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“Five minutes?” Chirrut demanded, jabbing a finger into Baze’s chest. He’d known the man long enough to know that he probably looked more amused than ashamed.

Sure enough, Baze wrapped his hand around Chirrut’s, drawing it up to place a scratchy kiss to the back of it. “I go where you go.” He replied.

Chirrut pulled his hand away. “Five minutes is still utterly ridiculous! Whenever I needed you you were always ten minutes away!”

Baze laughed at thay. “Chirrut, you never needed me, which is good because you were always sprinting off. At least now I don’t have to worry about that anymore.”

It seemed that being dead made Baze far more talkative than he usually was, but Chirrut couldn’t fault him for that. He really couldn’t even fault him for following him so quickly to this new world, the one that shone so brightly Chirrut could feel it in his bones.

It had only been 5 minutes, but Chirrut had felt lonelier than he had for over 20 years. After Baze had returned from his trip, they had not been separate, not even in their sleep. He had not realized how quiet the world was without Baze, even when Baze wasn’t saying a word.

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that. I think I have still have plenty of time to wander off.” Chirrut teased, but he didn’t mean it. Why would he need to wander off? There was nothing left to fight, nothing to protect Baze from. There was just a whole wide world for them to discover, together.

“Later, perhaps. But first, I think we should go find the others.” Baze’s voice was laced with sorrow. Even here, on this other side, there was something sad about the thought of their teammates joining them.

Perhaps it wasn’t as sad as it had been when they had landed, knowing that the chances were so slim, but the sorrow still hung there, like a spiderweb before the window.

Chirrut took his hand again and squeezed it gently. “Don’t worry, we won’t let them get here alone.”

Perhaps, he thought, none of them would need to be alone again.


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Oh my goodness, I love all of your AU's! They're so amazing. I was wondering if you've ever thought about what element (a la Avatar) the gang would all be?

This is such a good ask. I am more than happy to answer it, because I do in fact have some headcanons for this sort of thing. I have headcanons for everything, really.

Leo would be a water bender. A calm sea can easily become a raging storm, and the nature of the ocean can be kind or cruel as it chooses. And the style of how water benders fight, with the addition of their healing abilities, matches well with how most versions of Leo are portrayed. It takes a dedicated soul to master the waves, and strong will to look into its depths and not shy away, and I believe that Leo at his best could do that.

Raph would be an earth bender. Strong as bedrock, and just as unmovable when he feels like it; but also able to shift and change like clay, and shape himself according to the flow of events. The solid, unrelenting style of earth bending is completely Raph, and the specialties of the element, (lava + metal bending), are an excellent fit for him too. I’d say he’d have the specialty of being a lava bender, to fit that temper of his.

Donnie would be an air bender. Wind can be a playful breeze, warm and sweet; or it can be a force that tears through everything in its path, unstoppable in its maelstrom. Donnie is often portrayed as a pacifistic turtle, but when it comes down to it, with his ability to solve or work around every problem, and determination to get what needs doing done, he is anything but that. The whole of the air bender fighting style is about finding a new solution, a new way around the issue. Confrontation only comes when it is a must, and when it does, you best start running.

Mikey would be a fire bender. A fire can cook your food, and warm you on cold nights; or it can burn a whole forest to the ground, and be the flame that shapes a deadly blade. Fire bending isn’t just that though, its passion, its life itself. The renewal of it, through destruction of what’s old, so something new can grow in its place. Fire bending can be a source of creativity and art, or a weapon to destroy with, and Mikey uses his skills exactly like that. For both fun and fighting.

And because I’m mostly addressing the 2012 versions of TMNT, I’ll add the other two main kids.

Casey is, and always will be, the group’s lovable odd-man-out. He’s a nonbender, but that definitely doesn’t stop him from trying, and succeeding, to keep up with his friends. Idk how a hockey stick would translate into this universe, but I’d place him as a water tribe kid with a lot of spunk and determination to make his way in the world of bending. Despite, you know, not being a bender.

And finally, we have April.

April is the avatar, in my version of the atla universe. Cliché, I know, but she is. She possesses all the traits I’ve listed above, and her status as the key to everything in 2012 would equal her being the new avatar of this universe. If I were to write a fic for this, she would likely either be from the fire nation, or the earth nation, and the boys would be her four tutors in mastering her avatar abilities; seeing as I’d make the boys young prodigies. (Casey would just worm his way into things because no way is he being left out of this.)

To add to that, the boys wouldn’t be related in this AU, but they would be brothers regardless. Their back story is a bit of a mess in my head, but they were all basically adopted together off the streets, and raised by an old fire bender named Yoshi. A very messy and chaotic household, four different types of bending from four very rowdy children. There were a lot of accidents as they grew up, obviously.

Basically a very messy AU, since putting four benders, the avatar, and one very determined nonbender maniac in a single room results in pure insanity.

Fun answer to give, thanks for asking me about it!

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What do you think Amethyst's youthful appearance means for her timeline about when the gems found her? Up until now, we've assumed Ammy is about the same age as Pearl/Garnet, 5-6 thousand, but here she appears to be a lot less than 5000 years mature.


Amethyst is literally a rock, and a pretty whimsical and capricious one at that. she shapeshifts casually, regularly–much more often than Garnet and Pearl do–and mainly for fun or to suit her mood. the physical form she chooses to assume does communicate a lot about her emotional and mental states at the time, but it’s not a reliable indicator of how old she is–because Amethyst is, again, literally a rock. 

here’s what we do know about Amethyst’s age, her physical form, and how they relate to one another:

  • the crystal gems pushed Homeworld off Earth and shut Kindergarten down ~5000 years ago, give or take, which means that Amethyst must have been incubated before the Homeworld gems abandoned Kindergarten and/or retreated off-planet
  • Amethyst popped out of her Kindergarten hole at the same size and in the same shape that she is now
  • Jasper does call Amethyst an “overcooked runt,” implying that she incubated in the Kindergarten canyon wall longer than she was supposed to; we also know that Amethyst did not participate in the Battle of the Strawberry Battlefield “more than 5000 years” pre-series, but…
  • the temple most likely depicts an ancient mega fusion between Amethyst, Rose, Garnet, and Pearl; in “Beach Party,” Pearl tells the Pizzas that the temple has been there for “thousands of years,” which means Amethyst must also have been around for “thousands of years,” at least, since the mega fusion would need to predate the temple…and since a five-gem fusion is unprecedented, the reason for that fusion must have been dire–meaning that Amethyst may have been around during the crystal gems’ conflicts with Homeworld thousands of years pre-series
  • the crewniverse don’t have set heights for the characters, only height relationships: Rose is slightly taller than Garnet, Garnet is taller than Pearl, Pearl is taller than Amethyst, Amethyst is slightly taller than Steven–in “Story for Steven,” these height relationships are still intact, so there’s no real way to know if Amethyst or any of the other crystal gems are actually “shorter”
  • Amethyst has shapeshifted to look much younger before
  • the old-timey photo of the crystal gems that Amethyst keeps in her room is a nod to John Singleton Copley’s Watson and the Shark (1774), which depicts a real incident that took place off the coast of Havana, Cuba in 1749; this links Amethyst and the crystal gems to an event that took place 266 years ago

since yesterday I’ve seen a few posts calling this old-timey photo a “continuity error” based on Amethyst’s physical appearance in “Story for Steven” alone…but that doesn’t hold water, even if we go ahead and ignore that in “So Many Birthdays” the validity of the old-timey photo (or painting) was used as Steven’s and our entry point into the discovery that the gems are functionally immortal and much, much older than they seem. the fact remains that gems are alien polymorphs…so why are we applying a litmus test based on our human understanding of human aging/maturity conventions to Amethyst–or any of the crystal gems, for that matter?

it seems really off-key to me that people are characterizing Garnet’s and Pearl’s relationships with/behavior around Rose as childlike–>maternal. I think this is a fair characterization of Amethyst’s relationship with Rose–especially given the fact that Rose found Amethyst at the abandoned Kindergarten and took her in, and was possibly the first other gem Amethyst ever met–but Pearl and Garnet followed Rose into open rebellion and war more than 5000 years ago; Pearl has romantic feelings for Rose that had a good chance of being reciprocated, knowing what we know about Rose personally and what little we know about gem relationships and romance–and even so, Pearl was Rose’s most intimate confidante; Garnet and Pearl fought alongside Rose and her crystal gem army as two of her dearest friends and closest comrades. Rose was Pearl and Garnet’s leader and comrade and mentor…and that’s without factoring in the 5000 years those three(/four) spent together as the only gems on Earth, which leaves so much room for their relationships with one another to develop and change and grow. after all that, the crystal gems are a family. still. Garnet and Pearl (and possibly Amethyst) are veterans of the Gem War(s) for Earth. if anything, the fact that Pearl and Garnet were so at ease when Rose was there says a lot more about how comfortable they are together and just how well they’ve coped with the events and consequences of the war than it is a justification to hem Rose in as Garnet and Pearl’s “mother figure.” Rose was so many things to the crystal gems; the crystal gems were so many things to Rose, and to one another.

of course, the design choice in “Story for Steven” is meant to complement and further convey how much “younger,” carefree, and comfortably Amethyst, Garnet, and Pearl were behaving with Greg, Rose, and one another–but I don’t think we’re supposed to take that as an indicator of their actual, chronological age…but as a comparison point for the way they behave now, in Rose’s absence/as Steven’s parents and mentors. their relative inexperience in dealing with humans casually before they got to know Greg, how they felt when they still had Rose in their lives, and what shape the group had taken (read: a loving family) after choosing Earth over Homeworld.

their loss and grief definitely forced them to compensate for Rose’s absence and change their dynamics as a team and a family, but Amethyst has always been a fun-loving “kid” at heart. it just seems that she was freer to act as one back when Rose was still around. and, hey, Amethyst is relatively “young” compared to Rose, Pearl, and Garnet; Amethyst is probably about 5000-years-old, but Rose, Pearl, and Garnet came to Earth from space–it’s possible that those three are much, much older than Amethyst is.

also: I know there’s been some doubt circulating about “how old Greg really is” ever since he made those suspicious comments about the Gem War(s) for Earth in “The Return,” but it’s important to keep in mind that: 1) the existence of the polaroid photograph of Greg and Marty in the series’s present and 2) Vidalia’s presence in the episode/the implications we can derive about Sour Cream’s parentage–based on her onion-themed name, that sketchy intro popping out of the back of Greg’s van with Marty, and the fact that Yellowtail is Onion’s dad but Sour Cream’s stepdad–tie “Story for Steven” firmly into the mid-1990s…so it’s very unlikely that Greg modified the story setting-wise to hide his “real age/history” from Steven. Greg met Rose in the 90s.

though, yo, if you want me to bring your attention to “an inconsistency” that’s more likely to be a “continuity error,” compare the difference between the progression of Greg’s hair loss in Rose’s video message to Steven, recorded when she looked close to the end of her pregnancy…

…to the photograph that Steven broke the frame of in “Laser Light Cannon”/Amethyst repaired in “Maximum Capacity”/showed up again in Greg’s van in “Story for Steven.”

even then, I’m reluctant to call it an actual “continuity error.” the photo’s shown up in enough episodes that there’s been ample opportunity for the crewniverse to correct it if it really was an error–which leads me to believe that it may have been intentional all along. if that’s true, then we’ll only find out what that means with more time…!

thank you for your question!