team free will and the impala

At the top it says the price for this magazine is my brothers soul, I got four which one should I sell?😂😂😂

Imagine you're the "little sister" of Team Free Will, and they take you shopping when they notice older men checking you out.

“I can’t believe you got us kicked out!” you exclaimed as the doors behind you closed. “You can’t just fight every battle! I never even got any clothes!”

“Yeah, and the old man checking you out was practically taking what little clothes you have on off with his eyes!” Dean hissed before snapping the thin line of your spaghetti strap against your shoulder.


Sam, whose face was still contorted in anger, sighed. “We’ll go to a different store.”

You stopped dead in your tracks without a single warning. Luckily for you, the two men and angel piled on top of each other instead on to you. “No. Hell, no! I’m letting Charlie take me, because you three just beat a stranger to a pulp because he was staring at me!”

“Inappropriately,” Castiel added.

“I don’t care. Just get in the car." The backdoor to the Impala slammed shut as Team Free Will stared at the car and back to the store guiltily. With a shrug, they scrambled into Dean’s prized possession where they continued to rant on and on, throwing in random apologies here and there. You, on the other hand, boiled in anger silently. Damn overprotective brothers.

I want SPN to become a video game.

Like, you can choose to be Dean, Sam, Cas, Charlie, Kevin, Crowley, Lucifer, Gabriel, Gadreel, Abaddon, ect and then you choose a place to live (bunker, motel or kansas) and you always live 4 people. For example Dean, Sam, Cas and Charlie in the bunker. And it’s set around the end of season 9 with the whole shebang about MoC and if you choose Dean for example, you’ll have to find ways to fight it, like going out on cases with Sam and Cas or doing research by going to a library and such. 

It should be like the sims. You should be able to play like in the sims when you’re at home maybe and like take care of your characters (4 at a time). and then if you interact with someone you can choose what to say, if you wanna be harsh, friendly or if you wanna romance with who ever. so you can make destiel canon, or wincest or sabriel or whatever you name it. and then you can like drive around in the impala checking for cases or if you could find any demons or angels and like kill them and collect their souls or whatever. 

then if you maybe choose Crowley or Abaddon you can either choose to rule the hell or if you want to abandon it and maybe become human crowley if you choose Crowley as your character. 

or you could make your own character. and you can choose race (human, angel, demon, prophet, someother famous monsters) and you choose your own storyline but it will still cross with team free wills somehow and you can still like romance with everyone you meet, including TFW.

okay, I will just shut up now because this is getting out of hand. this is seriously my dream that someone will actually make this. it’s like 1 in a million but still it would’ve been awesome.

Imagine this: Dean thinking of Cas as his goodluck charm. So he drags Cas around EVERYWHERE. He turns on his radio one day, and Elvis’s goodluck charm starts playing, Cas smiled a little and asked Dean shyly
“Is this why you call me your Goodluck charm?” Dean froze for a minute then managed to stutter 
“Y-yes..It was…Sorry…I just love this song so much…And it reminds me of you..And..” Dean was cut off by Cas kissing the corner of his mouth. 
“Dean. It’s fine. I am quite a lucky person you know” Cas added, leaning back into his seat and closing his eyes, listening to the song as it filled the Impala. Dean glanced over and smiled, while thinking to himself “He is my little, a bit broken, goodluck charm”

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They are so winsync when they get official.  I bet they sit in the impala planning this shit out.

Christmas Fic Recs!

Happy Christmas! 

Here’s a list of holiday-themed fics to keep you in the festive mood!


All I Want For Christmas Is You is a beautifully smutty and fluffy Dean x Reader early Christmas fic by @faith-in-dean  - No hunting, Jess is alive and happy with Sam… What more could you want? (smut, fluff)

Christmas Past, Present, And Future is @thing-you-do-with-that-thing ’s take on the ghosts from A Christmas Carol, appearing to the reader in the forms of Team Free Will, ending with the fluffiest hint of Dean x Reader to come (mild angst, fluff)

Santa Baby is a fic by @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid , full of delicious smutty Dean Smith x Reader content, loosely based off of the popular Christmas song ‘Santa Baby’ (Smut)

Merry Christmas is the perfect ‘slice of life’ Dean x Reader Christmas fic by @queen-of-deans-booty - the reader spends Christmas in the bunker with Team Free Will (fluff)

Celebrate Me Home is a Dean x Reader AU Christmas series by @callmesweetheartifyoumeanit , following the reader as she meets and develops a relationship with single father Dean (series, some smut)

The Best Christmas Yet is @jpadjackles ‘ Christmassy Dean x Reader fic, following the reader as she convinces a grinchy Dean to celebrate Christmas properly for once (fluff)

Santa’s Little Helper is @fast-times-in-the-impala ‘s Dean x Reader Christmas story, where the reader really doesn’t want to babysit her niece. Her mind changes when she meets the mall’s Santa, Dean (fluff, smut)

Christmas Eve is a beautiful Dean x Reader ficlet by @chelsea-winchester , where the reader and Dean exchange heart-felt gifts after cuddling up for a movie on Christmas Eve (fluff)

If Only In My Dreams by @wheresthekillswitch is a Dean x Reader Christmas fic, based loosely on ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas’, with a great twist at the end (mild angst, fluff)


Stuff My Stocking is @ellen-reincarnated1967 ‘s contribution to this year’s Christmas fic scene, a wonderfully corny mix of humour and smut to please everyone’s inner Sam!Girl (smut)

A Very Unhappy Christmas is @faith-in-dean ‘s heartbreaking Sam x OFC (minor almost Dean x OFC) Christmas fic - unrequited love and heartbreak for Dean at Christmastime (angst)


Under The Mistletoe is a day off from hunting, decorating for the holidays with Castiel story by @faith-in-dean . Pure fluffy, Christmassy goodness with this one! (fluff)

12 Days Of Christmas is my own (@teamfreewill-imagine) Human!Cas x Reader Christmas series, following the pair as they spend their first Christmas together since getting out of hunting for good and moving into their own home (fluff)


Merry Little Christmas is a charming Jensen x Pregnant!Reader Christmas fic. @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid has even added in the beautiful treat of singing Jensen to this fluff-filled ficlet (fluff)

Merry Christmas, Misha is a Sub!Misha x Dom!Reader Christmas fic, where the reader finally gives Misha what he needs as a Christmas treat, written by @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid (smut, fluff)

Ignore The Mistletoe is @ruined-by-destiel ‘s Jared x Reader, fluffy, fun Christmas fic. The reader is Misha’s sister, and the whole Supernatural cast is tired of you avoiding your feelings, so they help you face them head on at a Chrismas party (fluff)


Mistletoe Mishap is a Destiel Christmas fic by @casownsmyass , following the pair as Sam forces them together after their break up, not that anybody is honestly complaining (fluff)

Believe (Ao3) is a non-supernatural Destiel AU by @literatec - kinda cracky, but altogether fluffy Christmas series (fluff)

It’s A Destiel Christmas (Ao3) is a fluffy Destiel Christmas fic by @trenchcoatsandneckties filled with loads of domestic boyfriend AU goodness (fluff)


Kari’s Fluffy Christmas Masterpost is filled with 7 Christmas themed fics by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing There’s one for each of TFW and J2M, along with a bonus Destiel fic for y’all to enjoy! (all fluff)

Imagine Spending Christmas With Sam and Dean is @justcallmelosechester ‘s fun little Christmas drabble. The reader is excited for Christmas and she tries to get the Winchesters into the spirit. (fluff, humour, implied Sam x Reader x Dean)

Meg’s Christmas Masterlist is filled with wonderful, fluffy Christmas fics and imagines, all written by @imagineteamfreewill ! (fluff)

Merry Christmas, and happy reading!