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Megan Hilty talks Sean Saves the World

  1. I love how excited she gets when they mention Brian. How random that they mention Brian.
  2. YES. Derek and Ivy totally had a daughter.
  3. I personally think SMASHed would be a hit and super entertaining as well.

anonymous asked:

Megan hilty and Brian gallagher

  • who wakes the other one up with kisses: Megan. um no actually Brian. Well maybe um idk i think they both would.  
  • who cooks for who: I think Megan said something about her being in love with a crock pot sooooo Megan cooks(?)
  • who is the morning person/night person: Morning-Brian, Night-Megan
  • who is the romantic one: I’m going to say Brian but you can disagree.
  • who is the top when it comes to sex: oh god do i have to do this one? …Megan…
  • who would lead in ballroom dancing: Brian because Megan thinks she can’t dance but she can so ya.
  • who is the more cuddly one: Harley and Gracie.
  • who is the one to most likely pick the movie they watch: I think they play rock paper scissor shoot and winner picks.  
  • who is the one who would pay for dates: Well they are married now so does it matter?? 
  • who is the one who would initiate a quicky during classes: Ummmmmmmmmeganmmmmmmmmmm