team free dollies

“Ooh, breakfast, sweet!”


“Hmm. Two plates. Two coffees. Two OJs. Two idiots.”


“Seriously, you two are the worst. The absolute worst.”


“Fuck it, I’m going to Denny’s.”



“Did you hear something?”


*intense profound bonding*

Team Free Dollies goes Geocaching!

Team Free Dollies is kidnapped from their customary spot on winjennster’s computer for a day of hiking and geocaching.  

Dean:  Well, it’s not Baby…but…she’s black and just as thirsty!

Cas:  Dean didn’t winjennster tell us not to take the hat and scarves off?

Dean:  Dude!  It’s 83 degrees and we’re at the beach!  

Sam:  Whatever, Dean.  You know what’ll happen if you lose them!

Sam:  Dean, what are you doing?

Dean:  I’m signing the geocache log!  What’s it look like I’m doing???

Sam:  It looks like you’re holding an oversized pen and you don’t know what to with it!

Dean:  Thank you, Capt. Obvious….

Dean:  See?  Don’t feel better?

Cas:  The hat and scarf was a little warm…

Sam:  **withering glare**

Cas:  Is there a reason you are burying me in sand, Dean?

Dean:  Shuttup, Cas.  We’re at the beach.  It’s what people do!  Don’t you want to have…ummmm…to have…uhhhh….

Sam:  Dammit Dean!  Quit oggling the girls in bikinis!

Dean:  **Grins stupidly**

Cas:  Dean?  How long do I have to stay buried?  Dean?  Dean?

Sam:  Dean have a granola bar.  It’s a long hike to the next geocache!

Dean:  I don’t want any of your health food crap.  I need a burger!

Sam:  It will give you the energy for a long hike.  You should also drink some water.

Dean:  Pffff

Dean:  Wow that really was a long hike!  But hey!  We found it!  Sam you got a pen?

Sam:  Nope.

Dean:  Cas?

Cas:  I did not know a writing utensil was required.

Dean:  Dammit!  Well just put the log back then.  Sammy how far is the next one?

Sam:  I told you to drink some water before we left!

Dean:  **wargggarbble** So…thirsty…

Cas:  He did warn you, Dean.

Dean: Oh man! Not you again! I thought you died!

Endverse!Dean: Nice to see you, too, asshole.

Cas: Is everything alright, Dean?

E.Dean: Well. Hello there, Cas.

Dean: Nope! You keep your nasty hands off my Cas!

Cas: Your Cas?

Dean: You can have this one! C’mon, MY Cas, let’s go get a burger.

Cas: Alright.

E.Dean: Heh. What happened to you?

Levi!Cas: Long story. I’m hungry. Let’s go get babies.

E.Dean: Baby back ribs?

Levi!Cas: No. Just babies. Whole babies. 

E.Dean: Uhhh…

“Here we are at the Chinese Buffet with WinJennster and ravenjeep2001.”

“I’m supposed to be able to eat with these chopsticks. Chris and Jenn seem to have no difficulties.”

“Whatcha doin’, Cas?”

“Attempting to eat with chopsticks. I fear I am failing to grasp the concept.”

“Here, Cas, try a fork.”

“Thank you, Sam. I think this will be much easier.”

“Oh, desert! I like this cake.”

“Jenn brought me fruit.”

“Where’s the pie?!”

“Jenn said I can have the fortune cookie.”

“Help me open it, Dean?”

“Your smile always brightens the cloudiest days. This is a good fortune. It describes you, Dean.”

“Aw, Cas, c'mon…”

“No. We are in public. Don’t you two start this shit. C'mon. Seriously? I can’t take you anywhere. This is ridiculous! Come on, guys! Guys? Guys!”

“I’m getting back in Jenn’s purse!”

Crowley: Hello, Squirrel. 

Dean: Fuck off, Crowl-

Dean: Whoa! What the hell?!

Crowley: Hell. Exactly. 

Dean: Guys, something’s up with Crowley. He’s all weird and red-eyed and -

Dean: Jesus fuck!

Cas: Hello, Dean.

Sam: Everything’s fine, Dean.

Dean: Righhhhhttt….

Dean: Jenn, Charlie! You have to help me. Crowley’s acting weirder than normal and something’s up with Sam and Cas -

Charlie: Everything’s fine, Dean.

Jenn: Just relax. 

Dean: Jesus. This is not good. I gotta find the other Cas. Stat!

Dean: Cas! You gotta help me. Everyone’s acting all weird and there’s something wrong with their eyes…

Dean:…and it’s weirding me out. Help me, Cas! Cas? Cas?!

Cas: Hello, Dean.

Dean: ACKKK!!!

All: Just relax, Dean. Everything is fine, Dean. Join us, Dean. Join usssssssssss….

Dean: No! I gotta get out of here! *trips and falls on ass*

Dean: No! Get away from me you crazy eyed zombies! No! No!


Sam: Feel better, Dean?

Cas: Are you relaxed, Dean?

Dean: I’m fine. Everything is fine. 

Sam: What are you doing?

Dean: Whistlin’ Dixie. What’s it look like I’m doing?

Sam: Ok, so you’re drinking. Why?

Dean: ‘Cause I’m not as cool as Captain America. 

Charlie: You’re kidding, right? The Cas-s only have eyes for you, dumbass.

Sam: Charlie’s right. Go over there and talk to him while I close this up. 

Charlie: Your brother is emotionally constipated.

Sam: Tell me something I don’t know.

Dean: Uh, hey Cas?

Cas: Yes, Dean?

Dean: How you doin’? Heh. 

Cas: Come meet our friend, Steve. 

Winged Cas: We share a profound bond. 

Steve: Which reminds me!

Steve: Is it time Jenn?

Jenn: Yup! Party time!

Dean: What is this?

Jenn: Happy Profound Bond Day guys! Even if we are a day late. And sorry it’s not pie. 

Cas: Happy Profound Bond Day, Dean. *smooch*

Winged Cas: *smooch*

Dean: Uhhh *hardcore blushing*

Sam: Success!

Jenn: Yup. We’re awesome.

Charlie: Damn right. 

Dean: This is ridiculous! These effin’ sweaters are too big! I don’t even have arms anymore. 

Charlie: I dunno. It’s nice and warm in here.

Cas: It reminds me of those things I saw on TV. A blanket with arms…

Sam: That’s called a Snuggie, Cas. Anyway, it could be worse. 

Dean: How could it be worse than losing your arms to tacky Christmas sweaters?! Jenn, you have to go talk to yourself. Reason with her, please! I can’t eat pie like this!!

Jenn: Jeez, Dean, cool it. You’re gonna blow a blood vessel or something. 

Dean: But! But, I can’t, I mean, pie, Jenn, PIE!

Jenn: Ok, ok, I’ll go talk…to myself. *sigh* Yo, Big Jenn!

Big Jenn: Eeeeee, Little Jenn, you look so cute in your big sweater! I was going to alter them, but I don’t know how to do that without destroying them…

Jenn: That’s great, but Big Jenn…

Big Jenn: …and this little hat just completes the ensemble and omg you are so effin’ cute little me!!!

Little Jenn: …..

Dean: Well, what did she say?

Jenn: Big me is a straight up psycho. 

Dean: Whatcha doin’ guys?

Sam: We got a package!

Dean: Cool, what’s in it?

Dean: Holy. Shit. It’s a giant…a giant…IT’S A GIANT PIE!

Sam: It’s from tikistitch’s version of us! 

Cas: Can we eat it?

Cas: It’s full of delicious jelly beans!

Dean: The pie is a lie!

Sam: The letter says that the lid is a hat for Cas and not to let him eat all the jelly beans. 

Cas: A pie hat! I like it!

Dean: Heh. You look really good as a giant pie, Cas. All like edible and stuff. Friggin’ yummy and…

Sam: Fuck my life.

Sam: I’m gonna go eat a salad. Don’t let him eat all the jelly beans, jerk.




Dean: Dude, I hope those aren’t SucroCorp creamers. 

Sam: We blew them up, remember? Come over here and figure out what you want to eat.

Sam: The waitress needs to be more careful with this damn hot sauce.

Cas: Is it too early for a burger?

Dean: Hey, Sammy, it’s Tuesday. Think they got Pig ‘n’ a Poke?

Sam: You jerk, that’s not funny. At all.

Dean: It’s a little funny.

Cas: I don’t understand that reference.

Dean: Wayyyyyyy before your time, buddy. 

Sam: It’s still not funny. 

Cas: Today we’re off to the grocery store in ravenjeep2001’s Jeep.

Dean: I see the damn pigeon’s got to you too, dude. Want me to shoot ‘em?

Chris: Nah, I’m good. Thanks, Dean.

Sam: Here we are at Trader Joe’s. We can get healthful food choices here.

Dean: There better be pie, Sasquatch.

Sam: *irritated moose-y huff*

Cas: I love flowers. They attract bees!

Dean: I FOUND THE PIE! And no high-fructose corn syrup. Take that Dick Roman! Mmm, blueberry.

Sam: You should really look for more healthful choices, Dean. Like these bananas…

Sam: And this granola…

Sam: And this wide variety of salad fixings!

Cas: I’ll get the coffee!

Sam: *sigh* Wish I had a dog…

Dean: How’s this for healthful?! Coffee AND beer!

Sam: That’s not healthful, Dean.

Dean: It’s in your hippy health food store, Sam. That makes it healthful.

Cas: Coffee and beer? Intriguing. We should purchase this product.

Sam: Don’t encourage him, Cas!

Dean: Coffee-beer and pie! I know what I’m having for dinner!

Sam: At least have a salad first?

Dean: Nope.