only ones comfortable with that.
  • Ino: Are you saying I am comfortable with being trashed? Temari, or may I say Miss Gossip Kunoichi, you are dead!
  • Shikamaru: Stop. No more fight today. Shino and Shiho are not attention seeker. Karui and Temari wouldn’t have known so many Konaha humor—
  • Ino: How can we be sure? Who knows how do you spend your date time? We all know you are boring. Right, Chouji? Or are you also corrupted?
  • Chouji: Ino, you and Shika are my best friends. I would never write your stories like that. And I trust Karui. She is an honest person.
  • Kiba: Maybe too honest.
  • Chouji: Kiba, remember accusing Karui like that is like calling me fat!
  • Shikamaru: Forget it. I would just say to cross me off that trouble-maker’s list now.
  • Kiba: So let’s just say Ino and I are too persistent with finding the truth to be GK. Temari and maybe Karui don’t have the knowledge. Chouji and Shikamaru don’t look like gossiper type. Then we are left with the Sunas?
  • Temari: Idiot, how could they know any of you Leaf’s lame jokes and naughty secrets?
  • Tenten: Hey, you are insulting a lot of people here.
  • Neji: Let it go, Tenten. Kiba sure was idiotic. And I think we all know who could be the infamous Gossip Kunoichi and that’s very much your and my duty because shim’s our embarrassing teammate.
  • All except Neji and Lee: Neji, that sounds reasonable! You really are genius. Lee Rock, you are going to hell!
  • Lee: Wait, it’s not me.
  • Sakura: Then what’s about that fat shoutout for your blog?
  • Ino: Then what’s about all the compliments on Sakura?
  • Hinata: Yes. And you talk too much about Neji-nii-san showing you were really familiar with him.
  • Tenten: Yes. And the whole youthful thing?
  • Temari: Makes so much sense because you are the only single one here. Sai doesn’t count. He can’t feel anything anyway. No offence.
  • Sai: Anyone mind telling me if this is the time you say “none taken?”
  • Ino: Yes, and it’s cute to ask. You are like a baby. You can’t be a sinner.
  • Sai: Thanks, gorgeous.
  • Kiba: Wait, Ino. You like babies? You really want some?
  • Karui: Ignore the babies. The thing is, Lee Rock, you could have wanted to be Sasuke so you copied his talking style like babies do.
  • Sasuke: That is not my talking style but you have always been a sick stalker since you were a baby!
  • Naruto: Very well. Also only you would do manis. Oh, and you are always jealous of my hair color!
  • Shikamaru: Naruto, I think you read too many of Lee’s articles. Why haven't you already pointed out that to save us all these tedious dramas?
  • Chouji: So you are calling me fat in public?
  • Kiba: End him, Big Cho, Akamaru will be with you!
  • Shino: So will all kinds of bugs because Aburame clan is not to be messed with.
  • Gaara: Sands are here to help, too. And every Suna residents if you need.
  • Matsuri: Although that would be too tough, you deserve it.
  • Kankuro: Which one of my puppets collection do you prefer? I can also make new ones.
  • Sari: Well done. Go get it!
  • Shiho: Maybe we should report this pervert instead.
  • Sai: No need to do that. As a root member, I can finish everything right now. And I am sure some of us here are part of ANBU and other high positions as well.
  • Tenten: Back off, bureaucracy. This is team 3 crisis.
  • Neji: And should be tackled in our way.
  • Lee: But, but, but, I am not Gossip Kunoichi-sama. I am just its fan!

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Fluffy romantic Head canons for the Benriya team! Please & thank you :) -gk

WORICK: Worick is the PDA guru. It doesn’t matter if your audience is a cat or an entire nation—he’ll kiss you, hold your hand, whatever he can do to show his affection. Worick is also a huge cuddler, more than willing to whine you into sleeping next to him be it for the night or just a quick five minute nap. He’s also huge on communication, making sure to talk to you as much as he can, even if it’s just to say hello. Worick would be a worrier, always looking to make sure you’re safe, and if you aren’t there when he wakes up in the morning after spending the night, he’ll panic. Worick loves to keep you pulled to his chest or his side whether he’s sleeping or just walking around with you. 

NICOLAS: Nic is big on physical contact with his significant other. After he’s adjusted to the original novelty of your relationship, he’ll grow incredibly comfortable with you, finding all opportunities to touch you throughout the day. He will sit next to you on the couch while you rest, throwing your legs over his lap or simply wrapping his arms around you and pulling you down into a lying position. He loves holding your hand, rubbing your palm with his thumbs or even just watching them as you signed to him. His favorite cuddling position is you in his lap, either facing him or with your back to his belly, he doesn’t mind. And while the two of you sleep, he will hold you close throughout the night, hopefully waking up in each other’s arms come morning.

ALEX: Alex is somewhat shyer when it comes to getting romantically involved with you. She’ll take things slow, always putting you first. Alex is more conservative with displays of affection, holding your hand in public, but probably only kissing you in private. She loves closeness with you, opting to sit as close as possible to you. She’s big on small, intimate touches that convey the maximum amount of meaning. Alex is always willing to try new things with you, in bed or on dates, but will never cross any boundaries without your express permission. She’s gentle with you, and will always do her best to solve any troubles between the two of you with communication and compromise.