team gifset


I’m for you and I know you’re there for me, give me a high five! x


team not verified/better friends alive and well in this sunday’s podcast 



Maciej Kot after the individual competition in Zakopane 2016

I hope it’s not over and that it will be only getting better and better.

“Don’t lick your lip, Maciej. You know what it does to me.” 😹

Maciej has erotic eyebrowns. And an orgasmic smile. Maciej Kot is orgasmic in general. ❤ 😹  Hannu Lepistoe once said that one day Maciek is going to be one of the greatest ski jumpers. I trust Lepistoe.

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anonymous asked:

hi:) just wondering what episode that gifset of team jiraiya with nagato yakiho and konan (still as amegakure orphans) was from. Thanks! its a rly sad gifset btw

Mh I’m afraid you need to be more specific anon! If you’re talking about a gifset I made then it’s probably this one (x) and it’s from Naruto Shippuden Ep. 253. But if you’re talking about another gifset/made by another graphic maker, you’ll need to be more specific! ^^;