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Greenland Trail 25k Recap! 

Holy hills, Batman. I was not expecting all of that. I ran this race with one of my Team Challenge teammates, and thank goodness for her because otherwise I don’t know if I would have finished. She said the same thing about me. I am so glad we decided to run together. 

The race was almost an hour away, and I arrived at 6:40am to FREEZING temps. Okay, it was like 40 degrees out, but felt freezing in my tech shirt and capri’s. “Damnit. This is going to be brutal. I knew I should have brought a long sleeve.” Well, 8 minutes before the 7:30am start, it was toasty. I decided to run in my tank. Needless to say, I got an awkward sunburn from putting sunscreen on BEFORE taking my shirt off. 

An elevation gain of 1102 feet!!! Look at this! Jeez. 

Considering the circumstances, I am not disappointed in my time. The elevation was causing my heartbeat to range at about 160 walking!! I had to keep slowing down to get that under control. All in all though, a good race and I’d definitely consider running it again next year. 

Oh, and they had pizza and beer at the finish line (plus a ton of other yummy goodies)! Definitely my kind of race. It was also kind of awesome/crazy to see people running the 50k that was also offered. One guy said it never gets easier and that he doesn’t know why he keeps doing them. Some people just looked like they hated life. 

Runners are a rare breed. That’s for sure.