team frankie grande

i mean yeah frankie was evicted, but...
  • he went out having the most comp wins this season 
  • he threw amazing shade at caleb and cody
  • he got not a single boo
  • julie chen is obsessed with him
  • he basically confirmed that he’s in love with zach 
  • mentioned zankie for amazing race and cbs seems to really love that idea
  • he has a good chance to come back for all stars
  • he went into jury wearing the team zach shirt
  • he’s getting to spend quality time with his bae without cameras around

even when we lose, we win.

Tonight's events in picture form

The houseguests blamed Zach for all of their stuff going missing

Looking at my otp caused me physical pain

Cody and Caleb confronted Zach and they yelled at each other for a while. 


They’re still yelling at each other. (Cody what the fuck are you wearing)

Zach stole the cue ball as a joke and everyone chased him

Victoria doesn’t give a shit she just wants her necklace back

Frankie won’t look zach in the eye and tell him he’s not going on the block

Zach seems to be VERY upset



look at the pain in his eyes 

Caleb telling Zach he could be going up. Zach knows he’s going home this week. 

Zach babe

I’m so sorry

I’d be pissed too

In conclusion… Fuck this. 

Fuck this game. 

Fuck this house.

Fuck Team America

And most of all, Vote Zach for fan favorite.

The Fabulous Rance Family

The thing I love about the Rance family is how they are just not engaging in questions about Zach’s sexuality at all, because that wouldn’t even be appropriate for them to.  And yet -  the implication of the things that they DO say is that they are taking his word for it that he is straight and are therefore defending his close friendship with Frankie as being totally okay as a platonic guy-guy interaction while also making it clear that they’d be totally fine with it if Zach were to come home and tell them he really was gay/bi/fluid whatever.

They do is in subtle ways by saying they have close friends who are gay, by saying how proud they are that Zach has no prejudices and how he got that from his family, by saying that they love Zankie and love the teamwork and friendship, by retweeting clearly shippy things about Zankie in a positive manner, by not making sweeping judgements like “no we KNOW our boy is straighty-mc-straighty-pants so stop asking already!” or whatever.

They’re just super cool and laid back about the whole thing and I think it’s fantastic that they are taking Zach’s lead and are talking about how him having a close physical relationship with Frankie is boundary breaking even if they’re just strictly friends - because they’re right. It is. And it’s so beautiful to watch.

And while I obviously LOVE the idea of Zankie being romantic and would just ADORE seeing someone actually come out on national television and have a gaymance on a reality show for a change - I don’t need for that to happen. I’m happy to just watch them do what they do and will continue to watch in fascination for as long as they’re both on the show together.

And to know that both families are 100% supportive of this thing - whether it be a friendship or something more - is just the icing on the cake. So thank you Rance family - for being so flipping fantastic.

Okay Zanksters & the Grandtourage let's recap

1. Frankie goes on The Talk and totally kills it and even got to explain the lesbian comment to Sara Gilbert.

2. Reps his team Zach on national television professing his love for Zach while impressing the woman whose husband runs CBS. 

3. Gets to apologize and clarify his comments that he made regarding Victoria in a Buzzfeed article while Nicole decides to finally be useful and pour some truth tea about Zankie in the jury house.

4.Frankie hosts a live chat on twitter and further proves how much he loves Zach and gracing all of the Grandtourage/Zankie familia with his fabulous presence. 

5. Ari comes through with some cute Zankie photos and by the looks of it Joan has met Zach at last.

6. Frankie is now going to the after party tonight which will be held in his natural habitat…..A GAY CLUB!

Ari might be the captain of this ship but Frankie is the one reading the map!