You knocked on the door to Dean’s hotel room, already annoyed that he was late and not where he was supposed to be (though that was nothing new). “Dean? We’re supposed to be meeting with Crowley now!” You knocked again, even louder.

“Come in!” he called from behind the door.

You pushed inside quickly. “What the hell?! We’re supposed to beeeee–you’re not wearing pants,” you said blankly. “What the hell?! You said come in!” You turned away from him as he stood there completely unabashed.

“What?” he shrugged. “I don’t have a problem with it.” He laughed at you with your back to him. “Obviously you do.”

“Put. Some pants. ON,” you snapped over your shoulder. “We are going to be late for our rendezvous with Crowley “

Dean sighed and rolled his eyes, but you heard him grab a pair of jeans and slip them on. “Fine,” he said. “Happy?”

You turned back around to face him and flashed your black eyes at him. “I’d be a lot happier if you would take that attitude and shove it up your–”

He laughed and draped an arm over your shoulders. “You need to relax. Hurry up, before we’re late!”

You rolled your eyes at him and allowed him to tug you out of the room. 

New Series!

I’m writing a Castiel X Reader series!!

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It’s going to be a college AU with TFW and will have a few parts (depending on the feedback I get and how long I feel like I can keep it going). From what I’ve told a few people I think it’ll be something you’ll all like! It is my first attempt at writing a reader insert, so you’ll have to bear with me.

I already have the first chapter written, once I have a second pair of eyes look over it I’ll put it out, so maybe tonight? If not then definitely tomorrow. Anyways let me know if you want to be tagged!

Tagging some people to help spread the word: @chucksangel @teamfreewill-imagine@lovin-ackles​  @deanwinchester-af @lennyways@cardinaleyes @timelordsandhuntersin221b

“It’s such a weird thing to see you guys, the difference between before you had kids and having kids. Not to be too judgmental but it’s like a fantastic thing. I mean, now I work Mondays and Fridays cause we have kids. But I get it and I always got it. It’s a fantastic thing to see but what keeps getting touched on in this is that it’s so extraordinary for me is that you are right, supernatural is bigger than just us or what we do. And we go out there and we do all these incredible conventions all over the world. The fandom, which is a dreadful word for fanatic, it’s an awful word to describe it. So the Supernatural Family, the things that you guys do behind what we do and ahead of what we do and to augment what we do, it’s mind blowing. It’s so humbling to see not only my co stars and what they do and what they put out into the world. Which I’m so proud of them and in awe of the amount of energy and positivity  they put out there, But what you guys do with it. And it’s just fantastic to think that this show is a catalyst. It’s not just because of the show, it’s because of you. The show is used, it’s the sort of glue that kind of holds it together in a way. And you do such fantastic and beautiful things. It’s a harsh world. It’s a nasty world out there right now and I watch groups of people coming together to do nothing else but be kind to each other and love each other in the name of ‘Supernatural’ and in the name of what it is that we do. And it is the most humbling thing in the world. I’ve watched people (transgender people) go through transformation, from beginning all the way through. And I think I’ve watched three people do so while being comfortable in my skin, dressed as Crowley. I think that is the most unbelievably beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. That people feel safe with this community and this family and it’s a hell of an incredible thing. I’ve never seen it out of all these wonderful fandoms of all this other stuff that I’ve done and it’s fantastic to see it but this one particularly is just, it’s a beautiful thing. I am in awe of you guys, I think you’re fantastic.” -Mark A Sheppard, NERDHQ 2016, Supernatural Talk.

Happy birthday y/n Team free will x reader FLUFF

Happy birthday y/n – team free will x reader (FLUFF)- slight Cas X Reader at the end.  

and some Crowley x reader if you really squint.

The day started out as any other normally would, researching cases, occasionally going out for a supply run or just to get out of the bunker for a while. But today was different, it all started at breakfast – which you usually cooked for the boys only to find Dean with your pink graham apron on, baking pie.

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The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Supernatural:

1.  This is Dean.  

He hunts monsters.

He’s completely straight. 

And always extremely manly.

And also very dominant. 

2.  This is Sam.

He’s Dean’s brother/monster hunting partner.  They’re both very mature together.

He’s completely normal.  Never soulless or possessed or anything.

No emotional scarring or psychological trauma going on here.  Nope.

3.  This is Castiel.  

He’s an angel of the lord. 

As such, he’s obviously very intimidating.  

Very mighty.  

All fear this terrifying, fell creature. 

4.  There is absolutely no homoerotic sexual tension in Supernatural. 

5.  Its villains are mostly demons and other unholy creatures, so of course, no one likes them.

Except for this guy.  Everyone LOVES him.  

6.  Its fans are very calm, sane, rational people who are completely accepting of opinions that differ from their own. 

7.  And of course, you will absolutely be able to maintain your sanity after watching it!

You will NOT be plunged into an existential depression over the well-being of fictional characters. 

And when you’ve run out of episodes to watch, you’ll totally be able to return to reality, no questions asked!  

The Rules of Team Free Will:

1.  Must look good in plaid. 

2.  Must *vaguely* resemble some kind of animal.

3.  Must be able to look ridiculously attractive in literally any situation.

4.  Must struggle with feelings of paternal abandonment.

5.  Must have an addictive personality and/or alcoholism.

(Don’t look so innocent, Sammy.  We know about the demon blood.)

6.  And probably PTSD.

7.  Must be the object of at least one supernatural being’s affection.

8.  Must be a master of dramatic eye-rolls. 

9.  And bitch face.

10. And finally, must be able to die a lot yet remain oddly unaffected.  

The new Supernatural promo:  A complete and eloquently worded summary.





LOL, I don’t know who that is, but it ain’t Cas.  OH SHIT, THAT’S NOT CAS. 



AMARA, NO.  Just, NO. If this were a fanfic, the content warnings would include incest and dubious consent.



It’s Team Free Will, but I’m too upset to get exited about it right now.